Sunday, 10 May 2009

The comic double standard

let us imagine for one minute how the world's media would have reacted had George Bush made a joke about Swine flu, a disease which has so far killed a significant number of people in a third world country and also two people in the United states, and which still may have the potential to kill many more. Would they have laughed and cheered and applauded about his wonderful sense of humour? ...... not very likely is it?

Indeed lets forget George Bush, he's history, let us pretend that last year's farce went a different way, the long expected ordination did not occur, and one of Barry's opponents had actually won. (Come on, its not that hard, we've all had that dream)

Imagine if it was John McCain or Hillary Clinton who had made the joke about dead Mexicans, (for after all that is what Barry was joking about) WOW! Oh my!! imagine if it were Sarah Palin who had said it!!!! Just think what the press would have done to HER had she made such a bad taste joke!!

However, it was Barry who made the joke, and the world forgives Barry anything. Barry made the joke and the media cooded as one "what humour ... gasp!!... what timing ... 'hyper-ventilate' ... what a man ....swoon!!"

Doesn't it just make you want to gag?!!!


Rougemont said...

Gee Sarah,
Lighten up a bit. It was all in good fun and he even made jokes about himself that many conservatives this side of the pond found pretty funny.

Now if anyone needs a comedy penalty for going out of bounds, it is David Feherty. Is he one of yours?

Miss your posts, come visit sometime.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Hi Mark

You have not been around for a while

It may have been "a bit of fun", Obama certainly reads his script well, but the point is that the media would never have let another politician get away with a joke like that.

Remember all the sexist BS which was poured over Sarah Palin, if she had made a joke about swine flu the media would have been screaming all sorts of abuse at her.

Mark said...

Got to admit you are probably right about the Sarah Palin reaction but she does continue to give us liberals many opportunities for amusement. So, did you catch the Feherty joke? Did you find that one amusing?

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Yes you Liberals suddenly become the ultimate sexists when a woman is in competition with a black man, just like you become homophobes when the subject of black and Asian gay bashers comes up.

No I didn't get the Feherty joke, he a sports commentator who said something about assassinating Pelosi didn't he. You will have to fill me in.

Rougemont said...

I support the LGBT community and condemn anyone for gay bashing, so I am not sure where you are coming from on that one. As far as Sarah Palin goes, her main competition was John McCain who tried to limit her role in the campaign from the very beginning.
Her second main competitor was Tina Fey. Obama is probably 4th on list behind those two and Joe the Plumber.

Frankly, the McCain people ran one of the dumbest, most idiotic campaigns I have ever seen. McCain tried to make the campaign one more of personalities rather than issues and his best weapon could have been Sarah Palin. I don't know if he was resentful of the attention she was getting or just jealous of her obvious charisma but it was plain to see that there was quite a bit of conflict between the two of them.

I am not sure if it is sexist to find amusement in some of the Palin jokes as the only thing bad about Bush departing is I will miss the many opportunities he gave us to poke fun at him as well. In any case I think you know that I am not the typical liberal.