Wednesday, 21 March 2012

When the media dreams

Reluctant as I am to rush to judgement as to how the facts will eventually pan out in respect of the recent terrorist killings in France, if the current suspect Mohammed Merah, a 23 year old of Algerian origin, with a lengthy criminal record and numerous Pakistan stamps in his passport, (referred to here in typical BBC speak as a "Frenchman") does turn out to be the killer, we will have seen yet another example of the, now entirely corrupt, Western media rushing to their own judgments and composing a narrative based on their own wishes, rather than upon any rational analysis of the facts.

By this morning (before the news broke) some had even written and published article such as this assuming they had already been gifted with the outcome they so desired.  And as far as this writer was concerned he was so clearly over-excited by his wish fulfillment fantasy that I rather suspect he typed his article with his one free hand. (I bet he cries himself to sleep tonight)

Before virtually any facts were known, the press had declared that these were "racist" killings encouraged by the recent anti-immigrant rhetoric employed by President Sarkosy  and that evil Marine Le Pen.  

The first victims were either black or Muslim, so the killer must be a white man.  The latest victims were Jewish, so it stood to reason, they insisted, that the killer was a Nazi.

The press immediately started pointing their Tofu stained fingers at three rather dumb looking ex-French paratroopers who had been dismissed from the Army some while ago for having links to non-state approved groups.  A photo of the unfortunate trio, making silly Hitler salutes, whilst wrapped in an upside down blood flag, flew round the world.

Some of this morning’s papers, published before today’s events began to unfold, included a report, in small print, and hidden at the far end of the news pages stating that the French police had cleared all three of the now heavily over exposed “Nazi soldiers” of any involvement in the attacks.

The flaws in these assumptions were glaringly obvious to anyone who was not as desperate to believe them as the media was.

The first victims may indeed have been Muslims, or, in one instance a black man of Caribbean origin, however, they were all also soldiers in the French army, part of which has recently deployed in Afghanistan.  Is a right wing white man really the most likely suspect who would wish to punish Muslims who chose to join with the Infidel in attacking their Islamic brothers?

As far as the Jewish school children were concerned, has it escaped the Media’s attention, or do they just not wish to acknowledge the fact that, for the last two generations and more, those primarily responsible for violence against Jews, to an overwhelming degree have been Arabs, not skinheads or even Germans in shiny boots. 

However, the media didn’t even consider the facts, that would have been far too politically incorrect.  The press wanted what they wanted, and that’s how they wrote the story.

The MSM and assorted talking heads were really spoilt by events in Norway last year when all their Christmas’s came together in the Liberal wet dream of Anders Behring Breivik, the blond and blue eyed bogeyman who will be used to terrify impressionable children for years to come.

However, “Man Bites Dog” is a very rare headline, and whatever the media may want to believe, in 99.9% of all case it is the innocent white guy who ends up with teeth marks in his backside.

If events are as they appear to be, then all the hype in the world will not make it the story which the media wanted to report, and, therefore, most likely they will soon cease to report it.

Those clunking sounds you hear are the story being dropped in newsrooms all over the country and replaced by the one about the Hispanic guy in Florida, who the media and US cops insist in calling “white” who shot a black youth making an innocent detour through a gated community clutching a bag of skittles.

Unless anything changes, this story will swiftly follow the aftermath of the ludicrously named  "Arab spring" and the invasion of Libya in the black hole where news stories which didn’t have the politically correct ending the press had hoped for go, and will soon become another of the inconvenient events which the controlled media chooses to forget.  

If we let them.


TBM-1 said...

This is one more sad manifestation of the multicultural hell that our mad politicians and their media lackeys in the West have been creating for decades in open defiance of the masses of the people, who never asked for it. But sooner or later no amount of spin or propaganda will suffice to hide the truth; the liars will be overtaken by events.

Anonymous said...

The worse blacks and muslims behave,the greater the coverup.It's a tyranny of tolerance.

Anonymous said...

They really are despicable aren't they?

And I don't believe for one minute that this reaction of blaming the "far-right" was wishful thinking. I believe this reaction was planned and co-ordinated to get the first hit in and diminish the effects once the truth inevitably came out. They knew full well that a muslim was responsible.

Those responsible for this betrayal are evil, there really is no other word for them.

We can fight back: Support the EDL, the momentum is with them now.


David Hamilton said...

If the media and the simple people who believe really think that you can bomb Muslim countries and at the same time import 600,000 Muslims a year into our countries without any trouble are so stupid as to be beneath speaking to. I'm afraid that little people, insignificant and inadequate people have risen to the top.

David Hamilton said...

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David Vance said...

Quite right in what you say

David Hamilton said...

This shows how negligent and irresponsible the authorities are. They import terrorists and allow them to wander round the streets while trying to stitch up innocent patriots under the Terrorism Act.

David Hamilton said...

Anonymous, you should find this interesting.

Anonymous said...

It's all a success to the MSM. We had 2 or 3 days of headlines about evil right wingers. The story was probably THE headline for an hour when it turned out it was a muslim, er sorry, Frenchman of Algerian extract. The great unwashed and uneducated are going to remember 'evil right winger' not 'Frenchman'.
And for those slightly more educated who continue to read the story, it is now just a Frenchman of Algerian extract protesting against evil right wing politicians and their (empty) promises of curbing immigration.
For the 2% of the population who can see through the ruse, well, 2% doesn't win elections so we're stuck in this quagmire, sinking, slowly.

irate said...

Email those sources that had a half factual story, and tell them what you think of their tabloid reporting tactics

I did

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Sarah-Have you noticed the media are showing images of Trayvon Martin the victim in the Florida shooting as a young boy.Turns out Trayvon was a 6 foot 2 inch football player.Zimmerman shot him while lying on the ground,having been punched by the black teen.I get the feeling if Zimmerman is not charged we may see race riots in some American cities.Ironic this being the 20th anniversary of the Rodney King L.A riots.

Anonymous said...

Sarkozy's comments that Islam is not responsible because muslims were killed were as craven as they were expected. Any muslim can legitimately be killed if they are considered not pious enough, or apostates, which the soldiers certainly come under.

Lantern said...

The Mainstream Media has made possible all the radical, unsolicited changes that have taken place in Britain since the 1950's. Without their mind-controlling power, the people simply would not have stood for it. The media could have have led us like Churchill did in 1940, only against globalism and for our national good. Instead it has been the key weapon of the underlying elite which has enabled them to impose their grisly social experiments on us.
Without the Mainstream Media none of it would have been conceivable. That's my opinion.

Once again propaganda using Nazism has been deployed to engender hatred against Nationalists. Its time this matter was definitively resolved.

@Reconquista and TBM-1 your posts were spot on. And thank you Sarah for this incisive article. As they say, revenge is a dish best served cold. Yesterday was a bad day for the MSM, very bad day. Their mask well and truly slipped.

Muggins said...

"We will have seen yet another example of the, now entirely corrupt, Western media rushing to their own judgments and composing a narrative based on their own wishes"

My thoughts exactly. Particularly the BBC and Guardian (but not confined to those 2) seem to think "what would I like the truth to be?...Oh, well that must be it then!"

There are a number of subtle, disingenuous tricks whereby they indicate to us what they want us to think, rather than giving us the best facts they can - which I thought was their job...

Very annoying

Anonymous said...

caught two burlars yrs ago on Chicagos south side,they were blocked off at end of block by plain clothes unit and ran towards me reaching under their shirts i fired two shots in air to stop them and they went head first down and gave up. citizens started crying about the shots fired not the burglars, the juviniles got let go and i took 8 days no pay, never did another lick of work until i retired 11 years ago,

yorkshirebob said...

@ Anonymous 22.27
So your proud of that? I get s--- from whites every day. I do gardens in the South of Joburg. 6 a day and i
I'm 70. They're all neurotic about crime and it rebounds on me. Your job now is to teach the whites the values which they lost somewhere down the road and treat the others with contempt.