Monday, 25 May 2009

The silence of the lambs (or should that be "sheep"?)

Still no mention of the fact that the most popular political website in Europe suffered the largest terrorist denial of service attack in history. Surely such an event must be newsworthy, so why is it being ignored? I can't think of any reason, unless, of course, the media are suppressing the news for political purposes.

Surely not!! aren't they supposed to be "fair and balanced"?

Perhaps readers might want to contact the media at, for instance, the BBC newswatch section or to Mr Murdoch's Sky News site via one of the contact addresses quoted, and ask them why. I am sure they must have a valid reason..... mustn't they?


Anonymous said...

I have already contacted Sky but hey No reply?

Dr.D said...

I think the phrase "fair and balanced" needs to be replaced with the phrase "Blair and (un)balanced."

To report on this would be to admit that their favorites have done wrong, and they simply do not want to do that.

RedMountain said...

This is very confusing, Sarah. Most of the more recent articles I found deny that it was a very large attack and also quote Clear Channel as saying they were not attacked. Some just discount it entirely.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

As you don't live in Britain, I imagine you would find that confusing.

You were lucky to find any mention of it.

Anonymous said...

I emailed al -beeb about the Cyber attack on the BNP's website, but they have not reported it on any news story,or answered me, it's SO obvious this Government control the MSM, they all sing the same tune at the same time and censor the REAL news at the same time. politicalMIZZ