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The threat to the Western male

I make no pretense other than that this article is purely speculative, I have no current scientific evidence to support the hypothesis which I shall put before you. However, that is inevitably the way in our current world, if one seeks to examine theories which travel beyond the strictly enforced boundaries of permitted orthodoxy and to question the inflexible dogmas governing currently acceptable truths.

Outside the realms of what is permitted there is no science, there is no research, established doctrines can not be questioned, and no funds are available to support anyone who dares to do so.

Therefore, when asking questions such as those I am about to ask, the only option is to speculate, for in doing so, one has entered a domain where science dare not go. This is hardly surprising, the penalty for transgression can be severe. Cruel examples have been made of those scientists and writers who tried to enter no-man's land, the savaging of Herrnstein and Murray in the 1990's and the more recent reputation destroying demonisation heaped on Nobel Prize winning Dr James Watson for daring to speak against the doctrines of our age, will have warned others of the fate awaiting those who fail to obey.

Therefore, I make no apology for being unable to support my speculation with current science, for we live in an age where were a scientist to provide such support, or even Investigate the possibility, he would, of course, never be permitted to work again.

The topic I wish to discuss, but can not support with scientific data is what may actually be the cause of the falling fertility rates amongst some sections of Western Society. Over recent years none of us can have missed the articles which keep appearing in newspapers and magazines reporting the drop in fertility rates amongst Western Males. A recent report indicated that many as one in five healthy young men between the ages of 18 and 25 produce abnormally low sperm counts.

This report was greeted by the somewhat feigned hysteria by the Daily Mail with the warning that men, as a group, could become infertile within a few generations. Clearly if this were true it would lead to the death of the human race, given that scientists have not yet mastered the manufacture of human sperm from radishes, bananas or ocean plankton, which would enable the continued survival of the Sapphic Utopia which some man haters dream might follow.

However, given exploding birth rates worldwide, it would appear that this phenomenon is only effecting Western males, there is certainly no evidence of falling fertility rates in the third world, in fact, very much the reverse would seem to apply. So, if we are to believe what we are being told, it is among white European males that sperm counts are dropping and fertility problems are increasing, however, is that really what is happening?

The newspaper reports focus on the male, because it is fashionable to belittle men, especially white men, but in fact the report states that the problem with male fertility “starts within the womb”, so, in fact, whatever is going on actually effects both sexes. Something is happening within the pregnant female body which is impacting on the fertility of the male child. What can that be?

Naturally scientists, researching within the parameters in which it is permissible for them to research, are seeking to identify environmental factors.

Of course many were quick to blame science's favourite villain, tobacco. Mothers who smoke, they claimed, were having an effect on the fertility of their unborn male child. However, this claim does not make sense, male infertility is increasing, whist smoking has been on the decline for decades. Smoking mothers did not hinder the baby boomers who were born to a generation who had smoked their way through the war and the (truly) “never had it so good” 1950's. A child born in 1955 was considerably more likely to have a mother who smoked, and smoked through pregnancy, than would be the case with a child born in 1985, yet it is amongst the children born in the late 1980's and 1990's, after smoking mothers became pariahs, that male sperm counts are falling.

In addition, in the same period smoking rates began to grow in the third world, especially in places like China and India where instead of causing fertility problems, the governments have employed progressively more desperate measures to control birth rates. Would the Chinese, amongst the most enthusiastic smokers on the planet, have had to introduce a one child per family rule, if there was a problem with Chinese infertility.

Other scientists have pointed to pollution as a possible cause, however, once again, why is it that the problem if disproportionately impacting on the West when parts of the Far East, for instance, experience far higher levels of “modern day” pollution than most of the West, and have done so for decades, without any evident fall in fertility rates.

Of course there are many other factors which could be at the root of the problem, but in an increasingly globalised world, it would be difficult to identify many environmental factor which exclusively effects a distinct section of Western society. It certainly isn't effecting all Western communities, as the booming growth in the Muslim community demonstrates.

There are, however, behavioural factors, and one behavioural factor in particular which has, in recent decades, impacted on White western society to a significantly greater degree than it has impacted on any other racial group on the planet. That factor is the instance of inter-racial sex and the production of mixed race children.

In no other part of the world have distinct racial groups mixed sexually to anything like the degree they have in the West, at least the White section of the west (Muslim families on the other hand have been known to murder daughters who so much as look at a member of a different race – whereas white girls are all but accused of racism if they do not jump into bed with the first black youth to call them “bitch”).

It is not just the girls, in Europe it is quite common to see a white man with an Asian woman, however, in Asia this is a very rare phenomenon, whilst liaisons between Asians and Africans are all but non-existent . In the Middle East, marrying members of other racial groups is very much a taboo, whereas in Africa, with the exception of the Cape Coloured group of mixed Asians, Africans and whites, interracial sex is almost unheard of, at least on a consensual basis.

It is the racist White Westerners alone who have willingly, and in increasing numbers, mixed their blood with other races, the same is not true in the homelands of those we have been mating with. It is now we, the white westerners who are experiencing fertility problems, whilst birth rates are soaring elsewhere in the world. Is there a connection?.

Scientist working in the Victorian age would have said there was a connection. Towards the end of the 19th Century and well into the early 20th Century it was a commonly held scientific belief, based largely on studies of interaction between whites and freed black slaves in North America, that interbreeding between races led to sterility by the third or fourth generation. Such beliefs have long since been decried as “racist” and few if any are the scientists who would dare voice such an opinion, but does that necessarily mean they were untrue?

There is much which is condemned as racism, not all of it is untrue.

I am, of course, speaking the unspeakable here, but that won't be the first time. The very suggestion that interracial sex could have serious and long term genetic problems is so unacceptable to the zealots of the modern orthodoxy, that no researcher would be permitted to investigate the possibility, and any who merely suggested it would be driven out of the profession.

But what if it is true?

It has long been claimed that race is nothing more than a social construct, however, recent findings suggest that may not be entirely the case. It has recently been discovered that all Europeans and most North Asians have around 4% Neanderthal in their DVA, however, black Africans have no Neanderthal DNA whatsoever. This in itself is evidence of a genetic difference, what else will science discover in future years?

The fact that one in five Western males are experiencing fertility problems would sadly fit with the number who are likely to have have some form of recently introduced mixed race ancestry, however distant, so the suggestion is not so very far fetched.

As I said, this is merely speculation based in an area where modern science fears to tread. As such I have no evidence to support my hypothesis, however, I submit to you that the theory fits the facts and is less easy to dismiss than some more popular explanations.

If it is correct, however, then science may be, for reasons of political correctness, deliberately ignoring a situation, resulting from deliberate government policy, which could not only have a devastating impact on our racial group but could mark the end of Western Society.


Anonymous said...

'all Europeans and most North Asians have around 4% Neanderthal in their DNA,'

Hi Sarah,

You wrote that intermarriage between very distant cousins of Homo sapians and Neanderthals did not produce sterile mules, but a healthy 4%-Neandertal population.

Why then should less distant intermarriages between cousins of Europeans and Africans, or Asians or Chinese have children who go on become sterile?

Male infertility has been linked to the female hormone oestrogen being flushed into the water supply via the contraceptive pill, plastics leaching chemicals and soya products mimicking oestrogen.

We are our breeding and intelligence comes by breeding out our genetic faults.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Can you prove your claim of there being less distance between Europeans and Africans, or Asians or Chinese?

We have evolved through many stages, do you really believe that we can successfully mate with them all?

Where are homo sapiens on the evolutionary chain and how close are we to the brink of knowledge?

misterfox said...

An American friend sent me this report which I post without comment for your interest.

Anonymous said...

The question we have to ask ourselves is why is the Western white populations being targeted.

It makes no sense, as the hatred directed against them is Biblical in proportions.

Lucinda said...

I think it may be simpler than that. The Western male has been prevented from demonstrating any masculine behavior, and has been forced to accept a "beta male" position at all times. That can affect his testosterone and cause his fertility problems. I think the feminization of society may be the crucial factor.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,

Researchers claim modern man and Neanderthals were isolated for 700,000 years.

Homosapians go back to Africa 65,000 years.

Because there wasn't a Sarah of Neanterthal then, the Africans got their white skins and larger brains off the Neaderthals becoming Caucasians who outbred them.

Which makes me think that Caucasians will go the way of the Neaderthal and people wll be arguing in the future about being 4% Caucasian.

Dr.D said...

The report that Mr.Fox has submitted is extremely damning, if it is true. It comes from the highly unreliable Huffington Post, a very far left wing propaganda source. We should probably understand that there is some germ of truth in the report, but should dig more deeply to find out the full truth. Even so, it is rather disturbing, and the implications for Sarah's topic are considerable.

I have read reports of Haitians rejecting GM food that was sent as relief supplies. Perhaps they know something that we don't know. I was prone to dismiss it as superstition, but perhaps they have been more correctly informed than most of the West for a number of years.

In the US, soy milk is quite often used by people with lactose intolerance (such as my own grandsons). This could have very far reaching implications, to say the very least.

William said...

It’s worth watching Mark Steyn’s series of interviews on the Uncommon Knowledge site, hosted by Peter Robinson.
The problem with the decline of Western male lies in the fact that we Europeans are simply not breeding in sufficient numbers to halt the steady and inevitable decline in our numbers.
An alarming and very disturbing series of short interviews

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I have to assume that you were there Kindling and know all the facts.

Given that the discovery of the neanderthal genes is so recent we can have no idea what it means.

Those who wish to have jumped to the conclusion that there was interbreeding between species because that is what they wish to believe.

However, it could mean something far more significant.

However, given that you appear to have succumbed completely to the popular brainwashing, I will leave you to revel in your genocidal fantasies.

bernard said...

Sarah -

A more plausible reason for male infertility could be closer to home and simpler to explain.

As much as 25% of women in the UK between the ages of 16 and 49 are on the Pill for extended periods of their sexually active life.
Oestrogens (a significant ingredient of the Pill) are an extremely complex group of steroids that are known to pass across membranes including placentas, and are also known to affect the DNA of both sexes, and high levels of oestrogen in males can damage sperm counts.
Could it not be possible that because women are having children later and having sex earlier, the amount of oestrogen circulating through their bodies before having children would be extremely high?; high enough to affect a developing male foetus.

alanorei said...

Thank you for your article, Sarah, about which I inserted a comment on the Green Arrow site.

As for the threat to the white Caucasian race by miscegenation, I submit for consideration the following from Vatican Assassins by American Baptist researcher Eric Jon Phelps, p 581 of his 1836 page work, available as a CD.

Comments in braces are EJP's updated remarks on Robert L. Dabney's grim forecasts.

"After the (civil) war, while under martial law, the Jesuits continued their attempt to destroy the Protestant White race of the South. The unparalleled and farsighted Robert L. Dabney, one of the South’s greatest Presbyterian ministers and youngest member of General Jackson’s staff, writes:

""...once abolition by federal aggression came, these other sure results would follow...full negro equality: that negro equality thus theoretically established would be practical negro superiority
[as demonstrated in America’s Africanized culture of today];...that this miserable career must result in one of two things, either a war of races, in which the whites or the blacks would be, one or the other exterminated; or amalgamation...And this apparently is the destiny which our [Jesuit] conquerors have in view [which is in complete agreement with the Order’s Masonic Jewish Zionist Israel Cohen’s A Racial Program for the 20th Century (1912) advocating a continual Negro agitation against all Whites in general, Negro prominence in sports and entertainment, and ultimately the sin of interracial marriage]. If indeed they can mix the blood of the heroes of Manassas with this vile stream from the fens of Africa, then they will never again have occasion to tremble before the righteous resistance of [White Protestant and Baptist-Calvinist] Virginian freemen; but will have a race supple and vile enough to fill that position of political subjection, which they desire to fix on the South [and the nation]."" EJP's emphasis added.

Like it or not*, Robert L. Dabney's analysis via EJP is probably one of the most comprehensive overviews of the whole issue.

*The 'not' brigade would include the BBC and the rest of the MSM, the C of E, both houses of parliament, the EU, NWO, UN, both houses of congress and probably the majority of academics on both sides of the Atlantic.

But sometimes the minority does have the truth.

Note finally that EJP is emphatically not anti-Semitic but he has researched in detail associations between some Jewish Zionists and the Jesuit Order via high-level Freemasonry. Further details may be found on his site

Dr.D said...

Alanorei, I really don't know how you can quote the EJP web site with a straight face. It is a mass of contradictions that only someone really very confused could believe.

It is full of references to the "Black Pope" whatever/whoever that maybe. It talks endlessly about the Jesuit Freemasons, even though there has been a well known, well documented prohibition against Roman Catholic men becoming Freemasons for many, many years.

And then there is this little gem: "As covered in my Con Con Power Point offered on this website under “Store,” Islam was a creation of Rome in the 7th Century to impose a religion upon the Middle East that would be identical [...]"

Well, now, that would make sense wouldn't it? Create izlam for the benefit of the RCC? Just one of those lab experiments that got out of hands we have to presume.

No, Alan, that web site is a source for people who have completely lost touch with historic reality and reason. Please don't send us there. We think better of you than that.

Dr.D said...

A quote to just give you chills:

“The goal of abolishing the white race is on its face so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed white supremacists. Make no mistake about it we intend to keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as ‘the white race’ is destroyed–not ‘deconstructed’ but destroyed.”

- Jewish studies professor, Dr Noel Ignatiev

John McNeill said...

I'm terrified. I'm a white male born in the 1980's, so I'm smack dab in the middle of this generation of males experiencing fertility issues. I really want children, and I don't know what I'd do if I find out something so fulfilling is forever lost to me.

alanorei said...

The Black Pope is the head of the SJ. This is well known historically. The current one is Fr Adolfo Nicolas SJ. The conventional pope always has a Jesuit confessor, which reveals right away the power of the Order.

Public prohibitions mean nothing to the SJ or the Vatican, for whom the end always justifies the means. The Masonic P2 Lodge, for example, was hand-in-glove with the Vatican during the case of the late-lamented Robert Calvi, a.k.a. God's banker. See In God's Name by David Yallop and The Vatican Billions by Avro Manhattan, also the various sites available now.

I don't agree with all of EJP's points that he raises in his e-book (like William Cecil, Lord Burleigh, Lord Chancellor and adviser to QE1, being a Jesuit) but the reference I quoted was a citation from one of the South's most insightful leaders and, I suggest, has been vindicated by later events.

Which is why I posted it, not to advertise for EJP, who was simply the messenger.

That said, having read the earlier edition of his book, I would say that EJP is a careful researcher who does try to document what he puts forward.

His e-book is much more extensively documented.

The creation of Islam by the Vatican has also been outlined in The Prophet by Chick Publications.

The Catholic Church in the US put up a web page some time back denying Chick's material and demanding that he cease publication. But the Church stayed out of the courts, which is significant.

Also significant is a fairly recent book called Queen of All by Jim Tetlow et al, showing how all the world's religions, including Catholicism, Islam and apostate Protestantism, e.g. modern Lutheranism, are merging into a one-world church, via worship of the BVM, a.k.a. "the Queen of Heaven" Jeremiah 7:18, 44:17-19.

The thrust of Tetlow et al's work agrees pretty well with EJP, though they are independent of him.

Another independent researcher on the SJ is P.D. Stuart, whose work Codeword Barbelon is very detailed, matches much of EJP's material and is well worth reading, I suggest.

In the light of the above, which as indicated, consists of a number of independent witnesses, 2 Corinthians 13:1, I suggest further that it's dangerous to shoot the messenger simply because some aspects of his message don't happen to be appealing, for whatever reason.

Adrian Peirson said...

Dr Russell Blaylock on
The sterilization of the Western male

Also check out the plastics link, of all the various types of plastics they could have chosen they chose

This type

let;s not forget either that since 1970 there have been 7.2 million abortions carried out that's

200,000 per year

Not forgetting they also want to
Sterilize British Schoolchildren

Bantu Education said...

Interesting theory Sarah but I guess it could be easily disproved if it were found that, for example, Finnish or Icelandic men also had low semen counts.

Of the arguments put forward here -Occams razor would seem to point the finger of blame at the contraceptive Pill.

Bantu Education said...

Love your blog Sarah but I must criticize the white print on black background which I find very tiring on the eyes. Am I the first to have said so?

Anonymous said...

Not to be divisive, but I like the white print with the black background. I find it soothing on the eyes instead of a blaring white background. Go figure.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I actually attempted to go for a more soothing effect, the background is actually a dark gray /green and the type is more "magnolia" than white.

However, these effects can be very different on some monitors.

Bantu Education said...

@ anon & Sarah,

Well I dont see the SMART MONEY - Sony and Apple and the others who make these e-readers - offering light coloured print gainst a dark backgound. I assume they must know what is most soothing to the eye.
So apparently I am not alone.

As anon said..."go figure"..!

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Hi Bantu Education

The blog is well overdue for a make-over, I will try to come up with a solution which pleases everyone when I do so.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about the cause of the low sperm counts, but the low birth rates are definitely part of a long term campaign.

Do you remember "One Born Every Minute" on Channel 4 a few months ago? It made child birth seem like the worst thing ever. It's aim was to discourage child birth and if you look at the comments on women's forums, it seems to have worked, with women posting comments such as "After watching this, I've decided not to have anymore children. It's just too risky. Thank goodness for this programme highlighting the risks of childbirth".

On soap operas, when a women finds out she's pregnant, her response is rarely one of joy, but rather she responds like she's just been diagnosed with cancer. Can you imagine growing up watching these soap's on TV and constantly being bombarded with messages saying that having children is the worst thing ever and that they will ruin your life? No wonder the birth rate is low.

Here is a quote from Bertrand Russell that might go to explain the origins of what we are facing:

“In the areas in question we have to push a deliberately negative population policy. With the propaganda campaigns, especially in the press, radio, movies, leaflets, short brochures, educational presentations and the like, the population must be induced toward the thought of how damaging it is to have many children. We must point to the costs which children entail, and then it should be pointed out what could have been bought instead. The great dangers to the health of women which can emerge in births can be pointed out, and the like.

In addition to this propaganda, generous propaganda in favor of means of birth control must be spread. An industry specialized in such means has to be created. Neither the approval or dissemination of birth control means should be punishable, nor abortion. We ought to absolutely promote the establishment of abortion institutes. Midwives and medics can be trained to give abortions. The more professionally the abortions are carried out, the more the population will gain trust in this respect. Also physicians must of course be permitted to carry out abortions, without a violation of his medical oath coming into question.

Voluntary sterilization is also to be promoted. Infant mortality must not be combatted. Mothers must not be instructed about care for infants and children’s diseases.

Once we have converted the mass of the people to the idea of a one- or two-child system, we will have reached the goal we are aiming at.”

“I find the coloured people friendly and nice. They seem to have a dog’s liking for the white man—the same kind of trust and ungrudging sense of inferiority. I don’t feel any recoil from them.”

Russell writes: “It is entirely clear that there is only one way in which great wars can be permanently prevented, and that is the establishment of an international government with a monopoly of serious armed force. … An international government, if it is to be able to preserve peace, must have the only atomic bombs, the only plant for producing them, the only air force, the only battleships, and generally whatever is necessary to make it irresistible. … The international authority must have a monopoly of uranium, and of whatever other raw material may hereafter be found suitable for the manufacture of atomic bombs. It must have a large army of inspectors who must have the right to enter any factory without notice; any attempt to interfere with them or to obstruct their work must be treated as a casus belli. The international government … will have to decide all disputes between different nations, and will have to possess the right to revise treaties. It will have to be bound by its constitution to intervene by force of arms against any nation that refuses to submit to the arbitration. Given its monopoly of armed force, such intervention will be seldom necessary and quickly successful.”

- Bertrand Russell

Anonymous said...

Interesting theory, but I'm more inclined to attribute it to the huge amounts of female hormones that we consume throughout our food, water, and environment. Since so many women are on the birth control pill, the female hormones in the pills end up in the sewage systems and water supplies. Hormones are also used in modern factory farming to make the animals grow faster or the cows lactate continuously which end up in our food supply.

I've already read about links between girls reaching puberty faster and the amount of female hormones they consume in their environment - I wouldn't be surprised if it also had a feminizing effect on males and reducing their fertility.

I haven't read enough about your blog (though I'm impressed so far!) to know if you're an environmentalist, but I think an important part of preserving European culture is preserving Europe itself and living healthier, more natural lives.