Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Now wasn't that a surprise

Supreme Court Nominee Sonia Sotomayor

Female, Puerto Rician and with a history of appeals court decisions supporting racially biased anti white discrimination, you can be sure that the Democrat loaded Congress would vote for a coma patient with those qualifications.

Didn't you just know that Kenya's favourite son would use his first Supreme Court nomination to make yet another politically correct gesture. Whilst all that was prophesied swiftly comes to pass, does anyone want to lay a bet as to when, if ever, Obama will actually get round to doing something, anything, which is about the mundane process of governing a country, rather than playing to his fan base?


Dr.D said...

And supremely biased!

The Supreme Court is not supposed to be a representative body. It is supposed to be an intelligent, wise body, and she is a priori excluded from such.

She is on record as saying that she favors positive discrimination in favor of particular groups. How can such a person possibly be expected to make impartial judbgments that affect the welfare of the entire nation?

Tom said...

I hope one day, Americans will be willing to elect a white president who will deal with this awful discrimination.