Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Update on the Van den Bosch killing

Twenty-five year old Akhona Inocent Gini, in the superman t-shirt, appeared in the Cullinan magistrate’s court charged with the gruesome murders of the Dairy farming couple Johan and Cobi Van den Bosch at their smallholding near Mooiplaats, which I wrote about back in April. According to police Gini was arrested in a squatter camp outside Witbank. He faces two charges of murder, and one charge of robbery with extenuating circumstances. Gini was a former employee of the Dutch-born couple. Police told the news media that one of the couple’s two stolen cellphones was found with him. He has apparently submitted a statement admitting his guilt in the case. However magistrates have adjourned the case for a week for further investigations, and to allow Gini to obtain legal aid for his bail application.
News source: Here

Although the alleged theft of the mobile phones, and the previous relationship between the victims and the accused have been used by the press to suggest other motives, the Transvaal Agricultural Union consider these killings to be a further part of the ethnic cleansing which has been going on in South Africa for the last 15 years. However, I will continue to monitor this case, and may post about this further in due course.

I am aware that other sources are are quoting the slightly higher figure of 3,056 in respect of the total number of victims, and certainly there have been attempts to suppress news of many of the killings. However, until I can verify that figure, I will not be updating my own at this stage.

UPDATE 21 May 2009

Thanks to those who have written to me providing additional details regarding the total number of victims of the South African farm murders. I am particularly impressed by this meticulously documented site Afrikaner-Genocide-Archives
run by Dutch born South African Adriana Stuijt. Ms. Stuijt provides a considerable amount of research and reference detail, together with listings of the deceased. On the strength of this, I feel more comfortable in updating the figure on this blog to 3,056 in line with Ms. Stuijt's total.

This may appear a little academic, and the difference is only 8, however, these are eight lives which ended in a violent and horrific manner, and I feel it is appropriate to include them.

(Note: May 23: Apologies for the bad link to Afrikaner-Genocide-Archive this has now been corrected)


mark said...

Thank you for an excellent article. As expected, this subject is barely covered by the UK press.

Anonymous said...

Of course it's not going to be covered by the UK press, but just let a whitey take out a boon and watch the shit storm, statues of Mandela/Mugabe and memorial shrines to deceased boogs spring up all over the place for liberal Brits to pray to and worship.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I have been attacked elsewhere for allowing the last comment through, on account of what is described as the "hate speech" in the what was said.

As I replied, "I thought for a while before letting that comment through, but I decided to, because, if you ignore hyperbole (and language) it had a certain element of truth to it."

I also have issues with what many, especially the Americans, call "hate speech" because it is so discriminatory and words are attributed "hate" connotations on the basis of who says them, and who they are a reference to. For instance, in this example, the word "boon" is viewed as "hate speech in a way that words like "cracker" would never be, merely because the ethnicity of the of both the aggressor and the victim do not suit the motives of those who write the rules.

As I have said before on this subject, the real hatred often lives in the hearts of of those who decide what what does, and what does not constitute a "hate" crime or hate speech.

Also, very often, what is called "hate speech" is motivated less by hate than by grief, which is certainly a very legitimate emotion in relation to subjects as this post.

I will usually have no truck with such meaningless platitudes, and generally oppose the whole concept of "hate" unless it is evenly applied, which, in this context, it most patently is not.

However, as we can see from this incident, those who truly hate, will use these words against us, with the deliberate intention of undermining our message, and frankly, our message is too important to allow that to happen.

Therefore, I have to ask that, whatever legitimate anger or grief the subjects of which I write may engender, commentators moderate the language they use, not least because dishonest people will only seek to use whatever straw they can grasp against us.

Anonymous said...

You know Sarah, the thing about Liberal idiots of the ilk that would attack you for letting my comment through, which trust me, did not contain the invective I would typically assign to such comment simply because the english language in all it's vastness does not contain enough expletives to adequately describe the black scum that creeps around in South Africa, or their liberal analingual remorae; is that in their terminal one-dimensional idiocy they somehow regard white abhorrance of murdering black scum expressed as "hate speech" more of a social idictment than the genocidal murder of innocent white men women and children by cowardly black terrorists.
Furthermore, it doesn't occur to them, that unless they have lived in Southern Africa, as I have for a lifetime, and witnessed up close and personal, the level of brutality by black savages that would unhinge the mind of the average smug liberal tosser safely ensconced in a temporarily civilised EU country with his "ethnic partner"; such liberals are not qualified in any way, to even hold an opinion let alone express one about the sentiments of white people who have been subjected to the horrors of black racist terrorism.
Lastly, for these bleeding hearts liberals, so overwhelmed by the "noble savage" figments of their bored and uninformed imaginations, so totally subject to the MSM that any independant mental activity they are capable of is limited to when to eat, copulate or defecate; couldn't possibly comprehend the notion that their blind support of the genocide of whites in South Africa, essentially renders them party to it.
There can most surely be nothing on earth as terminally moronic as a Liberal with an opinion about something he knows absolutely nothing about, a one-sided, one dimensional mindset and who's only cognitive ability is to repeat, mostly inaccurately and embrace as his personal creed and gospel, something he once heard from somebody somewhere.
Liberals - the scum of the earth, and if any of you tossers want to engage me in debate about Southern Africa, go for it.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Thank you Cynic

Please note, I was not seeking to attack you in any way. I approved your message, and I can fully empathise with the emotions behind it.

I meant only to point out how, in the dishonest and morally bankrupt world with which we must contend, those who can not dispute what we say will often resort to using the manner in which we say it against us.

As to the rest of your latest message, I regret I have to acknowledge, with some sadness that what you have said is fair comment.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,
Didn't for one minute think you were having a go at me and I am most certainly not having a go at you.
I was however having a particulalrly bridled go at the cesspit of liberal detritus floating around attempting to pass themselves off as non-inbred bona fide members of the human gene pool blissfully oblivious to the hallmark of the average garden variety liberal moron that identifies their cretinous bleatings wherever you find them besmirching the internet.
That hallmark of moral cowardice as odious as the flatulent stench of freshly spread cow-dung across an English countryside on a summer's morn, with which liberals are so synonymous. The measure of moral cowardice, the specific gravity of which finds cowardly liberals apparently representing any cause in general and none in particular but which upon closer inspection, reveales them to be the cancerous rot undermining all the good values and principles of society and national pride of the sort that once made Britian great and the demise of which should rightly be ascribed to liberals as an act of treason for which some medieval form of capital punishment would be most appropriate but which to their abject terror will pale into insignificance against the brutality of the ministrations they will ultimately suffer at the hands of the troglodytes they so obsequiously endorse as they daily brutally murder, torture, steal and rape within their host societies - be it in Johannesburg, New York or London.
The wheel turns slowly, but it grinds very finely...