Wednesday, 1 December 2010



A poem by Mike Wilson

South Africa, South Africa
How woeful now to see-
We gave you stable government
And a great economy.

We gave you modern cities
And a vibrant modern land.
We gave you modern military
With everything to hand.

We gave you world class hospitals-
We gave you world respect.
We gave you schools and roads and trains,
No better country yet.

Two hundred years or more we gave
And we are giving yet.
We gave our blood to keep this land-
Don’t anyone forget!

But now this awful change has come
And all is brushed aside.
There is no thought for all the years
Proud Afrikaners died.

Our once great land is vanquished-
All conquered from within.
Under the guise ‘Democracy’
The unschooled peoples win.

The politicians spread their wealth
For all the public gaze-
Where once they lived in tribal huts
Sandton is where they spend their days.

Because they’re black they must have wealth
For all the world to see.
To show how much they rule the roost-
To show it’s their country.

The cities that the whites built up
Are trashed and rubbish filled.
The services which gave us warmth
Are all run down – decayed and gaunt.

The gardeners are the ones in charge –
The servants now are boss.
And we the whites who ruled the roost
Are now regretting our great loss.

Only the blacks can now hold jobs-
The whites are told to go.
The machines no longer have support
And industry must bear the blow.

Oh South Africa, South Africa,
Your glorious past is gone –
Now restless natives haunt the streets
But white ghosts linger on.


Anonymous said...

My South Africa died in 1990, four years before the official take over by the black majority.
I remember it with pride, because what we achieved was great, given our circumstances.
It was a great land where law and order ruled. It was a land where whites and blacks lived in relative peace and harmony, until the zionist agitators came into your midst and told the black masses to rise up against their oppressors.
Their oppressors? Were they referring to us whites? The people who provided them with the highest standard of living on the African continent? Who provided them with better schooling opportunities than any other African country? Who provided them with the best medical facilities in Africa? Were they referring to us?
OK, nothing lasts forever. Our time is past. I accept that. But I still have my memories. They can never take those away from me.
No, never.
I cry for my land sometimes, in much the same way a child cries for his dead parent.
I will never stop loving you, my South Africa, even thgough I know you will never return.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

@ Anonymous 08:17

Thank you for that posting, it was very beautiful. I can fully understand how you feel.