Saturday, 17 March 2012

Mike Smith's Political Commentary Extinguised by Blogger

I have just received the following message from Laager

Mike Smith's Political Commentary has been wiped by Blogger

This is the third race realist - tell the truth blog that I am aware of that has been shut down this week

The others are;

Jan Lamprecht's - African Crisis
Dan Roodt's - Section of Praag
Mike Smith - Mike Smith's Political Commentary

In one of the early James Bond novels I recall the following conversation between the villain and Bond.
The villain said (paraphrase)
"Mr Bond, I live by the following rule when meeting uninvited strangers who enter my life. 
Once  - it is chance
Twice - it is coincidence
Three times - it is enemy action"

It looks like this is enemy action
Take care


Rusty Mason said...

Very important that people build and nourish strong social networks and several methods of contact.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah & Laager - those blogs should resurface. Please keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

Please tell me that you backed-up Mike’s Pandora’s Box series.

Californian said...

Mike Smith's blog was relatively mild by race realist standards. One wonders how much of the shutdown was due to his exposure of corruption in the ANC and its allies?

Gem Junior said...

I've noticed it too, some getting shut down by "accident". Also, isn't it also funny how so many good youtube videos of a race-realist persuasion just won't run, as if something was slowing them down? The timer just runs and runs or the video was removed for copyright infringements. Or perhaps it was by "accident". Still, no army can stop this idea, whose time has come.

Niko said...

Rule number one, ACT ALONE tell NOBODY, EVER. Don't say cutesie innuendos at the bar. Plan. Make it quick and decisive. Know the risks. Do it. Shut your mouth. Repeat keep your mouth SHUT. Conscience may bother you on occasion and give you doubt about your actions. Ignore it, it'll pass. Remember you did civilization a solid.

Give a man a gun and he can rob a bank

Give a man a bank and he can rob the world

'Some wise man once told me, the less you have to do with blacks the better, even for money, do not engage on a friendly basis with them.'

A black cannot be trusted ever. They don't feel any shame in lying to you - therefore, keep away from them as much as you can.

the Holocaust is the “biggest, blackest lie in history.”

From the dawn of history, those out of power have raised armies with promise of plunder, revenge and capturing women. There are no other possible motivations or rewards. Do not try to intimidate the last possible White warriors with reactionary buzz words like: theft, rape and murder. The "Law" is what those in power, use to enslave those who are out of power. White man, you are a defeated comical slave, laughed at by all the world and scorned or used by your own women. Does the term "women and minorities" ring a bell for you? The alliance is against you. And you are the true minority to boot. Your choices are twofold; accept your chains, the demise of your race and the loss of your women. Or consider and harken to the words of Robert Jay Mathews, as he speaks from his grave:

"Give your souls to your Gods and load your guns, Its time to deal in lead. We are the legions of the damned, The army of the already dead...."

Unless we have an unseen army of total Barbarians, devoid of pity, of compassion, of compunctions, of restraining moralisms, we are doomed. He who practices chivalry, when the enemy has none, fights with both hands tied behind his back.

Our army must have commitment equal to that of Palestinian suicide bombers fighting to free their land from the scourge of all the earth. Better one day as a lion, than years as a sheep. Take plunder, women and the lives of your enemies. Let no pleasure pass you by in your short sojourn on Midgard, including revenge, wives, sisters and daughters of your enemies. How many live priests or virgin nuns do you think your Viking ancestors left behind when raiding the monasteries or convents of the evil anti-nature occupation of Europe twelve centuries ago?!? Civilization has ended, this is war.

Be a Berserker until the day you depart for Valhalla with a pound of the enemies lead in your still defiant body!!!

Only out of anarchy and revolution can a new White nation arise. And if you do not succeed, let the enemy speak in horror, for generations to come, of the fury of the last Northmen.

Anonymous said...

Smith's blog was OK, but unfortunately Mike used to embellish his posts with an excessive use of emotional language. At times it came out like the old SA Sucks.

I stopped reading it months ago.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike, Laager and Sarah

I have a backup copy of “Pandora’s Apartheid Box” by Mike Smith and a VPS hosting in the USA, I am prepared to host this articles on my cost with a domain on my hosting account.

Will I get in trouble for hosting these articles?

If so Mike is welcome to add more articles relating to pandora’s apartheid box.



Anonymous said...

Mike will bounce back somewhere else, have no fear about that!!!

Anonymous said...

They should keep on extinguishing them , the more they do the more followers it gathers.
All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle .
The next Boer war is comming allong nicely.

Anonymous said...

Yes plse keep us posted on Mike Smith whereabouts.

The truth has become a "crime".

Anonymous said...

@ Peter 23:38

Remember Pandora's Box is MS's property so clear any actions with him first

Anonymous said...

Why on earth MS doesn't have his own domain?
Nobody can delete you then.

Anonymous said...

It is a shame that blog was taken down, it was taken down for showing the world the truth, this is satansa realm - The more this world can be built on lies, the more it can function on the truth based on lies. The old saying tell a lie long enough and it will become the truth can never be truer, i believe the powers that be, know that a genocide is about to break out

This way they can remove traces of what people had been saying for years..

Mike come back, say what you like, keep copies of your blog host them overseas if you have to

Tell the world, tell them the truth, share it with us who will share it with others, it will spread like a veld fire

Mike atleast you have been heard, they know it and are scared, come back!

Anonymous said...

This silent reader an ocean away has and always will spread the word about what the new South Africa became.

Skadhi_the_Raverner said...

Why exactly was it taken down? And I do mean to ask, why *exactly*.

Although it sounds conspiratorial, YouTube vids by younger 'racists' and 'anti-semites' seem to be taken down first.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, so eloquently phrased. Its true, we are in trouble , yet continue to to be chivalrous.
The fight has really started, the whites just need to understand the new rules.

Anonymous said...

The internet is the last bastion of world freedom and truth, and of course that almost illegal now FREEDOM OF SPEECH. That is why the American government wants to end online privacy. All I have of is the collected Pandora's Apartheid Box in pdf format. Anyone who wants this, create a new temporary gmail account and post the address here. I'll mail it to all, or put it up online somewhere and send you the link.

Anonymous said...

Most likely related to this...
These pricks are unlikely to understand the concept of freedom of speech.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you Rooster!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately commentators like Niko flocked to MS's blog [and the old SA Sucks], and MS struggled to refrain from writing pieces to suit this audience's easily satisfied values and expectations.

These fellas' bubble-mouthed rants are the bane of intelligent right-wing discourse. Think of a group of bitter, washed up middle aged, beer-boeped Saffas stuck in Mandelatopia praating belligerent kak through a haze of Klippies.

Fawlty Towers Hint: Don't mention The Holocaust.

Anonymous said...

"These fellas' bubble-mouthed rants are the bane of intelligent right-wing discourse."

EXACTLY -- MS was not above embellishing his articles and the truth. Perhaps he will now start to listen to reason -- however I doubt it !

I fear that in SA "intelligent right-wing discourse." is an oxymoron.

"Fawlty Towers Hint: Don't mention The Holocaust."

MS IS a BIG Israel lover -- he may discover to his cost that he has backed the wrong horse !

Anonymous said...

One disappointment about Mike Smith is his support for Israel

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 19 March 2012 10:15
heheh. I've personally always felt that white nationalists are of a much higher intellect than those dumb liberals who seem to accept the way in which the world is fed to them. I think it's our ability of higher thinking that makes us become suspicious and start questioning the status quo.

Niko said...

Israel uses armored bulldozers against Palestinian children!

Anonymous said...

To All: Tia Maysoa has a backup copy of Pandora running on her site _ Take Care.

Anonymous said...

People like Mike Smith simply cannot comprehend that SA now belongs to all who live here. Let us work together to build a brighter future for our children..

Anonymous said...

Mike Smith has become public enemy number 145239870 of the Illuminati and the NWO

The Rooster said...

Don't piss on the word truth and put it anywhere close to the pseudonym "Mike Smith".