Friday, 15 May 2009

And the killing continues

It has been my sad task to again update the figure recording the continuing genocide being perpetrated against white South Farmers, and ignored by the world. The figure now stands at 3,048.

On Wednesday night 58 year old Alan Rowe was brutally murdered at his farm in the Natal midlands near Pietermaritzburg. He was the owner of the Bloemendal Estate at Rietvlei. He arrived home at 20:45 and was shot by two assailants who were hiding in his garage. He tried to reverse and flee but they kept firing until he died!

No property was taken, and friends believe that the killing was not a robbery or hijacking that went wrong, they also believe that Mr Rowe was deliberately targeted, however the police appear to be trying to pass it off as a "land dispute", and despite the thousands of deaths which preceded this killing, the tame media are seemingly willing to unquestioningly accept that claim.

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Thanks to those who are keeping me updated with news of these killing.

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