Sunday, 18 March 2012

Pandora's Apartheid Box

Following the latest round of culling of those few remaining sites still prepared to expose the truth about the new South Africa, which saw "Mike Smith's political Commentary" removed by Blogger,  readers should note that all 36 part's of Mike's excellent series Pandora's Apartheid Box have been saved and archived at the TIA MYSOA blog.  They can be accessed by clicking here

Time may be short, so I recommend we all redouble our efforts at getting the facts to as many people as possible before all windows, including maybe this one, are finally closed and the truth hidden from the world.


Thanks for those who have notified me that the links on the TIA MYSOA site all connected to Mike's site, and are therefore not currently available as I stated.  Some of Mike's writing, including the Pandora's Box articles are available by clicking here

I will post further updates when I receive more information


Anonymous said...

@ Sara
Looks like Pandora’s Apartheid Box ( has been blocked at / as well
Thanks for letting us know.

Anonymous said...

@ Sara

Jazzie’s site
Also archived Mike Smith’s Pandora’s Apartheid Box
Hope this one’s still available.


Tia Mysoa said...

Dear Sarah,

I only received the news this morning that Mike’s blog has been deleted, when I powered-up my pc and when I received numerous mails in my inbox from people wanting to know what had happened. Mike Smith never informed me about the deletion, so at this stage it’s not even certain whether blogger is definitely responsible, or not – although I do suspect they ARE to blame.

It’s an absolute train smash for the TIA MYSOA blog, as numerous postings contain links to specific articles on Mike’s blog. The page containing the entire “Pandora's Apartheid Box” series also links directly to the relevant articles on Mike’s blog, and NOT to a separately saved archive on the internet.

Although the entire series has been saved (offline), it is currently not available online… All the existing links are thus currently dead!

At this point in time it would, for obvious reasons, be rather risky to republish the entire series on the TIA MYSOA blog. Besides, I would also require Mike’s permission to do that, as the articles are, after all, his and not mine… However, I’m quite sure Mike has also made a backup of the series, as he had intentions of publishing a book on the subject.

I suggest we wait a few days, and see what happens… Blogger is not the only web service available.

dfordoom said...

Blogger is starting to become a real worry. Not surprising since it's owned by Google and they're very PC. It's a good idea to have a mirror of your blog somewhere else. I have one at Wordpress. It's very easy to import your Blogger blog postings to your Wordpress blog. The crackdown on non-politically correct blogs is likely to get much worse.

Laager said...

Follow the money

Who owns Google?

Tia Mysoa said...

Some Good News…

One of the features that set Google apart from other search engines is the Google Cache. As the Googlebot indexes web pages into the central database, it also saves the HTML portion.

The cached version of Mike Smith’s original “Pandora’s Apartheid Box” Series can thus still be accessed online, with all the original pictures!

I’ve updated the relevant links on the Tia Mysoa Page
dealing with this important series of truth articles. Each link now also has its own link to the Cached Version.

Anonymous said...

Big Brother would not allow me to download pages 11 and 12.
Hopefully someone else got them.

Anonymous said...

Please read:

Anonymous said...

What I find truly gobsmacking is that the "powers that be" hassle little old Mike Smiths blog, whilst leaving (albeit a .com site)

totally alone? Surely the occasional "fokken kaffer", "soutpiel","kill the boer" or similar terms are no worse than the frequent referral to "making niggers good (I.E dead)"...such hypocrisy....rooster must be soooooo happy

Mike Smith said...

We're Back

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I'm not able to get to these articles anymore. I did find some on Mike's blog. Do you perhaps have a pdf file somewhere?