Thursday, 26 November 2009

Deaths in Pretoria

Pretoria - The caretaker and gardener of a smallholding to the east of Pretoria, have been found tied up and murdered.

The bodies of Martin "Tienie" Jacobs, 65, and his gardener were found under boxes and pillows on Wednesday morning, about 12 to 18 hours after their deaths.

Jacobs and his gardener, whose identity and age have not yet been determined, were both presumably strangled. Jacobs was found with a wire around his neck, tied to a trailer.

"I don't understand why they had to tie up an old man like a dog," said his brother William, 60, after seeing the body on Wednesday.

"It's ugly. It's horrible. They're bent on murdering each and every one of us."

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NB: Although the identity of the gardener has not yet been revealed, I am assuming at this stage that he is probably black. however, given the circumstances described I think it is very likely that he died because he was with Mr Jacobs at the time of the attack. As has been seen in some previous farm attacks and also in farm attacks in Zimbabwe, loyal employees and farm workers have sometimes been attacked when their white employers are targeted.

I have therefore included Martin Jacob's murder as a further incidence in the ongoing genocide of white South African farmers.

Hat Tip: Dina, Johann and William


ceorl said...

And our media still refuse to report it. There is an attitude 'it's payback for appartheid'. If the victims were black it would be on the news every night. The victims are white so who in the media cares. My heart aches for these poor people. Just for being white. It seems white people will soon be ethnically cleased from South Africa. I hope any white refugees will be allowed to come to Britain, Holland or aywhere in Europe. They are our people and we need to look after them. Grim times.

kerdasi amaq said...

More like: it's payback for ending apartheid. Pay attention to what's happening in South Africa. The labour government is working hard to bring it to Britain.