Monday, 30 November 2009

William Shatner on Gun Control

I am not actually a huge supporter of the Second Amendment, but this is excellent!

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Viking said...

Denny Crane.


Shieldline said...

Good old Shats

Dr.D said...

I don't care much for Shatner, but I love the Second Amendment. That was an absolutely beautiful response to that stick-up man.

My only objection to it is this: He will heal and be back in business pretty soon (and don't think for a moment he will not be right back in the same business). It would have been so much better to simply take him out cleanly; then we would never have to deal with that one again.

Permanent solutions are Soooo... much more effective than half way measures. (By the way, please don't argue that we don't know what sort of a fellow the stick-up man is; he has just demonstrated in spades that he does not belong in a civilized society. And please don't give me the old European "Americans are not civilized ..." stuff. People who are armed are very, very polite.) said...

Sunday, November 29, 2009
Losing The Battle

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Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

"I am not actually a huge supporter of the Second Amendment .."
But you're coming 'round though, aren't ye ?

We'll keep checking back for updates :)

Tomorrow !
Tomorrow !

Anonymous said...

Actually if that scenario was real Shatner would have had to take out the mugger with his first shot. or he would have been hit by return fire. And anyone who commits a street assault on an innocent victim using a gun, deserves no mercy anyway. There are way too many Blacks who think it is OK to mug a white man. If most of them died on the spot, not only would we save a lot of prison expense but the next generation would learn, early, that crime means dying on the street and is a bad career choice. The way things are we don't even respond to someone like Clemmons who was clearly violently irrational before he kills someone, just warehouse him at seventeen with no treatment then release him when he learns to hide his true nature and say the right words to the parole board. Result 4 dead cops and five grieving families, including Clemmons.

Newdawn said...


Anonymous said... said..

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