Saturday, 17 March 2012

The State of Man


A poem by Mike Wilson

Man’s progress through the years has been
A long and torturous road.
He’s traveled from the Troglodyte
And iron age men in woad.

He’s fought some bloody battles
For religion and for king.
He’s fought to make the world secure
He’s fought for everything.

He’s opened up his mind to learn
The mysteries of the globe.
He’s learned to write his facts in books,
The depths of space to probe.

He’s learned about diseases
And how to play his part
In creating waste with extraordinary haste
In neutron to neutron art.

From what has gone before this day
One could in truth exclaim
That man in reaching for the sky
Is now a victim of his fame.

This age must surely represent
The very peak of man’s ascent.
We must be evolution’s best,
Ten thousand years, we’ve passed the test.

But in all these things he’s yet to see
That progress changes naught.
He has evolved not one whit more
Despite all technology has brought.

We are still so very selfish
And full of spite and greed.
Compassion and love are skin deep things
And our moods lie captive to the need.

The need to cheat and lie and steal
Are just like seeds inside us
And we seem unable to reform
But carry on regardless.

Each generation starts again,
A genesis in fact.
But the lessons of our fathers
Do not change the way we act.

So watch corruptions forces
Spread out across the land,
Yet its message is neat and so very sweet
So we all stretch out our hand.

The only lessons we can learn
Despite the years man’s traveled
Is that to understand oneself
The mind must be unraveled.

Each man must make his journey on,
But society is changeless;
Rise up above the common throng
Start now you will need ages.

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