Wednesday, 5 May 2010

A Polling Ditty

Over the last few days, as I make my way to or from work, or wonder around Sainsbury’s pushing my trolley, I have been singing a little song to myself. It is a simple little ditty, sung to the tune of the old Cockney pub song “Knees up Mother Brown”.

Usually I just sing the first verse which goes as follows:

I’m voting BNP
I’m voting BNP
I don’t give a toss what you think
I’m voting BNP

The second verse enables me to improvise, usually by singing something unkind but apt about the other parties and their leaders. Examples being:

Clegg’s a little teaser
With Tofu in his freezer
I’m voting BNP


Brown’s a total bigot
I’m telling him to fr### it
And voting BNP

I am sure you can all make one up about Cameron given that there are so many rhyming options which go with twit.

I plan to sing as I vote tomorrow, as I truly believe we have every reason for optimism, and that tomorrow will see a significant breakthrough and set us on course to take back our country. Most of the work has now been done, what remains is to go and put a bold ‘X’ in a box and make sure that anyone you know who is considering voting BNP damn well does so.

Do not fall for the media tricks, the election may or may not be on a knife edge, but whatever you do, do not vote tactically. Those encouraging you to do so are only trying to get you to vote for the lesser of three evils. Do you really think a hung parliament run by Baroness Wasi's buddy Cameron would be better than one run by Bigot Brown?

It doesn’t matter if you are in a target seat or not, if there is a BNP candidate standing in your seat, vote for them. This is a psychological game as much as it is anything else, and the size of the BNP vote is as important as the number of seats won.

It is the size of the vote the media and the Lib/lab/Con politicians will be looking at. The fact that we ended up with two MEPs in the Euro elections worried them, that almost a million people voted for us terrified them.

That was a European election, if we can do the same at a general election (and we will) and if we can do even better then we will really scare them. Their fear is our power, and it will make people sit up and notice us.

The time has come my friends, go out and do your duty, we have a country to take back.


Update: Those in constituencies with no BNP candidate should vote in whatever way is required to punish Labour, for Labour must be punished.


Concerned South African said...

All the best from SA.

FishEagle said...

Good luck. From another Saffer.

Anonymous said...

Good luck to the BNP in the election, Sarah.
We here in the USSA are trusting you will let us know election results when available? We could get them online but personally I'm a bit lazy and plus we don't trust those OTHER sources.

Kevin W
Urbana, IL

zona guy said...

Much luck Sarah, in Arizona half of the polling sign would be written in Mexican.

Dr.D said...

We are looking forward to some favorable results for the BNP in this election. It is time for a serious change for the UK. said...

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Jade said...

Cannot vote for the BNP as we are not represented in West Worcester shire. However as the Liebour party stand no chance I shall vote the Con party as the Lib Dooms are in with a fighting chance here, and we all know what they promise. More "enrichment".

Anonymous said...

All the best to the BNP for the election from SA

Birdman said...

@zona guy nice one, but here in SA, we go one better. They get stolen...

All the best Sarah...Don't know much about uk Politics, but what I do know is that Brown is an idiot and that the BNP *** MUST *** do well.

Anglorum said...

Sarah, as British national Party Patriots we will fight on whatever the outcome, we are the hearts and minds of a betrayed country and one day soon we will avenge that betrayal.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

We will have to wait and see what happens. Labour have imported an electorate, and have indulged in a great deal of social engineering.

On top of that, the so called "Clegg bounce" was clearly manufactured in order to attract protest voters, who might otherwise have come to us.

Also, there is massive amounts of third world style election fraud going on all over the country.

Despite all that, I remain optimistic, however, we will have to wait and see what happens.

Anonymous said...

Good luck to the BNP from a supporter in California... The Mother country needs the BNP to do well! God bless.

zona guy said...

Birdman, Arizona cannot top the sign getting stolen, but I have seen the Mexicans spray graffiti on them. Good luck England and SA.