Saturday, 9 May 2009

Why Britain banned Savage

Anyone wondering why one of America's most popular radio "jocks" Michael Savage appeared, together with assorted Islamic fanatics and homophobic preachers, on a list of people banned from entry into the UK on account of their views, might benefit from listening to the audio clix excerpt from Savage's radio show.

Savage may not be everyone's cup of tea, and her certainly expresses himself strongly, but what he says is a little bit to close to the truth, and to what is happening in Britain, as well as America for our current government's comfort. That is the real reason he was banned, and why we should all be lobbying for that ban to be lifted.

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Dr.D said...

It is obvious that Michael Savage would be intolerable to the UK. We are fortunate to have him in the US where he cannot be quite so readily put out of the way since he belongs here.

What he says may not go down well with all folks, particularly on the Left, but that does not mean it is not the truth. He offers an entirely valid point of view, a perspective that is needed for any functioning democracy.

The fact that the UK has seen fit to ban Savage says much more about the UK than it does about Savage. It really reveals much about the state of social decay in the UK when the government is so much afraid of one honest man while willingly allowing in all manner of others who forthrightly state their intent to overthrow the British government and establish sharia law, it is clear that the government is no longer serving its intended purpose of protecting the nation. It is selling out the nation to those others, and it will not tolerate even one voice of dissent.

I doubt that Savage had any intent to go to Britain, so this was just a preemptive strike against him. Good move, Jacqui Smith!