Sunday, 15 November 2009

Muslim Gangs in Control of Entire Streets of British Towns

Posted Yesterday at "The Lambeth Walk"

Entire Streets Controlled by Muslim Gangs in Dewsbury

Police in Dewsbury continue to insist that parts of the town are not "no-go zones" for white people controlled by aggressive Muslim gangs.

The evidence to the contrary is mounting up, yet the authorities seem very reluctant to accept that they have a problem on their hands - after all, they are far too busy celebrating diversity and persecuting decent people for heinous offences such as standing up for themselves if attacked or feeding the ducks.

I can't say I'm hugely surprised - Dewsbury was the home town of a Muslim who escaped jail for sexually assaulting a young woman he met on a bus "because he was sexually inexperienced", an excuse the judge found perfectly reasonable.

The main problem seems to be in Savile Town. In August, The Lambeth Walk reported two very serious incidents from this area which were ignored by the national press - a large Muslim gang stoning a bus on at least two occasions, and three white boys being attacked by a gang for daring to walk through Savile Town.

Now, we have two more incidents which emanate from that area:

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Steve said...

Same near where I live. Usual story of the police denying it. How long before whole towns are no go areas for the English? How long before a race war and/or partition. Or will we by then be under the thumb of the EU?

Read your posting on Simon Heffer's article in the Telegraph 12th November. I and many I know share your views. The future looks bleak unless more of our people get their heads out of the sand. I look forward to reading more of your blogs and your archives.

I too voted for Blair. Cold comfort to know I wasn't alone in thinking be could be trusted.

JPT said...

A backlash is brewing. All we need is a hot summer (which we haven't had since 2006). Roll on the next one.

ad fukal said...

"Usual story of the police denying it. How long before whole towns are no go areas for the English?"

It's an unpleasant reality the sovereign political parties of Britain cannot face; they're losing their sovereignty! ha ha ha.

scunnert said...

I've been informed by authoritative sources that this is not true. These same sources then stick their fingers in their ears while chanting: "Nah nah mah nah - not listening!"

Anonymous said...

do the Polices family ever get enriched???

political mizz said...

I think the mosques in these areas are key, i bet they're are teaching anti-west sentiment. Donna

Anonymous said...

One step closer to national identity being wiped out.

Anonymous said...

We are now living history, when major changes in society are happening! And i before any one else neveer thought the asian or muslims, would of been the fore fronte for this? Theres a revolution going on and it inolves us?

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it. Where it will stop no one knows??????????