Monday, 24 May 2010

South African cop held for attempted farm murder

A female police constable from the South African Police Crime Prevention Unit has been arrested for attempted murder – a suspect in a foiled farm attack carried out 333km from her duty station. In addition an ex-cop whose vehicle she was driving, also is sought as a suspect.

The allegedly targeted farmer apparently heard gunshots on his premises and saw three people entering through the gate gunshot was fired at him, in response he drew his own firearm and shot back.

The suspects fled on foot.

The officer was later apprehended with what is described as "incriminating evidence" in the back of a white truck belonging to a retired policeman

Further details at Censor Bugbear and News 24

Thanks to Dina and Carl

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RapidCS said...

This isnt a suprise...what is a suprise is that she was caught...normally their not. This is part of the reason why the ANC government so much wants to disarm us as they knew that there would be trouble if we started defending ourselves and they cant have that. It would be contrary to their goals. That is whey the legal consequences for defending yourself are so severe.