Monday, 9 November 2009

South African Farmer shot without warning

The following is from a report on South Africa's News 24

Pietermaritzburg - Opening a door to let out the family dog has cost the life of a well-known former senior government official and farmer.

Warwick Antony Dorning, 55, of the farm Adamshurst near Howick’s Mpophomeni area, was shot and killed in his home at about 20:00 on Saturday. His wife, Dawn, was not injured.

Dorning recently took early retirement from his post as Chief of Staff in the Office of the Premier.

Peter Miller, former Finance MEC and a long-time associate and family friend, said two armed men entered the house through a bedroom door onto the verandah that was open for the dog.

Dawn Dorning was in the room and screamed when the two burst in. Dorning, who was in the kitchen getting a bedtime snack, ran to the bedroom where he was shot in the head as he entered, “stone dead, in cold blood, without warning,” said Miller.

The men threatened Dawn and demanded money before moving into the house where they also threatened Dorning’s mother, 85-year-old Noo, who lives in a wing of the main house.

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Once again, as with the Murder of Leon and Hetta Steyn only the week before, Warwick Dorning, the 3075th victim of the relentless slaughter of white South African farmers, is a more high profile figure than most of the earlier victims. He was until recently a high ranking government civil servant, a highly intelligent man, and an accomplished historian with a PhD in recent South African history. Like the Steyns, Dr. Dorning's will be less easy to hide, no doubt adding to the Discomfort of the South African auithorities in the lead up to thw 2010 world cup.
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