Friday, 16 March 2012

South African President Zuma sings "Kill the Boer" at ANC Centenery Celebrations

Note the beaming Malema in the grey suit - supposedly fired by the ANC for anti-white hate speech - alongside Zuma adding his support to this hate speech by the country's leader.

Imagine the white president of any country singing about killing non-whites!

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Thanks to Laager for pointing me to this video


beppo said...

Sorry,no comment.
Words simply fail me.

Anonymous said...

Yip, this is the country in which I live (survive). For how long, I do not know. The thing is that when (not if) things go pear shaped, the rest of the world will not step in (Maybe China will), but the EU, UK and US will not get involved.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

@ Arthur

I am afraid I can not approve your comment because, in its current form it would very likely put this site at risk.

I do understand how you feel, however, if you wish to comment, please express yourself more moderately.



E van Hout said...

Howcome this video has not made the international headlines?

Laager said...

It is worth noting that although the word Boer means farmer, and a sector of Afrikaners use it describe themselves as a sub-division of the Afrikaners ( the hard liners who left the Cape to escape the British in the Great Trek c1834), the blacks are using the word to describe all whites in general with the viciousness of an epithet or profanity.

Not quite the Rainbow Nation paradise that the liberals would have you believe exists in South Africa today after freedom and majority rule in 1994.

yorkshirebob said...

Don,t worry folks, when the s--- hits the fan in SA it's always good to know we've got George 'loony' Clooney ---and his dad, bless their Irish hearts. Oh dear, oh dear , oh dear.

Anonymous said...

I live outside Hicksville where there was a horrendous racial attack on three guys who were beating up a white woman. That did not get mentioned.

She has been traumatised ever since.
That did not get mentioned.

Isn't that sexism by the newspaper?

Or is it racism?

I look forward to that particular paper going out of business.

Anonymous said...

yorkshirebob I can assure you not all Irish people share that left leaning ethos, many of us over here are appalled at what has happened to Britain, and realise the true nature of black Africans.

An fear Gael

BURGE said...