Monday, 16 April 2012

Communist salute

He gives a communist salute and the lying media call in a "right wing salute" or "a clenched fist fascist salute" - they are incapable of telling the truth.


alanorei said...

"And from the wicked their light is withholden, and the high arm shall be broken" Job 38:15.

Anonymous said...

I hope this goes on The BR site. Its good to see the word out. Incidentally Lee Barnes makes a similar point. Scroll down a bit.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart said...

You are absolutely correct Sarah. What Breivik did most closely resembles a communist salute, and it's beyond me how the media could possibly call it a "right wing salute". To top it all off, they've resumed calling him a "right wing extremist" after having to stop calling him that when he was last in the news, when his deranged writings became public knowledge.

Anders Breivik is an incoherent, paranoid schizophrenic. He holds views which, individually, could be called left wing, could be called right wing, and could be called neither. Collectively, his views add up to something which can not be defined as either left or right wing, but can be accurately considered "mad".

That large sections of the media are going out of their way to try and tarnish all right wing people as being of the same views as this mad man in reprehensible and abhorrent, and I'm glad that there are those of us out here on the internet who are willing to tell the truth and call out the media for the liars that they are.

Thank you Sarah. Please keep up the good work.

Kind regards,
Samuel Gordon-Stewart
Canberra, Australia

PreatorianXVI said...

People seem to be easily mislead,

Socialism is a left wing political doctrine,

National Socialism is a race / nationality based political doctrine,

So Nazi's are left wing extremists, so is Mr Brevik.

Anything left of Herr's Lenin and Stalin gets called right wing to push the whole spectrum further to the left, God forbid we get called racist right wing [read race realists], the shame of it.

Anonymous said...

The reality of the matter is that in the majority of cases the media is stiffled or muzzled by the government who is in power at the time. The real truth often has to be disguised or watered down to suite the government and the truth may never be fully revealed to the public. The so-called freedom and democracy of the press and for the public disappears down the tubes in order to whitewash the despicable deeds of the unrighteous.
The word "freedom" should be abolished from the English language as it is only used by criminals and liers as a shield and a battering ram to legalize their filthy deeds and promote their evil cause. Their idea of freedom is ... To say and do whatever they please just as they please whenever they please and to be free of all responsibility for saying and doing so. For in truth the righteous are never ever naturally free from their sincere obligations and responsibilities of serving God, King and Country. Those who serve in truth and righteousness don't need to demand "freedom" for themselves or anyone else because such is by design supplied and is an integral part and parcel of living in truth and righteousness. The clenched fist salute is a sign of the unrighteous and it is also used psychologically to denounce the righteous and create fear in their hearts and minds of understanding. It is a salute that has become the symbol of power to the ungodly and it is always performed by an ignorant unrighteous bully and who is more often than not a despicable coward and traitor to boot.

Dr.D said...

Interesting collection of international communists you have pictured here today, Sarah. We hope to bring one of them down in November, but it is not certain at all. Obama will likely steal the election by one means or another. I understand that they have made arrangements to have the ballots counted outside the USA, which is a setup for stealing the election if ever there was one!

Anonymous said...

Clarifying/querying some things....

'Left wing' politics supports the notion of social equality for all {whether it did this in fact or not isn't the issue). Nazi doctrine favoured social equality only among the members of one demographic, i.e. white 'Aryan' (Nordic/Germanic) Hitler sympathisers. Diametrically opposed to the notion of 'all', so therefore 'right wing' surely?

Anders BB presumably adopted his salute as a personal expression of power and sense of belonging with his followers, without reference to Communism; and the race he'd like to keep 'pure' is of course those same Aryans that Hitler thought perfect so he's 'right wing' by common definition even if somewhat 'mad'.

Mr BB definitely doesn't want social equality for 'all'. Only people of his own genetic mix/colouring/geographic position etc, so again, hardly a communist or 'left winger'.

Is anybody racially 'pure' in geographic terms with the migration of whole populations traversing the globe in multiple directions numerous times over and over through the ages.

Should one discriminate anyway if one's a Christian and believe in Adam and Eve and therefore of shared genes with the rest of the world?

Many white Briish are unaware of their Indo Chinese genes and claim purity. Britain's population is a result of many physical invasions too, not just unintentional genetic migration.

Not all cut and dried I'd say

Anonymous said...

You have hit the nail directly and squarely on the head Dr. D. After all said and done for what other reason can there be for the most advanced and best equiped nation in the world to have to seek assistance from elsewhere to tally their votes. Tell old Obama to call upon Mugabe in Zimbabwe or Zuma in South Africa for advice and assistance and Bob's your uncle ... he will never ever need to worry about losing an election. Not now or in the future. They are masters of the ballot box trade and I am sure that they would really lap up the publicity as well. They can also pose for the camera and make the communist salute together and the commmunists and the gullible world will clap their hands with glee. What a glorious sight to see. I can assure you Dr. D Sir that there is definately something awful smelly bubling away in the Obama political pot.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Anon 11:39

I think you have been reading the media's interpretation of his views. I don't believe he said anything about racial purity. He is pro-Israel and pro-gay rights and he seemed particularly concerned that Muslim immigration was undermining our liberal western values.

To some degree he is correct places like Norway, and, more so Sweden has taken enforced tolerance to the point where they have become two of the least tolerant countries in Europe.

Also, did you not see that Breivik today compared his victims to the Hitler youth?

His motivation and views are not as easy to categorise as you might like to think.

Anonymous said...

I heard the media call the salute a "Hitloer salute" snd a "Nazi salute".

Lantern said...

I've noticed how on the BBC website they have placed the Brevik trial and the Abu Qatada deportation reports one above the other to re-inforce the "mirror image extremists" message. Next stage is to conjure up some innuendos and "links" between Brevik and the British "far-right".

Surely people must be able to see through these weird and wonderful propaganda contortions by now? But do they even care?

Anonymous said...

The Liverpool Echo is influencing for mayorall election in Liverpool but not giving any real facts. They are influencing it by innuendo. Pete can not help being on someones mailing lisy anymore than anyone eklse can.

Anonymous said...

Moron, a Communist salute is the one Nelson Mandela was using, with a bent arm. A straight extended arm is reminiscent to the Nazi salute. Oh, foolish, ignorant, conservatives and their inability to see a difference between a straight and bent arm. Hmm, I wonder if he opened his hand? Wouldn't that look familiar?

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

Oh I see, so the black power salute was a Nazi salute as well? How interesting!!

My my and the BBC got it wrong too they must also be ignorant Conservatives, who knew?!

Anonymous said...

Right wingers don't make power salutes and neither do they need to make them. Right wingers know where their foremost duty lies and their salute is made and conveyed in their loyalty and duty to King/Queen and Country. There is nothing more revealing of the aggressive evil and arrogant intentions of a leader than to make a salute at a political gathering. It is throwing out a hostile challenge to all who dare to differ with their political cause. Straight arm or bent arm there is no difference behind their reasons for making such a salute and it also helps to gain a bit of extra media attention. A little bit of limelight helps to boost their ego and increase their vainglory. Salutes were and still are used by the military as a sign of respect but the politicians are using them now for entirely different and evil political purposes.