Saturday, 2 May 2009

Ignored by the world, the South African genocide claims another life

70 year old man dead, his 98 year old mother injured, his wife left a widow

Another farmer South African Piet Honeyborne (50), was brutally murdered yesterday morning at 01:00 hrs (1 May) on his farm in the Middelburg district, ą 150 km east of Pretoria. His mother, Gerda Honeyborne(98), was severely injured and traumatized. His wife, Bella, escaped injuries. The family were attacked by up to five of black assailants.

That is the second this week alone, the reports do not confirm whether Mr Honeyborne was tortured before death, although that is usually the case with these killings. The total now stands at 3,047

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Dr.D said...

Sarah, do you have any information on how the wife escaped? That seems perfectly amazing!

Is there any solution for White South Africans other than to leave SA? I really cannot see one, but I am asking the question. They are so completely out numbered, and they have the example of Zimbabwe to see their own future, that it seems to me that departure is their only option.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Dr D

I am not sure how the wife survived, most of the news stories about this are in Afrikaan, which I can't read very well, so I am relying upon contacts in South Africa to provide me with the details.

The one English language news-link I have says that the wife was in bed, and the husband had gone down to to investigate a noise.

Unfortunately much of the English language news censors and sanitises these news stories, so you need to hunt for the facts.