Sunday, 24 May 2009

Running scared

The following message was posted to the Green Arrow blog earlier this evening

The following information as been taken from the site of the Deputy Leader of the British National Party, Simon Darby, where updates will be posted...

The main BNP website is currently down due to a massive Denial of Service Attack. The site was attacked last night, at one point dealing with 28 million hits, but we managed to block out the traffic which was emanating from Eastern Europe and Russia.

The size of the assault today is unparalleled and there is no doubt that whoever has organised this has had to pay out a serious amount of money to the criminal underworld.

On Friday the servers of Clear Channel, part of a huge conglomerate that provides billboard advertising, suffered a similar attack. Their IT professionals tracked the criminal activity back to a notorious "anti-fascist" organisation openly aligned to the Labour Party and supported by the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats. This organisation was protesting at the decision by Clear Channel to allow the BNP to display advertising in support of our European Election Campaign.

As a consequence of the criminal actions against Clear Channel we understand that their legal team is currently in the process of issuing writs against the perpetrators which as well as civil actions will involve the possibility of potential criminal charges including racketeering.

I'll keep you all informed about the above.


The fact the BNP's enemies, on behalf of the establishment are now going to such lengths can only mean one thing, they are petrified. Doesn't it make you feel good?!!


Anonymous said...

I am the side of justice and democracy I am on the side of the British National Party

Faith said...

Is the Green Arrow site under attack too? I'm getting the "this window is busy" message when I try to access & have to turn off the internet to leave the site.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

The Green Arrow seems okay at the moment, at l;east I am not having any difficulty accessing it.

We will have to put up with a lot of this over the next week or so, all our enemies pocket money will be paid to Eastern European criminals, who are good at this sort of stuff.

It is quite funny really.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

What these brain dead morons fail to realise is that we are used to being attacked, we know what to do, we are at out best when under attack.

Dr.D said...

It is very apparent that Labor and the Conservatives are scared stiff! It must take a lot of fear to get these two to work together, so this says a lot about the level of fear at this point.


Anonymous said...

your right they are running scared, but its only one website and the people are awakening
Neil in Surrey