Friday, 29 May 2009

Today's news on the Green Arrow

Green Arrow in target

I recommend that anyone who has not visited my friend the Green Arrow's blog today should do so, as some of today's articles just might open your eyes as to the reality of 21st Century Britain.

Election fraud and tampering with ballot papers, it couldn't happen in Britain could it? If not, why has Copeland Council in Cumbria (where the BNP scored a 40% vote in a recent council election) chosen to leave their usual steel ballot boxes in storage, and opt for easy access cardboard? Click here to read the Green Arrow's troubling article, together with hilarious video footage of alleged vote tampering during the 2008 US election.

Are the police too close to the criminals? Why are the police refusing to investigate a charity which may well have been using donations for illegal political purposes, and what exactly are the connections between the anti-BNP pressure group Searchlight and the Metropolitan Police? Click here to read researcher Tony's Shell's article on the subject.

Other articles cover the ongoing media smears against the BNP, a statement by the Solidarity trade Union regarding further media smears, and Searchlight's ongoing attempts to massage the evidence in order to falsely support their claims of wide spread resistance to the BNP.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,

Cool blog lots of awesome reading to be done for me still. Was wondering if you'd be interested in a flyer my local MP stuck through my door today (29 May)? I could scan it but would take several days, anyway... Our MP is a Labour MP by the name of Siobhan McDonagh.

You really have to read the whole letter, it drips with ass kissing, and she is very quick to point out that the only "personal" expense she claims for is travel. I suppose it all depends on what she's claimed for in other non-personal categories.

However the reason I've commented here is because I'd like to take an extract out of the letter as I deem it on topic and current.

"As we were standing chatting in Manor Road it dawned on me that if people elect someone from a party that wants nothing to do with Europe - such as UKIP or the BNP- then who is going to fight our corner and get our share of the European Union investment money and improve our neighbourhoods?"

Well it's only just this moment I've stopped chuckling to myself. I mean really, in one sentence she's saying, "Oh look at me I'm not like all those other filthy thieving pigs in parliament", and then in another sentence saying don't vote for so and so because if you do we won't be able to get our hands on all that lovely money from Europe.

Jeezuz wept! The irony, I feel like writing back to her and asking if she's serious. Come on if they weren't so incompotent (almost on par with the incompotence you see in Africa) they wouldn't bloody need money from Europe to help build the neighbourhoods. The neighbourhoods after all are in squalour because they allow uneducated, uncivilized, "when in Rome don't dare do what the Romans do" immigrants.

I am myself an immigrant and have always understood my stay here won't be forever, however I have adapted to the English way of life, I have accusomed myself to the culture, tradition and history of England, and I think that I have more than made my contributions to England, only to see it slowly descending into utter bloody chaos, the slow version of the New South Africa.

I digress, anyway this brown nosing MP has a web address where she says that she has published her expenses. I'm off to go nit-pick.

Thanks for your attempts at making the world aware of the genocide that S.A. is currently undergoing.
Keep it real!

Turd Foss