Thursday, 13 May 2010

Comments at this blog

Over the last few weeks I have noticed an increase in the number of aggressive and abusive comments being made in response to postings. Although I welcome a robust exchanges of views in future it will be necessary for me to censor messages which become too personally abusive of other commentators.

You can say what you like about me and my posting, but please do not abuse other commentators.

I am also unhappy with the recent increase in the amount of homophobic and anti Semitic language being used. I do not necessarily share the views expressed by some posters, but I believe in free speech and commentators are welcome to express views which differ from mine, even when they become somewhat tedious. However, the use of offensive language is a different matter and I would be grateful if commentators would make an effort to temper their language and avoid some of the more unpleasant epithets, such as those which have been appearing recently.

Please continue to comment but try to resist some of the more adolescent impulses which some of you have recently given way to.

I try to apply a light touch to comment moderation and am grateful for your cooperation



Dr.D said...

Thank you, Sarah.

alanorei said...

That is a reasoned comment, Sarah

A couple of quick points:

A lot of anti-Semitism stems from the fact that Jewish folk are exceptionally good at finance and Gentiles love money.

Jealousy is always a cruel motive.

On homophobia, so-called, abusiveness is never justifiable but the reality is that the first occurrence of the word "sinner" in scripture is in relation to "the men of Sodom" Genesis 13:13.

Genesis 18:20, 19:4, 5 also establish the link between sodomy and child molestation but only in the AV1611. All modern versions cover up for the child molesters.

Long-term* Christian tract publisher Jack T. Chick gives a balanced, if grim, overview of the whole subject.

* Since the 1950s. He is an ex-GI who saw action in WW2 in New Guinea and on Okinawa. He became a Christian in 1949, aged 24. His Gospel ministry came about because he was appalled when told by 2 ex-secondary school friends who turned out to be Christians that they never spoke to him about their beliefs because they thought he'd be the last person to listen. He protested that "If I'd been killed in action in New Guinea or on Okinawa, I'd have gone straight to hell!" That's why he is still so fervent about his minstry now, 60 years on.

Dex said...

I agree wholly with your sentiments, Sarah. Courtesy costs nothing...however, please proof-read your posts, as mistakes spoil what is an eloquent and cogent read.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

With respect Alan was not the first sin committed in the Garden of Eden?, and is not original sin what we are all born in?

Romans 2:1 Therefore thou art inexcusable. O man, whosoever thou art that judgest: for wherin you judgest another, thou condemnest thyself; for thou that judgest doest the same things.

I respect your views and your right to express them, I don't agree with you, but that does not change my regard for you or our friendship.

You are free to express your views, however, my concern has been how some others have expressed theirs.

This is my blog and I don't want gays to be called queers or perverts, I don't want Jews called Kykes and I don't want commentators calling each other assholes. all of which have happened in the last week. I don't think that is a lot to ask.


Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Hi Dex

I am afraid I am not very good at proof reading my own postings, so please draw any errors you see to my attention.

I have changes "of" to "if" in this posting, or was there something else I have missed?

alanorei said...

You are quite right, Sarah

Thank you for your kind remarks and your fairness w.r.t. commentators.

I for one grow extremely tired of crude language. It always suggests that the user has a limited vocabulary.

Re: original sin etc., yes, Eden was the setting and the first mention of sin is in Genesis 4:7. My reference was to the term "sinners" as God specifically applied it to individuals and their 'lifestyle.' The Bible's stance here is consistent throughout, e.g. Jude 7.

Re: Romans 2:1, I suggest that it has to be taken in the context of the previous chapter, especially Romans 1:32. (Note Paul's condemnation of 'gay rights' in Romans 1:26-27. Paul's stance matches Genesis 13:13.)

Re: expressing views, I always appreciate the opportunity to do so that your blog affords. But as you'll have seen, I always aim to substantiate them as far as possible, which is why I frequently quote scripture.

In passing, again on 'gay rights,' an informative secular work is The Pink Swastika, by Lively and Abrams, which reveals that about 90% of the leading Nazis were practising sodomites. We also know about Nazi brutality against anyone who opposed them.

The situation in our country now is that we have a government that uniformly supports 'gay rights' and can call on its own 'street enforcers' to deal with 'dissenters' e.g. College Green, June 2009.

I have a terrible sense of deja vu...

Anonymous said...

Sarah your blog attracts some interesting writers with opinions which are well articulated.This has offered me hope that nationalism has a future in our land. Those who use abuse and insult just make me despair. One of the markers of the BNPs progress has been the acceptance that racial abuse is not acceptable and bullying of gay men and woman is not tolerated.

brian boru said...

I may have been one of those who used the term 'kike' recently. If you don't want it used I can just use the word jew instead. I don't agree with alanorei that a lot of anti-Semitism stems from jealousy of jewish financial success. I think the reason the jews are hated, and have been consistently hated for millenia, is because of their destructive actions in their host societies. I have stated this before but I will again, this tribe is responsible for more human death and suffering and cultural and environmental destruction than all other people on earth combined. They are primarily responsible for the terrible plight the white race and civilisation now finds itself in. Their monstrous gangster state in occupied Palestine is a threat to all people everywhere and not just the Moslems of the region. If this is not justification enough for hating these vile creatures then I don't know what is. Calling them 'kikes' or worse is hardly a sin. Nevertheless, it's your site so you make the rules.

John McNeill said...

Good for you, Sarah! :)

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Thank you Brian

Although I do not share your view that the Jews are behind all the problems we face, it is legitimate to point to the significant Jewish influence on Communism, which is behind much of what we face. The Jewish dominance of the media and of finance is also a matter of concern.

So please continue to comment on the understanding that I will also accept comments from people who disagree with you or from Jews and gays.

However, it is a matter of how these things are expressed. Our blogs are monitored, and when we start indulging in what the public understand as "hate speech" we merely give our enemies ammunition to use against us.

I am often sent links to anti-white blogs and forums where comments from this blog have been repeated as evidence that we are hate fuelled Nazi thugs.

Please be assured that you are not the only offender, a number of my Brit and South African readers have a tendency for "colourful" language, which is fine until they start squabbling and name calling.

I am grateful to everyone for their understanding. I hope we can now move on from this posting and concentrate on more serious issues.

brian boru said...

Alanorei, the National Socialists were defeated in 1945. Ever since they have been slandered as no other people or movement in history. No matter how outrageous the lie no one in the present system, the system which is responsible for creating the world we live in today, will pull you up on it. However, you will be pulled up by the full force of the law if you try to give a National Socialist viewpoint and can easily find yourself out of a job and in jail.
Did you not think for just a moment that the claim that 90% of the leadership of National Socialist Germany were practicing sodomites was a bit suspect, especially coming from a source named Abrams? Remember, this was a government which was probably more pro family than any other in history. We are never allowed to forget about any possible alleged German brutality during what was a struggle to the death between two diametrically opposed philosophies, Jewish Capitalism/Communism vs European Racial Socialism. While we endlessly have to hear about the supposed suffering of the 'completely innocent' jews at the hands of the diabolical Nazis, and pay to the hilt for the 'privilige', very little stress is put upon the very real and vastly greater brutality of the jewish communists and their successors in occupied Palestine. Sorry about the limited vocabulary.

alanorei said...

On a point of clarification:

Re: Jews being responsible for everything etc., that isn't what the scripture says, my emphasis.

"And in her was found the blood of prophets, and of saints, and of all that were slain upon the earth" Revelation 18:24.

The "her" is identified in the previous chapter. You don't have to be a Biblical genius to determine the identity of "her."

That said, if the Jews were responsible for everything, then even the most ardent anti-Jew must acknowledge that this race is well-nigh superhuman. Less than 20 million Jews, probably less than 15 million, manage to overwhelm nearly 7 billion individuals worldwide.

That's odds of 350:1 or better.

Truly an astonishing achievement, however you cut it. Even the lads at Rorke's Drift only managed a victory over the enemy at odds of about 45:1.

If anyone wants to read a roughly 50-A4 page summary treatise on Israel and the Jews, which, though slightly dated, covers all the bases, I think, I'm quite happy to forward it to Sarah by email attachment (if that's okay, Sarah), who could forward it from there.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Google does not give me the e-mail addresses of those who comment, however, if you send it to me and Brian writes to me at giving me an e-mail address I will happily forward it on to him.


alanorei said...

Re: The Pink Swastika, I suggest check the document. It is extensively referenced.

You could also check the 1800+ page CD book Vatican Assassins by Eric Jon Phelps and the 500+ page book Israel, A Deadly Piece of Dirt by Dr Peter S. Ruckman.

Neither of these writers is a Jew. They are Baptists. (You may rest assured they are not in collusion.)

alanorei said...

Thank you, Sarah

I will do asap.

brian boru said...

Since when do numbers matter? Argueing about odds like that is facile. One billionaire can have more power than millions of paupers. As a matter of fact the jews do have power out of all proportion to their numbers. Their almost total control of the media and finance in the western world gives them that power and with it they control the political process. The jews operate as a group, not as individuals. The first question a jew asks himself is whether an action is 'good for the jews' then whether it is good for himself. Whether it is bad for gentiles doesn't matter. If fact many of them consider that a bonus. Frankly alanorei I am not interested in Biblical arguments. They are irrelevant to present conditions. There are as many interpretaions of the Bible as there are interpreters.

alanorei said...

Then the Jews are smart.

Gentiles, especially BNP Gentiles, could learn from them.

The Muslims certainly have.

Re: the scriptures. Your attitude to them was obvious from the start. That isn't the point.

The point is that they are historically (and prophetically) accurate. For the historical accuracy, check the secular references that I mentioned earlier.

Denial doesn't constitute refutation.

Dr.D said...

brian boru says, "...I am not interested in Biblical arguments."

This is not a position that a Christian can ever take. We must always take into account, and take very seriously, what the Holy Bible says on every subject.

Ultimately, everyone of us will die, and our final concern must be about what happens to our souls at that time. While we care greatly about what happens to our nation states here on this earth, they can never be our ultimate personal concern. Where and how we will spend eternity has to be our final concern, and the Word of the Lord is the only sure guide we have in such matters.

Lucinda said...

@Brian Boru: How do you justify hostility to Jews because of their involvement in Communism (International Socialism) and then get all misty eyed about Nazism (National Socialism)? Socialism is socialism, and the source of much of the misery in the world. The "pro-family" National Socialists were very big on having young children inform to the government against their parents.

As a very conservative Jew (slightly to the right of the Sheriff of Nottingham) I acknowledge that it is completely legitimate to criticize Jews as a group for being far, far too leftist. However, blaming Jews for all your problems is much like blacks blaming whitey for all their problems without acknowledging their own shortcomings.

I would say to those who think we "control" everything: I wish.

Also, if you want what we have, do what we did. Jews as a group tend to be high achievers because we emphasize education for our kids above all else, we work and aren't a drain on the welfare rolls, we don't commit crimes and we aren't big drinkers. If you postpone instant gratification for more worthy life goals, you tend to lead a happier and richer life.

As a conservative, I stand for your right to say anything you wish without censorship even when you are as wrong as two left shoes. Although it's unpleasant to read calumny directed at my people, I would rather have it out than suppress others' right to free speech.

brian boru said...

Dr D, you are making the mistake of assuming that religion is necessary for spiritual awareness and evolution. Spiritual fulfilment is an entirely personal quest. No priest, holy book or temple can bring it about. Religions are almost all rackets. They may start out with good intentions but invariably end up more concerned with materialism than spirituality. Racially organic religion can provide social cohesiveness but no religion can be effectively universal because of the great differences between racial groups. This is primarily why Chrisianity is now so degenerate. When it was exclusively for Europeans it served some useful purpose. Now, it has become just one more lethal threat to the survival of our race. It was always alien to the white soul anyway despite our best efforts to make it digestible for our spiritual needs and at appalling cost. I am not against a white religion per se, just so long as we realise what its primary purpose is supposed to be, white cohesiveness. Our personal spiritual evolution is just that, personal, and no priest or 'holy' book should have any control over it.

brian boru said...

Well, Lucinda, if you do stand for my right to free expression of views that are politically incorrect then you are one of a tiny minority of jews who actually do. Your tribe are at the forefront of controlling free speech by white people or any other groups who are critical of jews, Israel or the jew-approved view of history. I don't criticise jews for being far too leftist or trying to make a good life for their children, I criticise them for what they have done and are doing as individuals and as a tribe with the power and influence their money gives them. I note in the dictionary that calumny is defined as a slander or false charge. As far as I am concerned everything I have accused your tribe of is true and verifiable. Your people have not been called 'the master of the lie' by numerous notable men down through the ages for nothing. It is interesting how you phrase your first sentence by mentioning the jews 'involvement' in Communism as if it was not much different to their involvement with, say, the Conservative Party. That monstrous, bloody creation was jewish from the get go. The so-called Russian Revolution was nothing of the sort. It was a jewish financed and led coup against the gentile peoples of the Russian Empire and it created a hell on earth managed and profited from by your tribe. All over Europe after WW1 jewish agitators and subversives, backed by jewish money, tried to pull off similar coups, temporarily succeeding in Hungary and Germany. I could go on for days listing the crimes your tribe is guilty of over the centuries but I doubt it would make any impression other than for you to change your mind about my right to free speech.
To claim that National Socialism and jewish socialism are the same is disingenuous. Why was jewish socialism so hostile to Naional Socialism then? In 1914 life was probably as good as it ever had been for the ordinary Russian. Ten years later it was worse than it had ever been since the Mongols swept through seven hundred years before thanks to the jews. In 1932 life was grim for most ordinary Germans, with over six million unemployed. Five years later Germany was entering a golden age. Your tribe declared war on Hitler and National Socialist Germany in 1933 and worked continuously to bring about its destruction, succeeding gloriously in 1945. The differnece between National Socialism and jewish Bolshevism is profound. Speaking of calumny, no other people in history have had so much heaped on their heads over the years as the National Socialists, your comments being more of it. In 'democratic' Germany it is against the jew-inspired law to try to refute any of this calumny. Hundreds have ended up in prison for trying to do so. As I said, jews don't like free speech or the truth. That is why they have laws passed against it. One of the first laws the Bolsheviks passed when they took power was to make 'anti-semitism' a capital offence. Now, why do you think that was?

Anonymous said...

I agree with both of you,I think it is time for jews to speak out against their brothers and sisters that abuse their host societies.

To think that all jews think alike is stupid to say the least.

Some jews are doing that already but more is needed.
The world is slowly getting ready to explode in violence and nationalists of every race need to start supporting each other.
The jews that are on the right know that their leftist brothers are on a suicide mission that will eventually leave all jews vulnerable along with gentile nationalists.
Instead of insulting all jews we should combine efforts with nationalist jews otherwise nationalist gentiles just run the risk of being branded anti semitic.