Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Hunting Mister Fox

Further, to the recent posts about my ordeal with The Metroploitan Police Counter Terrorism Unit I have been interviewed by two different officers from the CTU about imaginary links they tried to say I had with a terrorist. In the UK, the Counter Terrorism Command (CTC) are trying to build up a narrative of how the “far-right” are terrorists just like those in the Muslim community. I became ensnared in this effort because a man I never met liked a letter I wrote and posted on Facebook. This was decided on at a meeting between a senior Metropolitan Police officer and a meeting of Muslims.(1)

There is a good reason I know nothing about Anders Breivik, the man who blew up a government building and shot 76 teenage Marxists in Norway. As part of its agenda to invent home-grown “right wing terrorism,” the CTC are trying to fit me up as being an associate of Breivik, whom I’ve never met.

Breivik liked my letter. This was a message I emailed and posted on Facebook about the secret deals between PM Ted Heath and French PM Georges Pompidou to inveigle Britain into the EU. The evidence I cited was obtained by Mrs. Thatcher in a Freedom of Information request and is available to the public on the website of The Margaret Thatcher Foundation. (2)

Initially the Counter Terrorism Officers pursued me like they were hunting an animal and trying to run it into the ground. They were acting on the orders of the Senior Investigating Office. I agreed to co-operate with the officers; I have nothing to hide. However, after the interrogators attempted to twist my statements to implicate me, and demanded I agree with the new twisted versions, I refused to be interviewed further.

I filed a complaint with the Professional Standards Unit of SO15, the home of the Counter Terrorism Command. They carried out an “investigation” that consisted only of asking their colleagues for their views. They never talked to either of my two solicitors who would have borne out my complaint.

As of recently, I have received the results of the investigation led by Police Sergeant Tracey Wignall, who has “responsibility for dealing with complaints and community issues arising from the actions of Counter Terrorism Officers.” The result of her investigation is a whitewash of actual events.

She contradicts herself throughout. She first quotes me writing that : “(I) believe the alleged link to be an outrageous lie.” Later she libels me by writing: ”You also gave brief details of your connection with the individual named in the inquiry.” The letter serves as a justification for the results they wanted to find, not what they actually found.

I responded: “I have no connection with the individual named in the enquiry (Brevik) and I demand the Metropolitan Police cease this libel against me. The fact that I have no connections with him was clear during the interview I recently had with two different Counter Terrorism Officers at the office of my solicitors and the notes my solicitor took will bear that out.”

“D.C. Gatter claimed he had arranged two meetings with me, but he had agreed only to contact me through my solicitor, so that falsehood can easily be disproved. I repeat: he did not arrange a direct meeting with me. If this were true the investigating officer, D.C. Gatter, would have arranged an interview through my solicitor. She confirms that he did not contact her about these imaginary arrangements.

The police don’t want to contact my solicitors because then the whitewash will fall apart. D.C. Gatter was evasive whenever lawyers were present. He refused to tell my first solicitor his collar number, what station he works from and what he wanted; he told my second solicitor that he and his superior were thinking of arresting me “as a suspect under the Terrorism Act.”

Wignall is so afraid my lawyers will tell the truth that she has never asked them for their version of what happened. She claims my first solicitors could not contact me. Of course they could and did. After conversing with D.C. Gatter, my solicitor was so upset by Gatter’s aggressive attitude and advised me to “get on with my life” so I went away for a week to take photographs for an article about conservation and the environment.

The accusation that I have links to Breivik is a deception that shows how desperate the Counter Terrorism Unit are. They badly want to build up a narrative that the “far-right” are equally extreme and terrorists like the Muslim community.

There was no suggestion of this link when I was interviewed by the other police officers in the presence of my solicitor. These two officers were exceptionally courteous and professional. If their colleagues had behaved similarly, there would have been no need for me to warn other innocent people what The Counter Terrorism Unit’s superior officers are attempting.

There are 390 convicted criminals serving in The Metropolitan Police. There are also at least 8 members of al-Qaeda serving in the Met as colleagues of these Counter Terrorism Officers. The police hope to cover up for them and put innocent people in the frame. It also shows the pro-Muslim and anti-British attitude of the Counter Terrorism Unit.


(2) The following documents are copies of the minutes to meetings held between former Prime Minister Edward Heath and French President Georges Pompidou in 1971.

The meetings were held in secret and the minutes were classified until former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was able to have them released under the Freedom of Information Act in 2008/2009.

They contain exhaustive text which will take the reader into the minds of two men who decided the fate of British and French politics between them without reference to the British and French people. The people were never made aware of their plans which led to the steady erosion of British and French sovereignty under consecutive staged treaties that would span 40 years, culminate in The Lisbon Treaty, and would later evidence the total breakdown and disorder of British and French society along with its economic, political, and military powers, and its foreign affairs.

So deep was the conspiracy between Heath and Pompidou, and soon thereafter PM Harold Wilson along with figures then and since of the establishment, that it is inconceivable that their plans were not at any time revealed to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. However, the outcome of the discussions did not only affect France and Britain’s policies in the decades to come. The policies were adopted as default by other Western European countries with lesser ideological and cultural confidence and significance. France and Britain were the cultural and political locomotives in Western Europe

The Metropolitan Police


Mister Fox said...

The bottom link is broken. Here is the article:

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bamboo investments said...

That is downright scary. But unfortunately, right in line with the "surveillance society" the UK is rapidly becoming.

Anonymous said...

We can all say goodby to our freedom and western society as we have known. This is terrible.

Beverley said...

This is a reflection of the simmering social stress which the government is now beginning to appreciate exists.
The intensity and threat of bloody societal conflict will continue to increase as long as the government maintains their mis-founded approach to permissive immigration. Instead of intensifying tensions, as is happening in their harassing attempts to subdue Mister Fox, an immediate moratorium on practically all immigration by aliens is imperative. But will government listen to these voices?
Only if all readers send these documents to every Parliamentary member and local representative, demanding response and emphasizing that inertia will bring calamity with certainty. Now is the time, fellow Britons, for you to do you bit with a dedication and commitment greater than has ever been exercised before.

Dr.D said...

The UK seems to be thoroughly soldout by its leadership. It is time for a revolt of the native people of the UK, throwing out the traitors and throwing out the invaders. The population should drop by 50% in the process.

Mister Fox said...

There are some very interesting comments to this Telegraph article on the monitoring of internet activity. Intelligent people are waking up.

Mister Fox said...

Now, the authorities look bloody silly! I'm gonna push for an apology.

Anonymous said...

Fascism will come to the West disguised as anti-Fascism.

Mister Fox said...

While the anti-British British police are seeking for fictitious groups of “far-right” terrorists they allow Muslim extremists to go about their business. Meanwhile we get harassed for defending our country.

Terrorism Monitor Volume: 5 Issue: 1 via

The Jamestown Foundation: Al-Suri’s Doctrines for Decentralized Jihadi Training – Part 1
The evolution toward smaller, more autonomous and decentralized organizational structures has been identified as a key trend in jihadi terrorism during the past few years [1]. Confronting amorphous structures and networks, which lack clearly identifiable organizational linkages and command structure.

Syria releases of Jihadi Strategist Abu Mus’ab al-Suri

Publication: Terrorism Monitor Volume: 10 Issue: 3February 10, 2012 03:15
By: Murad Batal al-Shishani

The Jamestown Foundation: Syria’s Surprising Release of Jihadi Strategist Abu Mus’ab al-Suri
One of the only books of its kind in existence, Pakistan’s Troubled Frontier examines the militants and movements in Pakistan’s volatile northwest region and offers expert analysis that is invaluable to today’s policy making community. A Terrorist’s Call to Global Jihad: Deciphering Abu Musab al-Suri’s Islamic Jihad Manifesto