Wednesday, 26 May 2010

In search of Sarah Palin

If you have 45 minutes to an hour to spare, you might find it interesting to click here and watch a speech given by Sarah Palin to an audience in Denver Colorado. British viewers may find the rather folksy nature of Palin's exchange with the audience at the beginning of the speech a little saccharine for our taste, however, this is vital for an American politician seeking to connect emotionally with her audience, and I am sure you will think differently once she gets into the full blooded body of her speech.

I also recommend that you take the time to watch the panel discussion at the end.

You may not like what she says, you might not agree with it, however, if you are honest you will agree that what you will see is a very bright, very interesting and very impressive political performance.

You will also how different Sarah Palin is from how she is portrayed by the media. The press lie about Palin, they deliberately misrepresent Palin and her abilities, and we are left asking why. Why does this woman frighten the controlled media so much?

Hat Tip: Dr. D


Anonymous said...

I'd give 'er one! ;-)

Anonymous said...

"The press lie about Palin, they deliberately misrepresent Palin and her abilities, and we are left asking why. Why does this woman frighten the controlled media so much?"

Interesting article at The American Thinker by Robin of Berkely entitled "The Wilding of Sarah Palin" may answer some of why the Leftist media fear and hate her so much and need to trash her at every turn.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin LOL!.. Try her erm 'counterweight'!

fellist said...

The first few lines of a Kevin Macdonald article pretty much sum up the reasons for establishment's instinctive dislike of Palin:

Sarah Palin emerged in the presidential campaign of 2008 as the candidate of the Republican base — the people the globalist elites in the party pander to every four years so that if everything breaks right, they may have a chance of winning. Palin is the very image of White fertility and small town Americana — all that the globalist Republican elite despises. 'Despises' is much too mild a word for how the Democrats see her.

The Republican base is White, Christian, socially-conservative and able to stand its own two feet. Everything the establishment most hates, and pretty much the only people who can derail their program.

fellist said...

-- Unfortunately, I think the 'Republican base' would be just as likely to get shafted by a Palin administration as the Conservative base here always is by Tory Prime Ministers.

Palin doesn't have the deep personal political convictions that would protect a Ron Paul or Pat Buchanan agenda if either of them had made it to the WH. It makes her bait, not a shark, as the MacDonald quote implies.

bernard said...

Sarah -

On your sidebar you have a link to 'I am an Englishman'.
When I try this, an official notice says this is a "Forbidden" site on this server. (and other servers from what I can gather).
Any idea what's going on?
Advice appreciated.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Hi Bernard

I am afraid I am having the same problem. I don't know what has happened, lets hope it is a temporary server problem


misterfox said...

I just got I Am an Englishman through this link -

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Thanks very much Mister Fox, I am really pleased the site is back up, it is a very valuable resource.

There must have been server problems

Anonymous said...

As a person who dislikes Sarah Palin, I don't think anyone on the left "fears" her. Makes fun of her? Definitely. Think she can find her way out of a wet paper bag? Nope.