Monday 16 April 2012

The Sovietising of the West

By Sarah Maid of Albion

Bernard Hogan-Howe the newly appointed state apparatchik in charge of the London Metropolitan police assures us that “racists” will be “driven out of the police”, whilst revealing that 10 officers are currently under investigation of suspicion of the most heinous thought crime of our age.

Last week, writing in the London Evening Standard, former deputy editor of the Independent and sometime speech writer for Prime Minister David Cameron, Ian Birrell snarled that racist policemen should be “rooted out”, “prosecuted” and “lose their precious pensions”.  Indeed Mr Birrell addressed his subject which such furious, staring eyed, zealotry, that one suspects only fear of exposure prevented him from adding that they should then be transported to some gulag in a remote part of Wales or the Scottish highlands for forced re-education and recreational rock breaking.

Meanwhile a young man still languishes in prison for the offence of sending an ideologically incorrect tweet, whilst the one time captain of the England soccer team, John Terry, awaits prosecution for allegedly calling a black footballer black, Terry has already been stripped of his captaincy, showing when it comes to “racism” an accusation alone is deemed grounds for punishment, whether guilty or not.  

Elsewhere, a young mother is on bail after some informer turned her in via the internet when he expressed an objection to the forced invasion of her homeland.

We are regaled with shocking accounts of racially insensitive words, thoughts and deeds. Nightly ernest young reporters appear on our televisions, usually standing outside courts, police stations or football fields reporting on some politically incorrect quip as if it were equivalent to the napalm  bombing of a hospice.   (Which they probably think it is equivalent to)

Across the Atlantic in America, news channels such as CNN, or “we are Treyvon” as they have probably re-branded themselves by now, have taken to reporting an almost Lewis Carroll style alternative reality where a man’s colour and ethnicity can be changed at the will of a metanarrative (For example Hispanics and Cherokee Indians can suddenly morph into evil white men just to suit an agenda). Meanwhile alleged victims are transformed into angelic twelve year old versions of themselves. All this parallel universe chicanery is performed in an effort to “root out” the very same legendary (white) racist who are being hunted down by Commissioner Hogan-Howe and Ian Birrell over here.

At the same time hugely popular writers and commentators such Pat Buchanan or John Derbyshire who dare to speak truths which must not be spoken are summarily dismissed, pilloried and their livelihoods destroyed.

Of course, we have seen this all before in other times and in other places, where ideological offenders and thought criminals were subjected to show trials and highly publicised prosecutions, then they were called enemies of the state now they are held up as evil, hate fuelled enemies of the multicultural fantasy which has become the obsession of the state. 

Now as then thought criminals must be purged from our institutions and positions of trust, broken, punished and forced to confess and beg a forgiveness, which is seldom if ever granted  

Now as then victims are judged to be offenders and punished for the crimes committed against them. Now, just like then, fake realities are created to act both as parables of the new religion and as truncheons with which the state can batter its terrorised population into acquiescence.

Just as then we are required to pay lip service to an orthodoxy which we do not agree with, which frightens us and which we know to be flawed, and only dare speak our true thoughts to our most trusted friends in hushed tones, and in private.

As happened then, abject failures held together only by state terrorism are presented by an obedient and craven state media as glorious successes, which fool only those who wish to be fooled, but which few, if any, dare challenge.

What we are seeing, in effect is the Sovietisation of the West.

The Sovietisation of the United Kingdom was the subject with Dr Frank Ellis, then a lecturer at Leeds University, before the university attempted but failed to purge him for expressing his disobedient views, addressed in 2001 following the release of that most Stalinist and  Orwellian of documents The Macpherson report into the murder of Stephen Lawrence.

In his outstanding analysis of the report, Frank Ellis exposed the agenda driven fanaticism and false reality which influenced the Macpherson inquiry and its recommendations. and detailed how its purported attempts to combat racism were in reality an outright, and so far successful, attack the existing British society, its native people and our culture.

As Frank Ellis says: “The near unanimous acceptance of its [the report's] assumptions and conclusions by the Labour government represents a major victory for those who are striving to undermine long-established British institutions and accomplish the final destruction of the United Kingdom “

When explaining the process of Sovietisation of which the Macpherson report is part, Dr Ellis describes the fate of the Kulaks, the middle class Russian peasants who Stalin sought to exterminate, and who, as a result, died in their millions.  On reading this I then suggested that we the white race were being set up as the Kulaks of the 21st Century, and Frank told me that Jared Taylor of American Renaissance had also reached that exact same conclusion.

I leave it to you to make your own assessment.

Now eleven years on, it is striking quite how relevant Frank’s analysis of the Macpherson report remains today , and how many of Frank’s predictions have come to pass.  Frank’s review of this poisonous document is a very important and valuable resource, which I urge you all to reread and which I hope Nationalist bloggers will link to.

Because of this I have given it pride of place as the first article I have added to a new site which I have set up for Frank’s writings, which can be visited by clicking on the link below:



David Hamilton said...

At the risk of seeming immodest: There are other factors in the Sovietisation of the police which I wrote about some time ago. Which See:

Laager said...

"We are regaled with shocking accounts of racially insensitive words, thoughts and deeds. Nightly ernest young reporters appear on our televisions, usually standing outside courts, police stations or football fields reporting on some politically incorrect quip as if it were equivalent to the napalm bombing of a hospice."

And in South Africa ...................................

The President of the nation, Jacob Zuma, on the Centenary of his political party the ANC goes on stage and sings (paraphrase) - "Bring me my machine gun. Kill the farmer, kill the Boer (white man in this context). The cabinet will kill them"

Doe anyone recall any criticism in the international media of this blatant hate speech, public incitement and threat to a 9% (white) minority ethnic group amongst his citizens?


This centenary celebration of the ANC throws up some interesting statistics.

For the first 49 years of their existance the ANC opposed segregationist legislation on Britains watch.
(1912-1961; Union of South Africa)

For the next 29 years they opposed segregationist legislation on the (mainly Afrikaner) National Party’s watch.
(1961-1990: Republic of South Africa)

For 4 years they then orchestrated a violent state of emergency which they instigated to bring down the white South African Government.
(1990-1994: state of emergency)

For the last 18 years they have been "ruling" the country which is now experiencing the highest level of internal bloodshed in it’s 360 year history.
(194-2012: "The New RSA" - Rainbow Nation)

Beverley said...

Thank you David - Well said

Anonymous said...

He wants to do all that to a policeman, who might only have been under pressure or having a really bad day in Tottenham after all, and yet Ali Disaei's incessant catalogue of crimes, including a few accusations of racism (against Pakistanis)saw him given stack of Get ouf Jail Free cards. Makes you sick.

The most dangerous man in the Met?
The central drama of the book concerns Operation Helios, the extraordinary Scotland Yard investigation into corruption ... an arresting sight as she legs it out of police ...

Anonymous said...

Its interesting to hear that Obama is following the path of Hitler and Stalin

Anonymous said...

Does that include the WPC or does she get a free pass for being a blavl woman?

Anonymous said...

More Soviet-style persecution of Chrsitians

Anonymous said...

This is the convoluted logic that is leading to the anti-White persecutions that are going being carried out in England.