Saturday, 15 May 2010

ExPat South Africans March against Crime

Expatriate South Africans have matched through London today to protest against the levels of crime back in Soth Africa, including the in excess of 3,100 white farmers who have been murdered since the end of Apartheid.

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Anonymous said...

Are there any stirrings on the North American continent to engage in the same public protests?

These need to be on-going and wider afield.

Birdman said...

Nothing mentioned in any of the papers here in SA. Now whay would that be???? Oh yes, blacks cannot be racist.My bad, I forgot....

Anonymous said...

So these are ex patriot South Africans. Why didn't they protest when they were in South Africa? if they wish to avoid being murdered they will have to give up their farms with their hundreds of cheap labour Africans and the risk of getting murdered and go to Orania where admittedly they will have to do some of the dirty work themselves but at least they will be free and unlikey to be murdered. Their choice.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Can I ask that those responding to Anon 07:28's comments take a few deep breaths and compose themselves before doing so.

Anonymous said...

Re Anon 07:28's

This clown is nothing but a wind up merchant. No 'breaths' required. If s/he was truly white s/he'd be extremely dangerous LOL.

God bless The English - the REAL English that and all affiliated white Nationalist peoples of Europe.

Anonymous said...

Actually Sarah I think anon 7:28 has a point.
The whites should not expect to be saved and not give anything up, the white South Africans will have to give up some comforts to save themselves, salvation for the white South Africans will not fall from the sky, they will have to start working for it.
Giving up black labour where possible and employing whites is a great start.

Anonymous said...

Yes we black people of South Africa,we were expecting this racist march to be a disaster and it failed dismally. They the racist were organising a march in a foreign democratic country,complaining about a democratically elected government. How stupid these boers are? England will never recognise anything from you racist boers,you're just playing your dirty game of racism on the wrong side. It'll never work, may be in Holland try that there.

Anonymous said...

"Giving up black labour where possible and employing whites is a great start"

Post apartheid South African whites for the most part do NOT have servants!!!

Only the rich commie JEWS like Kasrills with white skin have them

The farmers only have a few and YOU liberal/commies KNOW what ANC commie trained goons do to them...!

I will only say that these farmers should see the writing on the wall and do what they can to get out of that god forsaken commie shithole as it is now. There is NO future unless they destroy the establishment which is unlikely as they have not got the power and their root countries in Europe including the UK do not give a shit about them... bastards won't even let them in yet they take these non white parasites from anywhere else.. reason being these countries came under the yoke of the Jew in 1945.

The goy of Europe today are just cowardly donkeys and slaves of Jewry... constipated with political correctness and don't even know it. They'd sell their own mothers to 'fit in' such is their backbone and loyalty to kith and kin.

Anonymous said...

Hendrik Voerwoerd the chief ideologist for apartheid and South African PM in the 60s said the white South African could be rich and multiracial or poorer, prouder and white. They in the end chose the former but will end their days in London or elsewhere in exile. One nation that isnt going for the cheap labour option is the Japanese,

Anonymous said...

The person ranting about the "Jews" ( thankfully he has moved on from using the "K" word) really just doesnt get it. I sometimes think he is actually typing away in the ADL office and is not actually real.
You dont have to move abroad from South Africa you just need to move a few hundred kilometeres to Orania ( check the internet link). There a commuinity is being built , all white with no African cheap labour. Yes it will involve a reduction in your standard of living but at least you wont get murdered. Choice is yours.

Anonymous said...

Anon 14:58
You have no idea how much support the racist boers are getting from other countries.
The world is finally starting to see the truth.
So just go on with this racist boer ideology please, you are doing the boers a big favour.

Anonymous said...

I see a future when the ENGLISHMAN in his own country will have to march for freedom.

He will then be outnumbered by Muslims and antagonistic blacks.

His women will be enslaved to Islam and will wear the Burkha.

The nation will be a police-state and there will be only one voice allowed: pro-muslim, anti-Christian, anti-white, etc....

Where does the buck stop?!!

Turn back to your God, the living God spoken of in the National Anthem, God Save the Queen, and not the "religion," peddled by the decrepid, decadent, poof-ridden CofE.

Anonymous said...

Actually, by any objective criterion the enslavement of the English is already quite advanced.