Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Farm Murder Update and request

Further information on the Farm Murder I posted about last week. The victim was 4i year old Dirk Human who was found tied up in his home less than 300m from Boschkop police station. Mr Human had been repeatedly stabbed and hacked about the face, before being shot.

It is possible that his two year old son Jake witnessed the murder from his cot in the same room.

The attack happened shortly after Yolanda Human, shown being comforted in the picture above, had left their home to deliver an older child to school.

It was evident that Mr. Human had put up a struggle before he was subdued, and would have attempted to protect his child.

Apart from the torture and murder of Mr. Human it is not clear what the motive was for the attack, however, it followed an earlier attempted burglary

Full report here

Unreported attacks?

I have been advised of a further farm attacks , but we have been unable to find news reports confirming these. The details we have so far are as follows:

  • The weekend of 24 April, a family was attacked in Kwazulu Natal. A woman and a 5 year old were allegedly killed, and the rest of the family hospitalised.
  • That same weekend there was an attack on the house of Jurie Steenberg (47) on a smallholding in Kameelfontein north east of Pretoria,who begged attackers to spare his wife, Suna (43) who was shot in the head. She last heard to be fighting for her life in hospital.
  • On the 29th April on Smallholding near Kameeldrift, west of Pretoria. 80 year old Mr Jan du Toit, was attacked in his home and shot in the stomach and arm he managed to reach his children living on the same property who took him to hospital.
If anyone can supply news links or further information about any of the above, please write to me at sarahmaidofalbion@gmail.com

From Dina


Concerned South African said...

The list continues to increase while at the sametime the disciplinary case against Malema gets postponed. It truly is a shame what these farmers and their families have to go through.

Bring back the commandos and these murders would stop almost overnight, but the ANC wouldn't want that now would they. The ANC are a curse to this beloved land.


Anonymous said...

The ANC is not the curse.
The ANC is the logical end result of the multicult curse.
The multicult is a curse to this beloved planet

Concerned South African said...

@ anon May 3, 2010 8:15 PM

Can't really disagree with you. Although I would still state that the ANC is the curse of South Africa.
The muti, ahem, I mean multicult come in many shapes and forms and the ANC are merely one of them.


Anonymous said...

This is a warning to the UK and USA, and for that matter Australia.

We in the West ignored the Rhodesians fight against marxism, now South Africa succumbs.

Multiculturalism = white racial destruction.
A clear formula, subtly implemented by the Communists.

Wake up now before it is on your doorstep!