Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Enemy of the State? - Uhuru Guru arrested

Uhuru Guru one of the original and most prolific writers at South Africa Sucks was arrested this morning at around 06h30 regarding an alleged offence dating back to 1993.

His door was ripped off, his wife was not allowed to make calls, his children’s cell phones were confiscated, his little daughters were ripped out of their beds.

A massive contingent of police from no less than five different specialist units, ranging from Organised Crime, Cyber crime, vehicle theft, etc; raided his home and confiscated all his computer equipment.

According to Doodler at SA Sucks "This arrest is motivated ultimately by the State". Doodler believes the arrest is due to Uhuru Guru's blogging

Full Story here


Anonymous said...

the ''police'' are better served in stopping the black Africans from genociding the white farmers

than being the ANCs miltia

Anonymous said...

Send in the SAS!

Anonymous said...

The SA blacks can not be racist or hunted down like the whites - they are, apparently, the chosen ones and are still "traumatised" from Apartheid; even though under Apartheid they had the best living conditions than any of the other African countries at the time. If you read what the blacks write on the SA news website blogs you will not be surprised to see that they state that the whites deserve to be killed or chased out the country as we took their land. They conveniently forget that they weren't on most of the land that the whites settled on and now claim it as their own. There were no farms, factories, buildings, roads, hospitals etc. We got there and built that country up from nothing and let them breed. They are a stupid race (all 11 tribes - the Xhosa being the worst and most cruel) and I see no hope for the White's future there. They will all be slaughtered or intimidated into a nothing people by these new black elite sub-humans. The West wanted this to happen and now they turn their backs on the outcome. I am very sad and angry that we were led into this by the traitor FW de Klerk. May he rot in hell with his buddies.