Wednesday, 29 December 2010

SA gun attack - confused gunmen shoot each other


Macaw said...

I actually know the folks that work there. Very quick thinking to switch off the mains.

Just goes to show how these savages panic when confronted by confusion.

All in all, not a bad day. (I know it sounds harsh, but we live with this sh*t every day - any I mean EVERY DAY !!!!!!!!

Dr.D said...

Like children playing with matches!

This profound lack of intelligence is the reason that whites were able to take over and control SA once before. They could do it again if they would go on the offensive instead of taking this submissive, beaten, posture. It is certainly true that black have vast numerical superiority, but when they are that stupid, it does them no good at all.

SA white people need to organize and go on the offensive to regain control of the nation immediately.

Anonymous said...

dr d if we do that we will have foreign troops here faster than anything, we will be made out as nazis again.
I honestly think the best way is to use our right as a indigenous minority and get our own homeland and start again.
South africa will collapse eventually , there is not enough money on the planet to make it succeed.
If we rule the country again we will have to put up with all the other races again, and return to madness.
No this time just for our people PLEASE !

Dr.D said...

@ Anon 08:55
I think I understand what you are saying about not wanting to deal with all of the other races. I'm not sure that can be avoided, but it is clearly something to wish for.

My concern is with the apparent passivity of white South Africans at this time. They simply seem to be waiting to be killed. This is no way to win. There needs to be some organization, some plan, some positive way forward, rather than simply sitting and waiting for blacks to attack and murder.

This is a very high risk situation you are in. There is a quote, for which I have forgotten the source, that says "It is better to die on your feet fighting than to live on your knees."

Anonymous said...
it seems like the boers are moving in some sort of a direction.
Hopefully people will support it.