Friday, 2 March 2012

A Development of Conservatism for our Time and the Future

By David Hamilton

An essay attacking a particular type of Conservatism by Alex Kurtagic was published on I sent them a response in the interest of a debate. They would not publish it.

There are different types of conservatism and I write of one that is not only relevant but crucial to our survival as a people: a specific type of conservatism that is national Conservatism, not monetarist or free market economics nor neo-Conservatism, and certainly not penalising our poor people - but re-linking with our traditions, history and our ancestors to Conserve ourselves as a people.

When a worldview becomes dominant it marginalises the opposing view and that is what has happened to traditional or national conservatism. Another complication is that new liberalism is different from classical liberalism.

In the 1960s the New Left took over Liberalism but changed the content. For example, and this is profoundly important, individual rights became group rights. This shifted it to totalitarian thinking as group rights gave minority groups (victims) preferential treatment over the host population (oppressors).

I use the term Progressive to cover the ideological outlooks ranging from Liberalism to Marxism which grew out of the Enlightenment. They all believe that change is always better than what is; and that we are ineluctably headed for better world, the brotherhood of man – a Utopia.

Conservatism is opposed to progressivism as it has a respect for our past and traditions and believes that by studying history we are equipped to deal with present crises by applying the lessons of history: how our forebears solved similar situations in the past. It uses practical reasoning not rationalistic thinking; concrete words rather than abstractions and favours the particular over the universal, though it uses substantial universals to describe concrete objects like White men and Whitewomen. Progressives remove the substance from words, we keep it.

A non-ideological worldview

A formal ideology is written down like a "How to book" which tells people how to think and behave. Formal ideology grew out of the Enlightenment to replace religion with a secular programme of thinking and behaving and those who deviate have to be corrected. This began the change in the rulers from an aristocratic class based on blood and land to rule by secular elites united by thinking and saying the right things - an "Ideological Caste."

Ideological thinking starts with first principles and requires underpinnings to support or justify beliefs. This Conservatism is not an ideology but a view of the world that grows out of our emotional bonds with our families and expands outwards through neighbourhood and community to the nation. It emanates out to Europe and the Anglosphere, though weaker. For example, we feel for the South African Boers in these days of their genocide. It is stronger at home and a parent who wishes other children to do better than their own is perverse.

We have a responsibility for our kin, and a duty to them. We have a duty to pass on what we have inherited to our children, as they, in turn, will have a duty to their children. We owe a debt to our ancestors who bequeathed to us our nation and culture and we must honour that.

A people need the numinous things in life – religion, art, culture, a wholesome countryside. The numinous is a feeling of, and a need for, the sacred, the holy, and the transcendent; not just the material and the hedonistic.

The Ideological uses of language.

It is not possible to explain your thoughts or feelings without language, which is why the elites are reducing vocabulary so we can not think the wrong things. When the state controls thought and language we are controlled in our ability to think as was demonstrated by the descriptions of Newspeak in Orwell’s 1984. They use linguistic connotations like “racism” which only applies to “White” or “British”. They are also cutting education down so that we don't know our history and where we are from and so that we have less knowledge to argue with.

The elites try to change our thinking by changing our vocabulary: the British government guidelines to the media suggesting certain words about non-white crime be replaced. The words to be suppressed included “immigrant,” “illegal immigrant,” “illegal asylum seeker,” “bogus asylum seeker,” “non-white,” “non-Christian,” “mixed race,” “half-caste,” “mulatto.” There is the substitution of euphemistic terms for those that reflect reality as in the official designation of “Anti-Islamic activity” for Muslim terrorists.
The use of Political Correctness is a way of training people to think of, and to perceive, reality in the official way. If you think differently you are a “hater”, a “racist”.

In fact, though, Prejudice is traditional wisdom received from our ancestors. It saves us learning the hard way and we would have been spared this dispossession by immigrants if our natural prejudices had been followed after the last war.

Ideological change of the meaning of words passes for common usage as people innocently adopt them: bigot and tolerance are prominent examples. Bigot means one who refuses to listen to the opinions of others but is misused as a connotative word that only applies to “right-wingers”. A classic example of this Doublespeak was during the general election campaign when Gordon Brown described a woman who asked him about imported labour as a bigot; but he was the one being bigoted because he refused to listen to her opinions! Tolerance meant to tolerate an action or to put up with something one did not like, but is now misused to make indigenous British people passive and accept being replaced by immigrants.

We need a concrete, definite vocabulary, not vague language like person and humanity, but terms like“Englishman or Englishwoman, Welshman or Welshwoman, Scotsman or Scotswoman or Irishman or Irishwoman”, “boy” and “girl”; land rather than country. They are more specific, convey a solid idea of substance; and get away from the woolly vocabulary that is a cause of our collective loss of touch with reality. This would clarify what we are referring to and make our common intercourse more realistic.

The great Welsh national anthem“Land of My Fathers” is a is a pertinent example as it makes a clear statement of debt to forebears and suggests the piety necessary to honour what the ancestors have left us and our obligation to hand it on to our descendants. This is embodied in the Fifth Commandment to honour thy mother and father. Unless they are very cruel parents, of course.

Restructuring our Thought

We are in a period of social engineering and traditional ways of thinking are being systematically broken down. A television programme “Gypsy Wars” contrasted a local woman and tinkers who had invaded her land and reversed the roles as we experience them. The intellectual and media elites think our traditional view of the world is pathological and try to correct it for us. They show us or a representative, in the role of what they think are our stereotypes - we are cast as the tinkers - to mould the public's views and change attitudes. No young Gypsy men were shown, because they would be aggressive and the programme makers did not want to show them as a threat; village life was not shown because that is appealing and viewers would sympathise with the woman; the woman was selected because she is not typical of rural people but a bit eccentric and could be set up as the aggressor when she was the victim. This is Television re-structuring thought in accordance with their Progressive ideology.

Last August the police had to close the largest gypsy camp in Britain at Dale Farm and the biased television news reports once again left gypsy men out of their news reports and documentaries.

For years vacancies in television were only advertised in the Bourgoise-Socialist Guardian newspaper to filter out applicants with the wrong attitudes.

A world view to unite us

How do we counter the dominant ideology? The way to develop a new world view is to gather examples from the world around us, of what is really happening as a result of, say, immigration, collate it and our version of reality begins to form. The first thing is to understand human nature and what people are capable of doing to one another. We also need to consider what gives life meaning and this leads to the idea that nationalism is about our nation and a nation means a group of racially linked people with whom we belong by emotional attachments. I openly admit to being a racialist because I believe in racial differences between people, but do not hate other peoples and do not accept the Marxist pejorative term “racist.”

By linking to our Conservative traditions we would give supporters a secure base to argue from with abundant role models like Enoch Powell, the great fifth Marquess of Salisbury who fought against immigration and defended “our kith and Kin” in Rhodesia and Sir Winston Churchill, who tried to introduce a Bill to control immigration in 1955 (1), and many others. That and quotes from our history and that would strengthen their conviction and impress their hearers. People follow the dominant elites because they appear stronger and successful; even many who agree with us vote for one of the dominant parties for those reasons. A conviction based on the knowledge that we follow in the steps of great national figures would help counter that disadvantage.

Simple or self-loathing people say "So what?". "It doesn't matter if different people take over!" This shows a failure to understand human nature. They think it will be painless like handing the baton on in a relay race, but examples from history like the Norman invasion, show the oppression the conquered have to endure; other countries like South Africa and Zimbabwe show what will befall our children if the evil elites are not countered.

We are being dehumanised and made a non people. We must abandon this inculcated niceness, this apologetic approach and assert our selves. We need to give our people a sense of their collective worth for the common good. The next generation need to be built up to inherit the responsibility for our life and culture. The media are occupying them with what to wear, how to get their hair done and where to have a tat! It is done to get their money and is morally evil as they are being debauched by temptations and enticements.

We must stress the positive benefits we have to offer our people: preferential treatment in their own country, better education, priority in housing and employment for our children and protection from child-rape by older members of the rival Muslim community. You only need look at the un-British names of graduates from medical and law schools when they are reported in the newspapers to see how our young are being deprived of opportunities that are their birthright. We would offer English, Northern Irish, Scottish and Welsh children more opportunities and a better future without unfair competition from outsiders. This is the natural way and we are finding words to express this and to make our thoughts clearer to ourselves.

(1) For Churchill on introducing a Bill to control immigration and wanting the Conservatives to fight the 1955 general election behind the slogan Keep England White see

Peter Catterall (ed.), 'The Macmillan Diaries: The Cabinet Years, 1950-1957' Macmillan. 2003 p 382

 Patrick J.Buchanan, Churchill, Hitler and the Unnecessary War. P404. for the chapter I researched.




Anonymous said...

An excellent essay Sarah.

Your honesty about the crucial importance of race is refreshing. After all its our race that physically defines who we are, wereas culture is abstract and fluid over time.

I feel that by shying away from the subject of race, nationalist have given credence to the the lefts dogma of racial Marxism and in doing so underminded their own legitimacy. The EDL is a case in point. They seem to be fine with the ongoing mongerlization of Britian as long as Islam is curtailed.
Our enemies must be wetting their collective pants.


Anonymous said...

Liberals aren't and Conservatives don't.

Ace Patriot said...

I just looked at that They are over rating themselves by saying we need a new ideology and a new political language but not delivering them. There are some interesting articles on it but thy don't give much supporting evidence. They just oppose the liberals and socialists with opinions not convincing arguments. I can see why they refused this article.

George Whale said...


Here's a link to Paul Weston's NYC speech:

I doubt that you will find anything in it to disagree with. This being the case, I hope you'll consider posting it on your blog.


Dr George Whale
British Freedom Party

David Hamilton said...

George, it is an excellent speech and so is the interview in New English Review. With respect, my concern at the ease with which the BFP accept multi racialism apart from Muslims.
It is the same with the EDL and Geert Wilders party. I am afraid that I can not do that because after Black rioters shooting(real bullets) at the police during last the riots in Birmingham last August I see other urgent problems we have to deal with not just Islamism. It is an excellent speech though and so is the interview.

ken said...

Dr.Whale, some thoughtful criticism of your 20-point plan. It is constructive.

Anonymous said...

Sandra Fluke wants her insurance provider to pay her $1 000 a year contraceptive bills despite the fact that she has access to Planned Parenthood where they are almosy free or could go to the nearest Wal Mart where a years supply of can be had for $108.

Liberals are so stupid as Whoopi Goldberg would say.

john said...

That drivel at AltRight is what got it removed from my bookmarks. They have become a bunch of pseudo-intellectual children so full of themselves and their own 'intense-ness' so as to be laughable.
ALL questions and problems can be reduced to race and religion - and those too are intertwined. Until White people return to our Christian ethic and heritage, nothing can or will be done. Period.

john said...

Oops - sometimes I forget to differentiate between TRUE Biblical Christianity and such bastardisations as jew worshiping wealth transfer types such as TV "evangelicals" and catholicism. Only when we understand WHO we are, act accordingly and revive our white, Christian heritage, will our race move forward. Until that time, we will continue to be plundered and minimalised, exactly as the Bible warns us.

Anonymous said...

Lovely piece, Maid of Albion. I adore Kurtagic's novel Mister, but he really lost his mind in his latest piece. As for his lack of ideas, notice how he essentially wants to emulate progressivism, but can't provide any clearer vision of the culture we should create than his enthusiasm for Black Metal and other degenerate art forms with the mildest occidental tinge (not counting neo-folk, which is actually worthwhile). Conservatives are always the foot soldiers in our fight, who pass our mores and traditions on to their children; if there weren't any conservatives, England would not only be Marxist not just in public but in every private home.

David Hamilton said...

One problem wirh alternativeright is that they are insular and shun the rest of the Anglosphere. They are letting us all down.

Kurtagic's piece was a lot of abstractions and had no real meaning but to prohibit a Conservative reply shows them to be as undemocratic by censoring different views just like the mainstream media.

They rejected it because it was too long and tried to do too much. Fair enough. So I re-wrote it and shortened it then Kurtagic said sections 3 and 4 did not related strongly enough to Conservatism so would I take them out and do a defense of Conservatism. See, they wanted to control what I wrote in reply to them.

What they want is tidy little opinion pieces like college essays - pros and cons, discuss. I'm afraid that the intellectual firepower is here in the UK and they are going to have to get used to it.

Skadhi_the_Raverner said...

Alex Kurtagic's piece was actually an excellent analysis, repeating Alex Linder's observation that conservatives don't have the right mindset to push their own agenda with the zeal shown by liberals.

And to tell the truth, I think the word 'conservative' as a label is tainted now by people like Thatcher and Cameron. Lots of people over a certain age are averse to the word.

David Hamilton said...

I don't like the term either, Skadhi, but don't over rate the altright set. They have produced no new ideas and, as I said, have deliberately held our movement back by their fear of the new ideas we are producing in England.
Anyway, its good to see you on these blogs.

David Hamilton said...

As a matter of interest -