Saturday, 24 March 2012

Protecting what? - Update

Six of the men arrested in Oxford earlier this week as part of an investigation into a child sex ring have been charged with offences ranging from rape, conspiracy to rape and having sex with a child to trafficking, arranging child prostitution, supplying drugs and making threats to kill.  They are:

Thirty-one-year-old hospital porter Akhtar Dogar  
His 30-year-old unemployed brother Anjum Dogar
Twenty-six-year-old security guard Kamar Jamil
Unemployed 26 year old Zeshan Ahmed
32 year old Security guard Bassan Karrar
his unemployed 37 year old brother Mohammed Karrar

Seven other men are on police bail while enquiries continue

Well now that we know their ethnicity, can any one work out how that would have risked identifying their victims as the police said it might?

No? ..... me neither!

Hat tip Alanorei


Anonymous said...

More white kids sacrificed on the altar of diversity.

Anonymous said...

Opposing the BBC's anti-English bias

eduard said...

There was a movie way-way back called "The Star Chamber". In a silent court if these goons are found guilty, they are assissinated. Quietly removed from the face of the earth with no fuss. There are so many ways of getting rid of this scum-of-the-earth; dump them in acid, nothing remains; no corpse, no case.

Anonymous said...

and as sure as night follows day, there's a 'mohammed' in there. fancy that? who'd have thought? surely not imitating the perfect muslim by any chance, by raping children and enslaving them? we can only speculate...

Mister Fox said...

These gang rapists of our girls got probation. How civilised!

alanorei said...

This victim has thankfully not been forgotten.

Something is seriously wrong whereby the victims allowed themselves to be enticed, however. Young lasses are still observed frequenting the takeaway(s) where such arocities are instigated.

Here is another item on the 'protected' species.

Nearly 500 comments have been lodged. I get the impression that they are largely negative.

P.S. Any possibility of inserting a comment notification facility, Sarah, as before?

alanorei said...

More 'enrichers' (the other kind).

I guess their identities were concealed for a while.

This item has drawn over 200 comments, many of which seem to be urging for the death penalty.

jamesMcT said...

There is sonnething wrong with us(the English)as a people that this thing is allowed too a non-white country where this type of thing would be tolerated. The perpetrators would be dragged out into the street and strung up. No messing about.I get more and more disgusted with this country.