Thursday, 5 November 2009

A letter from Lagos

The letter below was published in a Nigerian newspaper last month, you can be sure that nothing like this would ever be allowed to appear in a Western Newspaper.
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Hat Tip: Alanorei / Simon Derby


Anonymous said...

Sarah, this is going to develop into a post for me, regarding cultures, regarding the civilization of man.
The White Man had come from centuries of refining religion, science and philopsophy. When he went into Africa he did not absorb those inferior cultures there. He led them to his own.
In the UK the Socialists have dragged us down into the inferior Asian and African cultures. 7,000 years of continued ignorance does not make them superior.
UK Wefare services to the Nigerian and Asian communities have to pander to them, because they cannot and do not want to use mainstream services.
Over-spiced food, juju magic, dishonesty, self-serving religion, language provide a strong hypnotic bond and hold over them. Other cultures do not want to mix with them. Yet they prosper and multiply on Welfare.
It is not the White Man to put back into Africa but his old culture. The present UK female-centric White Male could not create an empire today, could not even win in an Afganistan. Allowing Shariah Law to still rule the country - stupid!
Ghana, the first African country to be given independence is higher on the Legatum Prosperity index than Nigeria.
From personal experience the Ghanian is more civilized than the other.
Know a country by the people it produces.

Dr.D said...

A very interesting article, Sarah. It reports the physical progress this black Nigerian saw when he visited South Africa, but it really does not get at the genocide that SA is committing on the remaining Whites there. He treats it almost as though the SA Whites simply left the country which is not true; they are being butchered as you regularly report.

It is probably asking too much to ask him to carry this to the logical conclusion by asking, "what will be left of SA after all of the Whites have been murdered? Who will continue all those businesses and industries?" Just looking at it from the black perspective, it would seem that some of them would begin to appreciate that they are dependent people; they cannot maintain this standard of living on their own. They will quickly revert to the primitive living in the jungle when the burden is entirely upon themselves. They truly need the White man, even while they hate and fear him.