Saturday, 30 May 2009

Another victim of the dream

The trial of those accused of murdering 16 year old Ben Hitchcock back in June 2007, started this week at the old Bailey in London.

By many accounts, Ben, of Lewisham in South East London, had bought into the multicultural dream, many of his friends came from the ethnic minority community, and he would often hang out with gangs of black youths.

It was when he was out with a gang of his black friends that he became involved in a fight between two of of London's many, primarily black, territorial gangs. Ben was the only white person to be involved on either side of the fight, and he was the only one to die.

As Ben lay dying his final words were “Call my Mum, Please call my Mum”, however it was too late. Later his alleged killers would speak other words describing the events of that tragic night, phoning rival gang members they announced “We've stabbed up your white boy ...... he's waste”

Despite this, and the fact that the only white person present was the only casualty, the police have stated that Ben's colour was “of no relevance” and his alleged killers have not been charged with a racially motivated crime.

Thus ended yet another young life in the enriched multi-cultural paradise our leaders have bequeathed us.



Dr.D said...

It is unfortunate that he was not taught better when he was young. His parents are much to blame here. Ha he been better taught, there is a good chance he would be alive today. What racially aware white boy runs with a pack of black gang boys? That is not half smart!! Shame on his parents!! If you send your children to play in the traffic, you cannot be too surprised when they are hit by a car.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I am sure you are right Dr D. As far as I can tell there is no father on the scene, or at least only his mother has given press interviewsUnfortunately there are parts of South London where those whites who can have got out, and those who are left are rather stuck with the communities they live amongst.

The media is always anxious to blame the victim when they are white and perpetrator is not, and they will certainly make a lot of the fact that he wasn't an angel, as with this article where they claim he stood out because of his clothing and "rude behaviour" (I the black boys were behaving like chorboys)

However, in truth he was a victim, and not just of the boys who killed him. He is a victim of the lying reporters who wrote that story on the BBC, he is a victim of the cojone deficient policeman who pretended that his colour was of "no significant", he was a victim of popular youth culture in magazines and on TV which makes "gangstas" look cool, and most of all he was a victim of the politicians who set out to change our country by importing alien cultures without giving us the chance to say no.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I think this case raises two issues, the first is that it has not been viewed as a race crime by the police. In that respect all I will say is would the police have taken the same "colour of no relevance" view had this young man been black, and had he been the only black person involved in a fight between to gangs, and been the only one killed, and had a white gang member announced "We stabbed up your black boy!"? Anyone have a view?

Also, had our governments not forced an alien multi-racial culture on to our streets this death would most likely never have occurred. Ben made bad choices, but would he have done so had our leaders not created the circumstances in which he had to live?

Anonymous said...

I like stories like this. For those of us that lived bigoted lives (read apartheid), were conned with the scam that is multi-culti only to go back to being racist, it justifies our little journey in life.

I was born and grew up in the apartheid days of S.A. and I can say with confidence, our lives and our culture was much safer then than at any other time ever. I currently live in South London, (not for long mind you) and it's easy to see how this multi-culti dream of the politicians has won here.

When I was younger, leading up to the end of apartheid and just after, we used to play spot the whitey. I play it here daily. I'm not easly intimidated normally, however when you get on a bus that is crowded with "blouths" (my word for black youths)who recon they're unbeatable, it does get a tad hairy.

When in a pack they are a formidable force, and having witnessed their savagery first hand in S.A. I know how quickly they can turn on you.

I was always taught, when in Rome do as the Romans do. We all know what that means, however how many people ignore that saying?

Millions do! If the minorities come to this country for a better life, why then are they allowed to duplicate their previous lives here? Surely they're just going to drag this country down to the level their original country was? I say fit in or f**k off!

These liberals keep harping on about how all men are equal, they are wrong, wrong, wrong. We are not equal, just look at the colours of our skins, that's the first clue. The second clue is our cultures. We are not equal we are similar.

I'm proud to be white, I'm proud of my culture, I'm worried about the future of my race, if that makes me a racist so be it.

I've always wondered if there's such a thing as a liberal racist (stay with me here). Far from hating people of colour or wanting them dead, I dislike them and I want to live apart from them because we are not alike in any way. Was apartheid such a bad thing really? The blacks lived better lives under apartheid than they do now under "The Rainbow Nation", the whites had better lives under apartheid, that much is also clear.

If apartheid has taught us anything, we live better apart. Apartheid should be the new "black" if anything to preserve our culture, and their culture.

I'm sorry to hear about the death of this lad, and not only do I blame the politicians, I blame the parents, and I blame every indiginous person here in the U.K. for playing some part in his death, however minute it was. I don't mean to offend at all however, even I have had a bit to play. We have stood back and allowed our children to be multi-culitcised where they are trying to be black, the black kids are trying to be white and still tryig to keep their own culture, it's impossible. And we have done nothing! Nothing at all...

I takes one look at Africa, to confirm you cannot mix cultures and races. They wanted what the whites had, it was given to them on a silver platter, and look what's happened! The entire place is a cesspit of gargantuan proportions and that includes my country of birth.

It's time for whites the world over to make a stand and protect what is left of their culture. It needs to be done country by country first and then on a global scale.

Starting here... in the U.K

Keep it real!
Turd Foss