Thursday, 22 March 2012

Vanishing News

It is amazing how swiftly the events in France, which I commented on yesterday, are fading from the headlines.  In this morning’s Metro, which had prominently reported on the search for the “Nazi” killers earlier in the week had consigned the story to a column and a half on page 33.

I appreciate that they had a budget to cove, but they clearly felt that stories about the Muppets being given a star on Hollywood Boulevard, a squabble between Madonna and Lady Gaga over who is copying who, and some fluff about Victoria Beckham were more important than the identification of the suspect, the hunt for whom they had considered to be one of the most important stories in the world only the day before.

On Channel four news last night the story was not reported until 27 minutes into the programme and the BBC relegated the item to the “Coming Up next” fixture in the second half of the show.  This being despite the fact that at that time heavily armed suspect was still under siege in his Toulouse apartment

Make no mistake, had the killer’s profile been as the press were so enthusiastically predicting less than 48 hours ago, we would have been bombarded with every minor detail for days to come. Had the killer been who they hoped he was, anyone he had associated with would come under scrutiny, as would any organisation joined and had he, God forbid, expressed support for any writer, they would be hounded and vilified as happened to other writers after events in Norway.

Meanwhile grim and accusatory articles would be written condemning the evil and racist society which created such a monster, and encouraging us to respond to the evil act by “celebrating diversity” or some other trite and dishonest little catch phrase.

None of that will happen now, of course, the story will be swiftly buried as it is not the sort of thing the press want their readers thinking about too much.   
The media now had such contempt for those who view and read it, that they no longer even  make a pretence at impartiality and as for truth and honesty, they are alien concepts to most journalists, who no longer seek to report the news, they present a story loosely based on events in whatever manner best supports their political agenda.  It that requires them to lie, as it usually does, then they will blatantly lie.

In America at the moment one of the main news stories is regarding the shooting of a young black male by a neighbourhood watch volunteer in Florida at the end of February.

The story presented by the media is that the black teenager was innocently taking a detour through a gated community when he was challenged by the neighbourhood watch volunteer who, despite being Hispanic, the media insist on referring to as white, and who proceeded to shoot the black youth dead. 

This is presented as racial profiling, and the nightly news repeatedly played a 991 tape on which a male voice can be heard screaming for help, the media have implied that this is the voice of the young black male pleading for his life before being shot by the evil white killer. (The tape has also been played in UK news broadcasts and a similar impression given)

However, as this earlier and conveniently forgotten news report from just after the shooting in February, suggests the voice heard crying for help was, almost certainly the neighbourhood watch volunteer whom at least one eye witness at the time states was on the ground, underneath the black youth, who was beating him with his fists.

The media has been aware of this very different version of events for at least a month, but have, for their own reasons chosen suppress it, whilst at the same time stirring up racial hatred.

They are without shame.


EYE OF HORUS said...

The Joos are the Ones that will be blamed for Everything.

Crime, the Economy, Corruption in Government, and even Inflation...

They will bear the Brunt of the Angry White Juggernaut that they have awakened!

BTW, here in the US, there are about exactly 6 million Joos.
God has a Sense of Humor.

Nick Dean said...

Your British readers may not be aware of the age-of-treason blog where Tanstaafl has done some great work parsing the media covergae of the Toulouse shootings these past few days:

TBM-1 said...

The media hacks seem to be the propaganda arm of the perpetrators. The savagery in france is being portrayed as an isolated incident and not part of a global war on the West and our values, as it truly is. It is anyone's guess how long their charade will continue but one thing is certain, there will come a time when the truth will be undeniable.

David Hamilton said...

I like the way only Marine Le Penn uses his tragedy for her own ends. Presumably she should join in the cover up.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah
Spot on as usual. I hope the public will take any accusations against patriots with a very large pinch of salt in future.

Since the ruling elite and their pit-bull journos' have shown how determined they are to nail patriots at all costs.

Guilty or not.

As for the "youth" in America who was killed. (youth is what he would be called in the UK if he were accused of a crime.)

And with Obama's involvement in the matter. Perhaps he would like to involve himself in this case and ensure justice?

Could it be because dey is white?

Or maybe they didn't beg, for their lives, enough.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah
Me again. As I pressed return on Channel 4 news I heard, for the first time, Zimmerman described as Hispanic.

Until now he has been white.

PreatorianXVI said...

Had our Religion of Peace perpetrator been a white westerner the news papers would have had the budget to run this one just as hollow as Apartheid.

Now that it is a sacred cow, it time to move on nothing to see, these things happen everywhere, also not how the "Jewish" corner has gone silent, quite telling

Anonymous said...

Joseph Goebbels: Alive and Well at the BBC
To paraphrase Goebbels: The BBC doesn’t let facts get in the way of their message — they just keep repeating the lie until eventually people come to believe it.