Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Another "White Terrorist" Hoax Collapses

"Brave" judge frees so called "Michigan Militia" - Says not liking cops "doesn’t amount to a conspiracy to rebel against the government"

I wonder who Eric Holder will try to set up next? Be in no doubt, they will be white!

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Lantern said...

There's a concerted push going on by the NWO to remove the thorn in the side of Nationalism by fair means or foul. The main tactic is to wickedly treat "right-wing extremists" (ie: Anyone who opposes multiculti and mass immigration, but wants to do something about it) as equivalent to Islamic Jihadists. By their notorious "extremists on both sides" strategy, they can use the existence of Anjem Choudrey et al as a back door method of shutting down all right-wing opposition to our ruling regime.

Hell, Sarkozy even wants people arrested for merely visiting "hate sites" - and we all know what that means in NWO speak.

My big worry is that when despite their hunting and media-spinning, they cannot come up with bona-fide Far-Right killers, they will be concocted.

There was something awfully convenient for the regime about A. B. Brevik and the atrociousness of his acts.