Tuesday, 10 November 2009

South Africa Sucks closing down

Click here to read Uhuru-guru's explanation for this decision

UPDATE: Sadly the above link no longer works, as WSAS has now been taken down, click here for news of the new US based South Africa Sucks, or here for the direct link


MrsJ said...

The darkness closes in a little more. I can't say I blame UG, though.

Anonymous said...

This is a shame. Does the free cape party hold any hope for the whites of SA?

Edwin Greenwood said...

Bugger. Can hardly blame him though. I've learned a great deal from WSAS.

Let's hope "I Love SA" can survive for a while.

Anonymous said...


Yes the Cape Party does but we need support internationally, not only from ex-pats. The world needs to know and see what a pile of shit South Africa has become under ANC rule!


Abu Abdullah said...

I read on the Irish Savant blog that a replacement site has been created and went to check it out. It is indeed up.