Monday, 17 May 2010

Farm Murders - Update

I said yesterday that I would provide further information in relation to the killing of Johannes Strydom at the weekend. Sadly some very disturbing details have been released regarding this murder, it would appear that Mr Strydom was initially attacked with an iron bar, then chains were attached to his ankles and he was dragged behind his truck to his store room where his body was left.

News story here

According to the news report he was dead when he was dragged, let us hope that he was, as being South Africa he may well have been dragged quite some distance.

However, if he was alive, this will have been the second such attack on a white South African in recent weeks. A few weeks ago a young white South African was carjacked. There are around 16,000 violent carjackings a year in South Africa, and this was a particularly violent one, the young man was attached to the back of his car and dragged along the road. He survived, but with injuries, the photographs of which I will never, ever forget.


In addition I regret that I failed to report the murder of farmer Robert Botha which occurred on the 10th of May at his farm in Kameeldrift West near Pretoria. Mr Botha had been stabbed five times through the heart and had also suffered knife wounds to the face and arms, the latter presumably being defensive wounds.

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The killing of Robert Botha comes just a fortnight after the killing 40 year old farmer Chris Botha which I reported last month.

These killings bring the total number of farm killings since the end of Apartheid to at least 3.107.

Meanwhile 61 year old farmer Jeffrey Wicks is recovering from injuries he sustained when confronted by intruders in his hope at the end of April



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brian boru said...

Other than on this and a few other sites on the internet the ongoing murder and terror campaign against whites in South Africa is largely unknown to the public in the western world. Why is that? It is not because of carelessness or incompetence but by a deliberate campaign of deceit and concealment by the media. It is precisely the same deceit used to underplay and conceal the reality of the vast black on white crime ongoing in all formerly white countries. Why would the media do that? Who owns the vast majority of the media in the west? What malevolence would motivate such a campaign of deceit?

Adrian Peirson said...

I expect to see this happenibg in Germany very soon.

Michael Shrimpton, Senior UK Intel blames 9-11 on Germany and Iran

And suggests we should go to war with Germany within 2 years.
No, I'm not kidding.

That was part1 of 12, please watch the other parts and pass thr link to others because this guy is very senior in our Intel.

His logic appears to be, Germany and Iran are the bad guys and as we dont have good leadership in the west, the same leadership should take us to War agsainst Germany.
Who do we know with a grudge against Germany and Iran.

Here is his assesment.
Torn Apart said...

12 years ago the international msm highly publicized the brutal murder of James Byrd who was dragged behind a pick-up truck.

When a near-identical incident occurs in South Africa, it is blacked out by the media.

Anonymous said...

28 may 2010 it was reported that he was still alive when dragged

Just another day in Africa