Saturday, 8 May 2010

Cooked Sausages (Undemocratic Aliance - an Update)

Amongst the flotsam left bobbing about after HMS Britain sunk into a hung parliament comes the satisfying news that Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones, the arrogant twit who markets the "Black Farmer" range of sausages, and who refused to attend the hustings in Chippenham unless the BNP candidate was banned, was another of Cameron's special 'A' list of Politically Correct Tory candidates who failed in his attempt to be elected.

Cooked sausages

As reported here in April, Emmanuel-Jones and his Labour compatriot, the handsome, but deeply stupid Greg Lovell, who saw the already tiny Labour vote fall by almost 10%, and also refused to debate with the BNP, were soundly defeated by the Liberal Democrat candidate Duncan Hames. Mr Hames you may recall was the only member of the three main parties who had a sufficient respect for democracy and free speech to share a platform and debate with Michael Simkin from the BNP.

Duncan Hames

Mr Hames took over 43% of the vote and became one of the 57 Liberal Democrats who managed to make it through the deeply unfair voting system into Parliament. Despite his silly politics, I am sure we all wish him well. (He's a Liberal prat, but at least he believes in democracy)

Meanwhile, in addition to the pleasure of seeing the party's vote triple since 2005, BNP supporters can take satisfaction from seeing two arrogant sausages cooked.


INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

I heard Kelvin MacKensie on LBC last evening telling us we can expect to get "leadership" from Cameron's diverse 2010 intake in ten years time. Oh really! That's racism for you, clothed in swaddling mind melt.

caratacus said...

What a shame. Looks like the countryside isn't ready to be enriched.

Adrian Peirson said...

I will be buying my sausages from white farmers, at least until we are allowed white farmers.

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Jade said...

Pity the two sausages hadn't been Nick Clegg and Simon Hughes!