Wednesday, 25 April 2012

My Articles

I would like to clarify a statement about myself which has recently been made on the British Resistance site.

 I have not started writing for the BNP, and have no plans to do so.

What occurred recently was that I received a request from the the BNP asking permission to re-publish some of my previous articles. As it has always been my policy to allow any Nationalist site to use my work if it furthers the Nationalist cause, I agreed to their request.

You will note from my writing that I seek to address the wider issues impacting on Nationalists in Britain, South Africa, America and elsewhere in the world, and I have sought to remain scrupulously neutral with regard to the various divisions which have occurred within British Nationalism in recent months.

The Green Arrow, whom I continue to respect and view as an old friend, is fully aware that I do not support all the views expressed on his site. For instance, as I have stated previously, I find the attacks on gay people ill judged, offensive and irrelevant. I am also a friend and admirer of Paul Weston of the British Freedom Party, and, although I do not agree with everything he says, I do not share or support the low opinion of him currently being expressed at the British Resistance.

My contribution to the British Resistance site has never been an endorsement of all the views expressed here, however, as a believer in free speech I respect other writers’ right to hold those views.

Likewise, by permitting the BNP to republish my work I am not endorsing the BNP, in the same way that I did not endorse Dr. David Duke when previously permitted him to do the same.

*As it turns out it appears the BNP may have chosen not to use my work after all, (possibly because of my previous association with the British Resistance site) but that is beside the point, as they can still do so if they wish to. My sole concern remains the survival of our people and all those of European origin, wherever they are, whatever political party they support and irrespective of the narrow sectarian divisions which I believe are doing terrible damage to our cause.

*Update:  The first of my articles has now been published by the BNP, it was held up because of the forthcoming election not for any other reason. 


Anonymous said...

As a South African Im with you all the way and I think you are doing a very special job by reassuring us that we are not forgotten and that there are people out there who are listening and taking note . Thou art a fair lady . Pun intended . Keep it up . Splendid job . Thanks from crossbow.

Anonymous said...

Wellsaid, Sarah. I also find the constant attacks on gay people on that site to be tiresome. Frankly, what people get up to in the privacy of their own homes should be of no concern for others or the state (provided no harm is done to the other person). It is attitudes like these that give some credence to the Left's attacks on nationalists as strongly authoritarian 'fascists' who have a mania for wanting to control how others live. It does our cause no good at all.

Tia Mysoa said...

With you all the way Sarah – keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

apropos of nothing here-I was delighted to see that English girl who was named the most beautiful girl in England after an extensive search.I was afraid they would go out of their way to find someone-shall we say, of a darker persuasion.The girl is fair and blonde-the proverbial English rose

Pym Purnell said...

Such a shame that 'nationalist' groups argue amongst themselves. Soon we may have nothing left to argue about - if we could focus on what we have in common, and accept where we differ, then maybe we could ut up a better fight. Le Pen got 20% in France - Geert does well in Holland - and nobody gets anywhere near that here - WHY?

I think we need the various tribes to come together - UKIP, English Democrats, BNP, British Freedom etc etc - or at least form an understanding.

If England goes, or Scotland or Wales or NI - there is no Britain, no UK.

Put aside our egoes for the greater good.

Dr.D said...

Stand your ground, Sarah. You are doing great work, and you have many people behind you. The survival of our people is indeed the critical issue. God bless you, Sarah.

Anonymous said...

"My Articles" - sounds good to me - while I try to get up to speed on all of your writing.
I salute anyone who brings to light the betrayal of Rhodesia, South-West Africa and South Africa.

yorkshirebob said...

Yes Sarah, I concur with all the comments but feel sad that nothing happens. I attach a paragraph of a letter which I wrote to you when your site was inactive.
'For my part, I often feel somewhat guilty at 'feeding' off your blog. You obviously put an enormous amount of time and research into it and very little action ensues from it, which I think is unfair on you. If only we could think of a method of getting to the people, even in a small way, but confident in the knowledge that it will take seed and grow'.
Of course Pym Purnell's comment has been expressed countless times on your blog yet the Nationalist parties continue to splinter and argue amongst themselves. There MUST be a way in which we can get to the people, there MUST. They are crying out for a leader.

Anonymous said...

Don't let anyone bring you down Sarah, your blog is a central resourse used by a variety of Nationalists around the world. I think neutrality is the best policy in this context.

Incidentally, I thought you might be interested in this article from South Africa:

Anonymous said...

I agree that neutrality is the best policy in this context.

I thought you might like this article from South Africa:

mary sullivan said...

i consider your site "jewish" as you never mention the lowest common denominator of all the Whites slaughtered in South Africa, Jew media

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Thanks Voilence against whites

The rape of white men in South African prisons and also in America is of epidemic proportions but it is something which the media actively suppresses or sniggers about.

The fact is that sending a white male to an unsegregated prison is to sentence him to be gang raped to a degree far in excess of what happens to other races.

An unsegregated prison is a cruel and unnatural punishment for a white person, but in the age of politically correct lies nobody is permitted to acknowledge that.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Thanks Mary

In fact this is not a Jewish blog, it is also not an anti-Jewish blog. I don't agree that Jews are behind all the problems we face, individual Jews are certainly behind many of the problems.

However, we have may non Jewish enemies as well, and we have some Jewish friends,

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Hi Yorkshire Bob

These divisions between white nationalist groups is one of the main reasons we are being destroyed. It seems as if nationalism in the country is 90% made up of little men with outsized egos fighting with other little men with huge egos.

Some may say they are the greater traitors as they are fighting their own kind and allowing the enemy to win.

Thjodolfr said...


I'm was delighted to find you blog, and I certainly am in agreement with regard to the splintered nature of nationalism in this country as well as many others. As you highlight in the above reply the nationalist movement is dominated by "little men with outsized egos fighting with other little men with huge egos". The lack of articulate 'leaders' with both charisma and intellect is palpable. I personally feel that our hopes lie in our womenfolk; Shakespeare had Henry V beseeching his men not "to dishonour your mothers". Once proud and warlike France lifted off its knees and saved by the Joan, Maid of Orleans. At this point in time the English nationalist movement seems dominated by bluster and machismo, true the time may come when 'physical force nationalism' will come to pass, but the tide will be turned irrevocably by the womenfolk. I do believe that there are plenty of men with the qualities to lead the nationalist movements, but the role of womenfolk is fundamental to its success. A few hundred reformed football hooligans (harsh, I admit, but this is how they would be portrayed by the media) marching down street with banners flying, is 'unappealing' to many, but how would the media deal with the sight of several hundred womenfolk doing likewise. Womenfolk and children being 'inspirational' always inspires, events such as 'The Race For Life' garner great attention and support. A culture is only lost when its womenfolk give up fighting.

Thjodolfr said...

With regard to the rape of white males in prison. If I was one of these unfortunate men and somehow survived, both mentally an physcially, I would view every black as guilty; I choose to do so anyway. There can be no pity in this race war, for none is ever offered.

Anonymous said...

Sarah, your articles are generally excellent and deserve as wide an audience as possible, so you're right in letting them be republished.

David Duke contacted you? Wow! Could you provide a link, please?

Anonymous said...

It seems that your statement that the BNP aren't publishing your articles was premature, Sarah. 'The Sovietisation of the West' is on there now.

Anonymous said...

Incidentally, I notice you haven't published any of my articles for some time, Sarah.

Tim Heydon

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Hi Tim, You are right, you have written some great articles recently which I meant to republish.

I will start doing so again


Sarah Maid of Albion said...

@ Anonymous

Thanks for your kind comments. David Duke published two of my articles a couple of years ago. I can't find the links now as he has revamped his site, but they were:

Mandela the Legend and the Legacy, and The Vanishing ladies

yorkshirebob said...

We have had a mini victory against the ANC government over here, Sarah, and maybe Laager or some of the other SAFFA's over there will have time to elaborate on it.
Basically the Democratic Alliance, Cosatu and other organisations have led a rebellion against the tolling of highways around the greater area of Joburg comprising 185 km of freeway. These organisations have gathered a nucleus of supporters from the community and taken their grievance to the supreme court and won. The supreme court will now initiate a review of the whole tolling system but in the meantime, no tolling will take place. It was destined to begin on the 1st of May. It shows what can be achieved against authoritarian governments if the people will unite.

The True Voice of Reason said...

"I have sought to remain scrupulously neutral..."

Fantastic. Are you saying that you value a balanced argument?

You are the worst sort of hypocrite.

Mister Fox said...

This constant attacks on one another is very destructive. I tried to respond to a speech of Paul Weston's published on the Nationalist Unity Forum - it was censored; I tried to respond to George's essay on Churchill being a racist - it was censored; I have always been excluded from BNP meetings and recently I responded to an attack on Conservatism by the blog - it was censored.
The reason for trying to get published by the above narrow-minded and bigoted blogs is two-fold: one, to try to develop unity; two, because writers like being published as I know that is what Sarah intended. We don't see ourselves as selling out but trying to develop the debate amongst ourselves.
The point I tried to make to Paul was that his statement that Britain is now multi-racial is both wrong and marks him out as a Liberal when Liberalism is quaint and out dated. The censored example that I gave was that during last Autumn's Black insurrection live bullit's were fired at the police. You can not ignore that nor can you deal harshly with the perpetrayers will cause as much unrest as beginning to repatriate them.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

@ Anonymous 01:56

Yes, the first article has now been posted, apparently publication was held up because of the forthcoming elections, which is quite understandable.


Anonymous said...

This isnt relevant but I thought you may find it interesting.

Todays Daily Mail, manage to ignore the genocide of black on white crime yet publish the following article;

Don't let them eat cake: South Africa's ANC party bans minister from eating treat in front of supporters

South African government ministers have been banned from eating cake in front of their supporters.
The country’s ruling party has decided its senior members should enjoy the sweet treat only in private amid fears it could appear elitist.
South Africa’s City Press newspaper reported that the ANC executive committee had since proposed birthday cakes should in future be eaten out of sight.
The publication published excerpts from an internal party report commissioned into the incident.
The move follows controversy after thousands of ANC supporters were forced to watch in frustration in January as the party’s leaders ostentatiously tucked into a huge cake during celebrations for the organisation’s centenary.
blah blah blah

Andrew Cooper

I have left an appropriate comment so I doubt it will get posted.

Mister Fox said...

Talking about Sovietising Britain -

I'm nothing to do with the BNP but would like you to see how the political police behave in totalitarian Britain.

mary sullivan said...


Anonymous said...

More Soviet persecution for dissidents from political judges.
In England where you can ONLY be racist if your WHITE, Where you can Beat a girl to the ground But get off because your NOT WHITE!

Mister Fox said...

Sarah, You like seeing official lies exposed.

This is the official propaganda... oops... version

The British National Party's candidate for mayor of Liverpool is being held in police custody after he was arrested on suspicion of electoral fraud.Mike Whitby, who is on Thursday's ballot paper for the directly elected post, was held at his home in North Wales over allegations that signatures on his nomination papers were faked.Detectives arrived at the house at 7.30am on Monday but the candidate refused to co-operate and officers were unable to detain him until around six hours later.Merseyside Police said he remains in custody being questioned over alleged electoral fraud by making false statements and faking signatures on nomination election papers.Detective Superintendent Martin Andrew, of Merseyside Police, said: "Following an allegation that nomination forms for the mayoral elections had been fraudulently filled in, a police investigation was launched."Officers conducted extensive inquiries in the Wavertree area of Liverpool over the weekend and interviewed a significant number of people. Following those inquiries and after taking advice from the Crown Prosecution Service, Merseyside Police officers attended an address in the Wrexham area of North Wales at 7.30am to speak to the homeowner about the allegations."My officers made repeated attempts to speak to the occupant and, at around 1.30pm today, they arrested a 59-year-old man on suspicion of making false statements and faking signatures on nomination election papers - an offence under Section 65A of the Representation of the People Act."The man was taken to a police station in Wrexham where he was interviewed about the allegations. He currently remains in police custody."The complaint was made to Merseyside Police following an investigation by the Liverpool Echo which reported alleged irregularities in Mr Whitby's nomination papers. A BNP spokesman said Mr Whitby denies the allegations and stands by the names on his nomination form.There are a total of 12 candidates for mayor in Liverpool this Thursday, including Labour leader Joe Anderson and Liberal Democrat Richard Kemp. Tony Caldeira is the Conservative candidate. Steve Radford from the Liberal Party and John Coyne for the Green Party are also standing.

BNP candidate in 'vote fraud' quiz - Yahoo! News UK