Saturday, 28 November 2009

Faces from a Multicultural future

Warning: Readers who click on the following link: Terrorism that's Personal should do so with caution as it features some very graphic and disturbing images showing the victims of Islamic honour.

Acid attacks are especially cruel, they cause agony, flesh and bone melt resulting in terrible disfigurement and often blindness, however, in many cases they are not fatal and lead to a lifetime of suffering for the victim. This is clearly the intention when such a terrible weapon is used, the attackers wish the victims to suffer forever, and they invariably do.

The incidence of acid attacks are increasing worldwide, and we are now seeing growing numbers of these horrific crimes in Europe. Most attacks are on women, although men are also victims, as with the horrendous attack in Leytonstone in July, where a young man had Sulphuric acid thrown over him and poured down his throat.

No doubt supporters of multiculturalism will cry that this sort of violence is not exclusive to Islam, and it is true that there are numerous reports of acid attacks on little children in Nigeria who's families and local communities, often Christian, have declared them to be witches.

There are also an alarming number of acid attacks in Cambodia, which is a predominantly Buddhist country, and India, where 80% of the population is Hindu.

Also, I do not know of what religion was Daniel Lynch, who after brutally raping TV presenter Katie Piper arranged for an accomplice to throw acid in her face. However, if he and his accomplice Stefan Sylvestre were Muslims their photographs do not suggest that they were especially devout.

Yet, there is one community amongst whom this vicious form of violence is extremely rare, and that community is the white European community. It has happened, but the numbers are tiny, and mainly confined to a criminal underworld. It would be unthinkable for a European father to throw acid on a child who disobeyed him.

Not so in Asia and in parts of Africa and the Middle East where acid is the weapon of choice for those seeking to punish a victim, usually a disobedient wife or a daughter who has looked at the wrong man or worn too high heels.

Acid attacks are a cultural thing, they originate from a cruel culture uncommon amongst European peoples, but are another multicultural delight which mass immigration is bringing to our shores.


Dr.D said...

There is a perversion in attacking one's own family that simply defies understanding. To attack a son or daughter in such a way is unimaginable. These are our own continuation in the world, the way that our family line continues after we ourselves are gone. How could we possibly do such a thing? And yet, I am reflecting what Sarah has characterized as a white, European view, clearly not held world wide.

There can be no doubt that the devil is at work in the world today, and that he holds the hearts of many men in his evil hands.

Goodnight Vienna said...

That's true Dr D but unfortunately he's appeased and nurtured by our own governments who won't crack down on 'honour' crimes in our countries.

Viking said...

... and yet feminism is most popular in OUR countries?

I have an iron constitution, but was still unable to scroll down the full page... horrifying.