Friday, 3 December 2010

Hidden Killers


Dr.D said...

You asked why we know all the names of the white serial killers, but have never heard of any of the black serial killers. I think the answer is really pretty simple. This is just what blacks do. It is not news. When a black commits rape/murder, it is a dog-bites-man story. When a white man commits the same sort of act, because of its relative rarely it is news, it is a man-bites-dog story. The news papers would have room for little else if they reported all of the black violence.

That would make it very, very difficult to sell the liberal agenda in any country, whether the US, the UK, or elsewhere.

ic1male said...


DR William Pierce 'black invention myths' has been removed from utube under terms of violation (hate speech).

Someone needs to upload something ;)

misterfox said...

I wouldn't worry about William Pierce. He did nothing practical just advocated sitting and waiting for a revolution.

Here is something pertinent:
The tactic from anti-British forces like Hope not Hate is to promote multi-racial nationalism as some do on this section. This was civic nationalism but the new form is artificial in that it does not grow organically from a recognisable people but is created artificially by an interested group or party and then propagandised. This mirrors the difference between natural and unnatural societies: the first is organic, the second pre-meditated and then propagandised or created by a police state.

Or the organic National Conservative view

Anonymous said...

Who supports this form of non white scum UNCONDITIONALLY? Who own's the MSM?

Ask a hideously 'white' moron like this thing here.