Saturday, 2 May 2009

A terrible crime in Paris

Readers may need to consult the Internet to read details of a trial currently taking place in Paris, because the facts are unlikely to appear often (if at all ) on the BBC. It involves the kidnap and murder of a young Israeli called Ilan Halimi, for who's death 27 people are currently standing trial.

In 2006, Ilan was lured into an apparent honey trap and kidnapped by a black, predominantly Muslim, gang who aptly call themselves "The Barbarians". The 23 year old was then kept alive for three weeks, during which time he was repeatedly tortured and brutalised. The three week ordeal ended with his being left for dead, naked, bound and gagged, on a suburban railway line. Halimi had been repeatedly stabbed and burnt with cigarette butts before being doused with spirits and set alight.

Despite suffering burns to 80 per cent of his body, he was still alive when found by a train driver, but he was unable to speak and died on the way to hospital.

There is a strong belief that this was a hate crime and that Ilan was targeted because he was Jewish, however, the authorities are attempting to present it as a criminal enterprise (sound familiar?) a claim rather undermined by the fact that accused gang members are prone to " shouts of "Allah Achbar" from the dock.

The details are not easy to read, and who knows how the trial will turn our, given some of the insane jury verdicts we have seen recently. However, it is something we need to know about, for it is not the last of such horrors which we in occupied Europe will have to witness.


Seane-Anna said...

Occupied Europe, indeed! I pray that Ilan gets justice.

Dr.D said...

Sarah, what exactly do you mean when you refer to a "honey trap"?

To have 27 defendants in the dock is slightly amazing. I can hardly imagine a crime with quite so many involved. I would think that this is going to complicate getting a conviction because some will claim having little or nothing to do with the matter while others were the major offenders.

This point yet again to something I have said repeatedly before and that is the need for separation. It is not possible for Europeans and muzlims to live together in peace. The only way to coexist at all is for the muzlims to return to their own homelands, and do it NOW! They must be removed from Europe entirely, every last one of them. There is no such thing as a good muzlim. There is only the very distant muzlim that you can live with, provided he stays out of your nation, out of your continent.

I am well aware that the muzlims will not go peacefully, that they claim everything that they have ever touched as belonging to izlam. That is just tough! They have to go! The lands of the West belong to the West, and if they will not go peacefully, then they must be forced to leave. We really have no choice because we have no other home.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Dr D

I am not sure of the full details of Ilan's kidnap, but the term "honey trap" usually means that he was lured somewhere by a woman on the promise of a romantic liaison.

27 defendants will certainly complicate the issue, but he was allegedly held by a gang of blacks. Many of the black gangs in France (as in Britain) have dozens, sometimes hundreds of members many of whom would be complicit in what was happening.

It is awful to imagine what he suffered at the hands of so many, for so long.

It is these types of crimes which our governments deliberately and knowingly put us at risk of, whilst they pursue they warped multicultural fantasy.

Dr.D said...

Thank you for the clarification, Sarah. I suspected that was the meaning of the term "honey trap" which I had never heard, but I did not want to read more into it than was really intended. said...

Living as I do on the Arabian Peninsula, and living as I did in Paris when this attrocity occured, I can assure you that the Moslems involved do not look like Arabs. In fact, the family of the victim look more like Arabs than do the perpetrators.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

You are correct Teacher Paris, they mostly black Africans. The gang leader Youssef Fofana fled to the Ivory Coast and had to be extraditedHowever, large parts of Africa are now mostly Muslim, right down as far as Kenya in the East and Nigeria in the West. The Islamic expansion does not only extend into Europe, they are everywhere.

The victim was Jewish, I don't know whether he is of European or Arab origin, but I don't think that makes any difference. said...

French report in English.

Gang included Christians from Black islands in Caribbean as well as Africans from south of the Sahara.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

That is interesting, I was under the impression that the majority of the gang were Muslims. That is certainly how it is being reported in the Jewish press, and it also seems that some have been shouting about Allah from the dock.

One thing is for certain though, they are all black, so it is still potentially a hate crime.

Dr.D said...

While we can say that the gang included muzlims and non-muzlims, it is an error, I think, to say that it included Christians. This is clearly non-Christian action, and there is no possible way that those who engage in these activities can call themselves Christians, nor should they be called such by others.

The fact that they are all black, both muzlims and non-muzlims, should be a warning to White people everywhere. Blacks are very tribal, and they will work with other Blacks against a White man every time.

South Africa is a case in point. The Blacks war among themselves, but they quickly unite to kill White people, even when this further degrades their nation.

Anonymous said...

What that video shows it that the same liberal white twats exist in France as they do in Britain.

It is morons like that, who refuse to see the truth, and believe that painting silly pictures on walls will make everyone suddenly love each other who are allowing Europe to be destroyed.

Abu Abdullah said...

Seane-Anna, how can Ilan get justice? He's already dead.

You can search the archive of Western Resistance for more on the sadistic murder of Ilan Halimi.