Thursday, 26 November 2009

The Official figure - or the truth?

A report published this week reveals that record numbers of immigrants arrived in Britain in 2008. The official figure was 590,0000, up by “just” 16,000 from the year before (yeah right! I really believe that). The report goes on to state that “about” 427,000 left Britain, which it claims is an increase of 86,000 from 2007. Therefore the report suggests that the net increase in population is slowing, reducing to a net population growth of a mere 163,000 last year.

Even if one found a net increase of 163,000 reassuring, am I the only one who finds these figures less than credible?

For a start the report does not make clear quite how many of the 590,000 arrivals were heavily pregnant women, whose anchor offspring will be automatic British citizens, or the fact that the overwhelming majority of the rest will have been men and women of breeding age. This means that at an extremely conservative estimate, the 2008 arrivals alone will, by their own fertility rate have doubled to well over a million within five, or at the outside, ten years, what does that do to the overall net increase?

The figure also does not include those who arrived here illegally, an unknown but, almost certainly, huge figure, those who arrived on student visas, not all of whom tend get around to leaving or those, “on holiday” who may “decide” to stay on, after all the government no longer keeps a record of those actually leaving the country.

And that's another thing!!!

Even if the government was keeping an accurate count of people leaving tBritain, which we know they are not, how exactly would they know that the “about” 427,000 people are actually leaving the country “permanently”, and, if they leave and then decide to come back, how are they counted? As new immigrants?, unlikely, as returning residents they are probably not counted at all, and you can be damn sure that the official “net increase” figure is not adjusted to take into account their return.

Also, who are the people who leave the country permanently? You can, again, be sure that the overwhelming majority taking the flights out are white native Britons, who can no longer stand the multicultural carnival of horrors this country has become.

Therefore, the net change to the racial demographic of our little island is far greater, hugely greater, than even these terrifying figures suggest.

Be in no doubt my friends, the 11th hour is approaching far more quickly than you may believe and we do not have long left to put this great wrong right.

A vote for the Tories will not save us, they look at immigrants and see only cheap labour, whereas New Labour see only potential Labour voters, and the Liberal Democrats view anything short of abject surrender as racism. There is only one hope left for Britain and that is the BNP, the challenge is to make people see that.


Abu Abdullah said...

Have you ever considered switching your blog's format from two columns to three columns? Your masthead image will be centered properly in the three-column format. At the moment, the right-hand side of the image runs over the set width and is obscured on screen, so the BNP election corner banner you have just put up is obscured, too. Here's one three-column template for you to consider.

ceorl said...

Hi Sarah

Yes I too find these figures less than reassuring. I believe nothing the government tell us about immigration now. They cook the books in every way they can then add a few lies for good measure. They seem to think 163,000 is a figure that will put our minds at rest and that alone is chilling. With the hidden numbers you have pointed out in your article, considerably more so. You're right we are rapidly running out of time.

As you said the majority leaving our country will be joining the white flight - literally. The race replacement aspect to this is never debated of course because of the 'R' word.

I read a report recently that the big supermarkets are saying the population is already much larger than the government admit. What a surprise!

Just read a Daily Mail report saying in the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital of 243 sick babies being only 18 of the mothers are British. Shape of things to come all over the country if we keep letting things go on as they are.

The BNP are the one and only hope. Many can now see that and will vote accordingly but I fear too many will give the Tories 'another chance to put it right'. They won't and it will be more wasted time that we just don't have.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Thanks Abu

I didn't realise it was a problem, it looks fine on my monitor, but I have a very wide monitor 1440 x 900.

I will look at the three column option this evening, or change the header picture

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Hi Ceol

I agree about never trusting what the government tell us. I saw the report by the supermarkets, and I am sure there are millions more here than they admit.

ceorl said...


The birthrate of the immigrant population is rarely discussed openly by mainstream politicians. It a massive problem now and will be even more so in the coming years. Migrationwatch have played a big part in bringing the subject of immigration to a national audience but they seem to be saying, cut the numbers coming here sharply and then operate a one in one out system. This will only slow down the current flood but essentially the ones going out will largely be native Britons and the ones coming in will largely be from the third world. They also seem to be avoiding the birthrate issue. Apologies to them if I've got this wrong. So really they will only slowing down the problem, not solving it.

Wotan said...

Hi Sarah

I think we can take it as read that most people don't beleive a word the government says, particularly, immigration and the importing of their chosen people.

Great article though.

Anonymous said...

Where could I find the report made by the supermarkets please? That one slipped by me.

kerdasi amaq said...

A decision will have to be made soon. Are those labour and conservative polticians guilty of a crime against humanity for promoting uncontrolled immigration?

If so, what then is the appropriate punishment?

Anonymous said...

YOU, and everyone else should read the smallprint, the given figures only count the"head of family" in the headcount.
The headline figure DOES NOT include spouses or children, let alone pregnant spouses.
So the total is NOT 590,000 ,but could quite easily be approaching 2,000,000.