Thursday, 12 April 2012

South African Farm Murders Continue

Various reports I have seen indicate that there have been a total of eight farm murders in South Africa since the 1st of April, however, I have only been able to identify five of those killing, four of which I have reported on previously, those being the killing of  68 year old At van der Merwe on April 3rd and that of the Steenkamp family on Good Friday.  I have now also received details of a further murder which is detailed below.

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On the subject of farm murders, I am aware that there has been some speculation that the killing of the Steenkamp family may not fall within the category of genocide related farm murder.  This speculation is largely based on the fact that the media, which usually attempts to downplay details of farm killings has been prominently reporting the Steenkamp killing, suggesting they are desperately hoping it will turn out to be a domestic murder.  However, as the police have confirmed that they are not looking at family members as suspects, I will continue to record this as a farm killing, but will amend my figures if this changes.

The latest South African farm killing I have been notified of is of 64 year old Charlotte Sroneman at her farm near George in the southern cape last Sunday.  It is believed that an intruder gained access to the house at around 2:00 am and disturbed Mrs.Stoneman, who went to investigate.  When she confronted the intruder she was stabbed in the chest.

The commotion woke Mrs Stoneman’s husband, who'd also been sleeping, and he took his firearm before going to investigate what was going on in the dining room.

A fight ensued with the intruder and he was also stabbed. He, however, managed to fire several shots, wounding the intruder.  
Charlotte Stoneman was declared dead at the scene and Mr. Stoneman was taken to hospital in a serious condition.

A 16 year old youth  has been arrested

Somewhat stomach churningly, the media has dubbed the killing “a failed farm robbery”, whereas it is actually a successful farm murder.  However, as in the rest of the west, news reporting in South Africa continues to be a mixture of denial and deliberate distortion.

In a separate farm attack a farmer survived albeit with serious injuries:

Free State farmer Christo Janse van Rensburg (36) sustained second- and third-degree burns when two men threw a petrol-bomb through the open window of his truck as he arrived home around 10pm on Tuesday.

Van Rensburg's wife Connie told the newspaper that when her husband jumped out of his car and rolled on the ground, his assailants attacked him with a metal pipe and tried to force him back into the burning vehicle.

When this failed, they tried to stab him, then poured more petrol over him and set him alight.

Van Rensburg stripped and ran 200 metres to his farmhouse for help.

"My husband fought very hard. When I heard him screaming, I switched the lights on and the attackers must have taken fright, because they fled," said Mrs van Rensburg.

The victim is currently recovering in  Vereeniging clinic

Of course, Farm attacks are only a small part of what is happening in the rainbow nation, it is estimated that as many as 40,000 whites have been murdered since the end of Apartheid, in one of the latest cases a 74 year old grandmother was slaughtered when she unwisely performed an act of charity

Ria Coetzee’s body was found by her husband, Fanie, a manager at the Margate Sands Hotel, when he arrived back from work on Thursday night.

She had been tied up and strangled with a scarf.

Apparently the elderly lady had answered the door to two men who asked for a glass of water, when she went to get the water they attacked her, tied her up and then killed her.

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Pietersburg said...

Sarah please have a look at this:

I also note that the website operates from within the UK? While clearly being pro Zanu and anti - UK?!

Mister Fox said...

Slightly off-topic but still related to this topic is the new pearler from RamZPaul said...

Please go and sign our petition to Stop Farm Murders in South Africa. If we get enough signatures, will campaign this cause for us world wide! This can be the loudest voice agains repetitive brutality and genocide in South Africa.

Lorraine said...

Anonymous said...

I'm playing "devil's advocate" here.

The 15 yr. old son's story of finding the two apparent murder weapons near the front gate is rather dubious. Did the guns belong to the family, or were they brought to the murder scene?

Unless thoroughly bereft of any smarts whatsoever, why would murdering thugs toss away valuable guns, especially near the gate where they'd be easily found with their fingerprints on them?

Also, did he concoct a cover story about holding his blood-spattered sister while she lay dying in his arms, simply to explain his own bloody clothes?

Forensic science should determine if blood spatters from his dead mother and father were also found on his clothing.

Anyhow, just some thoughts which the police will eventually sort out in evidencing the scene, and hopefully clear the boy of culpability.


Sarah Maid of Albion said...


That is why the vile and corrupt South African media are publicising this murder in a way they do not usually treat farm murders.

Like you, they suspect that this may be a domestic murder, and if so they will use it hide the truth about what is actually going on.

However, they may be out of luck, as the police have confirmed they are not looking at family members as suspects.

We will have to wait and see

Anonymous said...

The murder rate of White farmers in South Africa is 330 per 100,000.

Compare that to the murder rate in Detroit which is 34.4 per 100,000.


Anonymous said...

People must stop signing petitions. Really if you have not learnt that the ANC feels nothing for laws let alone signed documents then I don't. Maybe considering get adequately armed and within the law defend yourself and families.

Anon said...

These murders will continue (and most likely, increase in number and severity) until whites realize they are seen as foreigners and invaders in SA, and always will be.

This goes for any who are not of the Bantu people (who, in essence, claimed ownership of Southern Africa via pure numbers - the San/Khoi settlement of South Africa predates Bantu invasion by several hundreds of years), but especially whites as they tend to be more successful (financially mostly, but in other regards as well), and hence the sense of 'injustice' is directed more towards them than any other racial/cultural group.

The main problem for these SA whites (of which I am not a part of) is that they lack a strong cultural identity, and the majority of them see themselves as 'South Afican' foremost, rather than having any ties with their fellow whites, except by co-incidence. This was the case even during the Apartheid years; they were united mostly by fear of 'die swart gevaar', or a potential (and inevitable) uprising from the other races (but mostly the blacks).

This is not to say that there is no cultural consensus among any whites in South Africa. Older generation Afrikaners could be said to have a unique culture, but this is mostly lost on the younger generations (which is true of most ethnic groups, worldwide, to be fair).

Until SA whites realize that they need to leave these shores and reintegrate with their ancestral populations, or face violent, bloody, and ultimately pointless conflict (or even genocide), these murders will continue unabated.

Anonymous said...

To ELN on 15/04/2012.
A very good day to you ELN but for South Africa it is again a very sad day. I read on the breaking news in South Africa this morning that so far 600 S.A. Cops have been arrested for fraudulent crimes. Also to top it all our highly intelligent president (Zuma by name) who is proudly self-educated is going to release 12 THOUSAND criminals from prison as a goodwill gesture to celebrate the ANC freedom's day celebrations. The truth behind his so-called kind jesture is that there is no more place in the prisons for them and to put it lightly the prisons are all bursting at the seams. Furthermore it would not be a surprise to see Shabir Shaik his buddy get a full pardon as well. At the moment the released critically ill Shaik is enjoying a good game of golf as well as many other normal physical things. You speak about forensics but you forget about the BEE (black empowerment)and AA (affirmative action) that the ANC government is ignorantly and arrogantly enforcing at no matter what cost to the standards of the country. The standard of the police force has deteriorated to the point that the forensics that you speak of is gone and has been so for quite some time now. Just recently I went to report a small collision at an intersection and after standing idly arround for an hour I was approached by a policeman with a form in hand. He did not even know how to take down a proper statement from me and so I eventually had to do the job myself or I would have been there for a further hour or two. Twenty minutes after I took to the task myself I was walking out of the door. The policeman even thanked me for the help. Bless his little soul. Forensics you say ... WHAT'S THAT?