Saturday, 31 March 2012

George Galloway, Islam and Britain’s Future by Paul Weston

George Galloway has won the seat of Bradford West, much to the apparent shock of the sixth-form student unionists masquerading as adult Labour politicians.

This must make Mr Andrew Neather feel a tad foolish. His proud boast that by importing the Third World Labour would “rub the noses of the right in diversity” appears to have backfired pretty spectacularly.

George GallowayBut Labour have a misguided right to feel shocked. One of the reasons for transforming Britain into a divisive multi-racial country was to ensure Labour’s rule in perpetuity. In the 2010 general election the Conservatives won only 16% of the ethnic vote, whilst Labour won the support of 72% of Bangladeshis, 78% of Afro-Caribbeans and 87% of Africans.

Labour have long pandered to the Muslim vote, for obvious reasons. Muslims wield far more electoral influence than other groups, because they vote who they are told to vote for by the local imam. Jack Straw, for example, was utterly dependent on the Islamic bloc vote in Blackburn, hence his uniformly anti-English sentiment.

But the sheer vacuous stupidity of Labour politicians and their complete inability to absorb the reality of Islam means the Galloway success is only just the beginning. Ken Livingstone will run for Mayor of London on a pro-Islam ticket. Lutfur Rahman, a Muslim with links to hard-line Islamists, is already mayor of Tower Hamlets.

Contrary to the wishful thinking of Labour’s traitor class, Muslims will not vote for them once they become demographically large enough to vote for one of their own — or even for fanatically grovelling Islamic apologists such as the infidel Galloway. So if the Muslim demographic continues to double every decade — as it has since 1960 — then the future of British politics (and Britain) can only become increasingly Islamic.

Also at the Gates of Vienna "Bradford West the future of Europe"
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It seems George got a little confused as to which constituency he has been elected MP for.  After winning the election in Bradford West, he apparently sent a twitter messages celebrating his "triumph in Blackburn"!!

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Meanwhile, Simon Darby has published a copy of a letter issued by Galloway during the election and posted to households in Bradford which may go a long way to explaining how he won.  Of course this has been entirely suppressed by the media.  Click here to read the letter 



Pym Purnell said...

Unite - BNP, UKIP, Britain First, EDL, English democrats. There are not enough votes already, without us fighting amongst ourselves. George has shown us the reality - we should / must learn from it - or we will lose.
If we lose there is no UK, no GB, no England - UNITE. We have more in common than we think and we can work on the rest.

Anonymous said...

You should post the tweet of Galloway saying he was delighted with his win in Blackburn.

Durotrigan said...

Although it would be foolish to assert that Galloway obtained his victory through electoral fraud rather than via the canny targeting of the Muslim bloc vote, allegations have surfaced that the abuse of postal voting has once again been a feature of electoral politics in Bradford West. Moreover, a source close to one of the candidates also reveals that Labour supporters needed police protection owing to threats from Galloway's fans:

Anonymous said...

The counter voice - Tommy Robinson on the Radio

Anonymous said...

Anyone who goes to "England" nowadays can see without any difficulty, that it is rapidly going extinct.

Those who thought smugly that it was only the white working class that was going to suffer from the effects of mass immigration are complete fools.


Anonymous said...

Paul is very astute but has made a serious mistake in allowing International Zionists to take over the British Freedom Party. They now have the BFP as well as the EDL and Gates of Vienna.

Anonymous said...

George Galloway @ Blackburn.

George Galloway didn't get to where he is today by knowing where he was going.

alanorei said...

A Galloway ally.

GG would probably be happy to import the rest of the clan from Jordan and set them up here to the same level of opulence as enjoyed by their resident hate preacher relative.

I wouldn't put it past any of the lib/lab/cons actually.

Anonymous said...

Galloways win in Bradistan is disgusting. If you live in Bradistan, then you'll see the rise of the paki scum, and to see an islamic sympathiser gaining a seat in my town makes me sick to the stomack. It's just a shame that we're not allowed to shoot the scum along with his supporters and the white middle class oiks who also support him, but don't have to live or go near the paki areas. Even driving through the streets there's the stench of curry.
What the hell has happened to our once great country?

Anonymous said...

Topically, this old article exposes the one=third votes being postal in Bradford

Anonymous said...

"What the hell has happened to our once great country?"

Muslims and blacks were brought in to England by jewish politicians and jewish activists. Those particular jews see the native Europeans as their greatest enemy.

"Paul ....allowing International Zionists to take over the British Freedom Party"

You English guys will never learn. Unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

Nicely put, Sarah, couldn't have put it better ... you are right Muslims are using him a pawn to affront their true intentions. He is a white supremacist in the Muslims eyes and will always be; I am looking to get my daughter out in the next couple of years because the U.K. has nothing more to offer but the dangers of a future Islamic country.

ShazzaNefertiti said...

dark and darker times seem to be the imminent future. :(