Monday, 25 May 2009

The War to silence truth

I see that a certain Dr Nick McKerrell, a “lecturer in human rights law” at Glasgow Caledonian University and (surprise, surprise) an SSP European elections candidate, is threatening to report BBC Scotland to the police for holding a phone in on the BNP. The fishy Dr Mackerel apparently takes the view that, although no BNP candidate took part, the programme provided the BNP with a platform for its [insert multi purpose “R” word] views.

It seems that, like most of his kind, one human right Dr Mackerel doesn't believe in is the right to free speech, but then as we all know all the most vocal proponents of “human rights” in modern Britain are extraordinarily selective about which human rights, or, more accurately “who's” human rights, they care about or seek to defend.

The oily Dr Mackerel's threat is just a further example of the ongoing attempts to censor free-speech which have been going on in this country.

Of course, In truth, real “free speech” is but a faint memory in Britain, since the 1970's there has been a growing catalogue of things about which you can not comment without facing possible prosecution, and these things are all on the banned list for a political purpose.

It often amuses me when the, so called “balanced and fair” BBC mention that BNP Leader Nick Griffin, “has a conviction” but do not have the honour, or common decency, to admit that his (public order) “conviction” is the British equivalent of the old Soviet “saying something nasty about Stalin” type conviction, it is an entirely political one.

In modern Britain, breaching any one of the many and various speech codes can lead to dire consequences. As Nick found out, the hoary and over used adage parroted by the enemies of free speech, namely that “You can't shout 'fire' in a crowded theatre” applies in this Orwellian state even when the theatre is on fire. As we all now know, the truth is no defence against a speech code violation.

Recently the attacks on free speech have been stepped up to a new level. Organisations such as Searchlight and the UAF exist for no other purpose than to oppose free speech, as they travel around the country in their ludicrous “Hype not Hope” bus, attempting (but generally failing) to silence the voices of change.

Our police force, for year the tool of authoritarian silencing, and some allegedly democratically elected local councils are now acting as the stooges of Islamic extremism as they insist on covering up BNP billboards at the behest of the perpetually offended Mullahs, as they in turn seek to smother any last vestige of Western resistance.

The attempts by our media to suppress our voice is now becoming farcical. In a post I made on Saturday, I showed how Hitler's one time friend, the Daily Mail “newspaper” were clearly censoring feedback from their readers. However, it turns out that the example I gave was a relatively minor example compared to what they got up to yesterday.

Click to enlarge

The above screen shot shows the “reader comments” section at the foot of an article regarding the recent attempts by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, whilst apparently auditioning for their new “Triple F” vaudeville act ('Foolish old Farts in Frocks') – and apparently under the illusion that we were still in the 13th century – to instruct their rapidly shrinking flocks to shun the only party which offers hope for a national future. As you will see, as of this morning, a total of 23 comments have been published. However, I would again draw attention to the ratings which have been given to the, almost exclusively pro-BNP, feedback, all well into the thousands.

Do not forget that the total you can see is not merely the total who took time to rate the various comments, it is the net figure, arrived at after deducting all the negative ratings given by those who disagreed with the pro-BNP views. However, the Mail would have us believe that only 23 souls bothered to comment?!!

Twaddle (says she, restraining her preferred invective). What clearly happened was that, after the first 23 comments came through, and the censors noticed that only two were chanting the requisite anti-BNP mantra, they panicked and closed down all further comments. It would be funny if it wasn't more evidence of Gestapo style censorship.

At 05:30 pm last night we saw the latest assault on the freedom of speech, when the paid criminals, bought by the opponents of democracy, launched a massive denial of service attack on the main BNP website, by so doing, showing once again that those who can not answer an argument will attempt to shut it down.

The sole purpose of this latest attack is to prevent the public from receiving the BNP's message, not because that message is wrong, evil, [insert multi-purpose 'R' word] or bad, but because it is a message which terrifies the dirty under belly of the establishment who's very existence depends upon denying truth to the public.

However, their attack has already failed, all over the intenet people have come forward to provide the information they are seeking to suppress, and even if they had succeed in blocking the BNP site until June 4th, that information would still have got out.

Those who attack us have, in their hatred of Britain, forgotten what it is to be British, they have forgotten that it is when under attack that we thrive and grow, this is what we were born to and because of it we will prevail.

Although, as I write this, the site remains slow and a little difficult to access, it will soon regain its status as the most popular political website in Western Europe, even if it were not to, in terms of morality, and effectiveness, this latest attack failed as it began, because by making it they reveal not only what they are but that they have no substance of alternative to offer. By publicly revealing their true colours, showing their desperation and how much they hate the truth, their latest folly makes up ten fold for every word the suppressed.

The public are not fools, they know why this is happening.

As we all expect that there will be many more such attacks in the next ten days, but they too will not succeed, for we will not let them.

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1 comment:

Dr.D said...

Clearly the fight is on.

It is most unfortunate that the Archbishops have left behind their business of attending to the Christian faith -- they seem to have very little to say about that these days -- and prefer to meddle in politics. This can only serve to discredit the Church and drive more people away from the CoE. I suppose this is the natural result of having thess most unfortunate Archbishops!

The actually looks extremely promising for the BNP. There has never been such fear in the eyes of the establishment previously, and it is well earned fear. They know that they have cheated, stolen, and made free with the resources of the nation for many years, and have truly earned the anger of the public. They should be afraid, and they are. It is a time to be happy and to fight on with good courage!