Saturday, 7 November 2009

Something to Think About

By the Green Arrow

The British National Party revealed earlier this week that a minimum of 700 Afghani so called "asylum seekers" arrive in Our Country every month of every year and have done so for quite some time now.

Most of these invaders, are (by nature of the journey they have to make across the wastelands of Western Europe to get to the only safe place in the world - Our Country) young men.

Now most of you will already know this but I will say it anyhow. Young men in Afghanistan learn to shoot an AK47 at a very early age, in fact they can shoot before they are even big enough to beat their donkeys and their women.

So every month we allow in to Our Country 700 young Warriors of Allah who go to their designated staging posts, where they just sit and wait and as well we know - they are disciplined and motivated.

Now a bit about the "British Army" - sorry Army - The Establishment dropped the British years ago. The Army consisted of 112,900 regular soldiers (including 3,380 Gurkhas) up to October 2009. Of course that number is dropping every day thanks to the illegal war in Afghanistan and many of those soldiers are not all front line troops but support and specialist units.

Now we have to consider the structure of our Army. We will not go up to Division, Corp or Army level but stay with the Battalions and Regiments.

We currently have 18 Infantry Regiments and each Regiment is made up of between 1 and 5 battalions so are of various sizes.

Now coincidentally, the average size of a British Battalion is about 600 men, so as you can see, we are allowing into Our Country, roughly 3 or 4 Regiments of trained, possibly enemy soldiers every year.

Of course to assist in training these invaders before they leave Afghanistan, we send Our Boys out to be targets for them to train on before their real mission - the takeover of the United Kingdom from within.

I will not go on about the numbers of Pakistani British born young men who fly to visit their "Homeland" every year and who receive weapon training before returning to the UK, where they also wait for the balloon to go up.

Just something for you all to think about.

Note: Add to the above the thousands of Somalis, Algerians and other North Africans who enter this country each year, 90% of whom are Muslims, as are the Iraqis, Iranians and other Middle Eastern people, arriving in equally significant numbers, and then remember that the same thing is happening across Europe.


Dr.D said...

Sarah, why are the people allowed into the UK? They are not EU citizens. What right at all do they have to enter?

It seems that there are very good reasons to keep them out, so I suppose that is the reason they are welcomed.

Anonymous said...

Dr D, the EU decides how many asylum seekers we take. Despite what Labour says, we can't turn them away.

Even if they are found guilty of murder, we can't deport them if they are in danger in their homelands. Who can prove that they would be in danger?

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

The EU is only part of the problem, albeit this same thing is happening across Europe. As was revealed recently it has been a deliberate policy designed to undermine the opposition for short term political gain.

Viking said...

As far as I know, and I hope someone can correct me, while we are forced to accept "refugees", we could choose to keep them all in one place, such as in a large camp in one part of the country, or a sparsely populated area.

I can imagine how this would go down amongst the PC, but one of the reasons for the reaction to the recent BNP video was the British people's lack of perspective about the scale of the problem.