Sunday, 13 April 2008

The folly of optimism

From the reconstructed "South Africa Sucks"

Zimbabwe today South Africa tomorrow

The events that have unfolded north of the Limpopo in Zimbabwe during the past couple weeks portend an ominous future for South Africa. Robert Mugabe faces the gravest challenge to his twenty-eight year misrule. Consequently, Mugabe has employed the customary measures other African leaders employ whenever they are in a bind, which is to find a successful minority scapegoat, vilify and dehumanize it, and then steal from it and annihilate it. Mugabe has decided to scapegoat the remaining white farmers in Zimbabwe by launching farm invasions as he did in 2000. Mugabe will assuredly remain in power until the day he dies regardless of the words emanating from London, Washington, and Canberra.

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I particularly recommend the second video down which is a 1994 report by the eternally gullible Dan Rather from South Africa which is so afflicted with false optimism that it would be hilarious if it was not so tragically sad.


Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Have you seen the statistics concerning attacks on our people posted in an article by Tottenham Lad ? -

False optimism indeed , it would seem . The writings on the wall and has been for some time . My heart aches so much for those unable to flee . Hoping and praying those that remain will be able to effect some kind of defense network and safe refuge . What massive amounts of blood the media and government figure heads have on their hands for concealing this from the public at large .

defender said...

hi Sarah, Jeff is right.
I have seen bloodshed by civilians on civilians before. It has a spontanious brutality among people who would never normally show signs of hate and agression. it just suddenly erupts.
I am truly amazed that the English are so tolerant. It will not continue for much longer before it explodes.
Please take this time to mentally prepare yourself for a truly lifechanging time ahead.

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

No need to delete my comments on your other posts ... if I'm not welcome here , I wont stay .
If you're still of the liberal mindset , you'll wake up soon enough . And if you and your men don't get a sense of righteous indignation about you quick ... you aint gonna make it . Hundreds and hundreds of thousands lying in graves and deserted fields can't be ignored or denied .
My concern is for MY people ... yall can debate and reason with the heathen all you want ... and see what it'll get ya . Do you think your generation is the first to try ? But now you wont be able to say someone didn't try to warn ya . Take care .

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I don't think I have deleted any of your messages Jeff. I do believe very strongly in freedom of speech, and I can understand your anger.

I certainly hope you are wrong, and that we do not see the terrible blood shed which you and many people predict, but you certainly have a right to express your view.

However, when commenting on my blog, I would be grateful if people would take more care about how they say what they say.

Never forget that there are many who will try and use what we say against us.

Jeff ( Va. Rebel ) said...

Sarah ... my apologies if I judged your words and demeanour harshly and incorrectly . I'm usually adept at " reading " folks , but sometimes this is difficult via electronic dots and dashes . Thanks for letting me visit yer blog .

I'm aware of the sensitivity to spoken and written words these days . I certainly don't openly advocate a call to violence .
What I do advocate is a truthful acceptance of the facts of life about us .

If I , in all my simplicity , can see , sense and validate the presence of the wolves surrounding me ... why must I then deny it's validity ?
Common sense , the will to survive , call it what we will ... then dictates that I must sensibly react . At least defensively , for who could deny that right to any ?

I'm not an old man ... but I'm not a youngster anymore . I've been studying on these matters a while too . Not " wet behind the ears " .

One has but to study the world around us , to see who gains - who loses . To watch which direction laws and agendas are directed . Waves are made and tracks are left .
We are under the boot .